Forget Zombieland.

When zombies attack, there’s no rule of survival.



Austin City Limits Live
Austin, TX

warning: crazy fangirl incoherent thoughts, zombie hotness, very long post for my memory’s sake, truth be told, I cannot remember a lot of details, zombies ate my brain that night (HA), proceed at your own risk~

Up against the railing for the first time ever. ♥ Thank goodness for wide angle lens!

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series



Picking up where we left off. Another adventure with Megan, Melody and me!

Melody drove us to Austin. I was planning on being a bad passenger and sleeping all the way there as I didn’t get a good sleep the previous night, but that didn’t happen *lol* I was too excited for another concert! :)

We went to the hotel to check in first, walked into the lobby and saw a sign that said Melody was their ‘Guest of the Day’ *lolz* They gave her a card and a gift bag. That was cute. Having a couple hours to kill, I fell asleep to some Nickelodeon shows. Megan woke me up when it’s about time to go check in for VIP. We took a cab to the venue, I was half awake by the time we got there. A bunch of people were there already.

After a few minutes, we were called to go upstairs. That’s when we saw Wade in his ostrich costume. I was wrong, he’s not an ostrich, he’s RIDING an ostrich *lolz* We took pictures with him and I was like, why was his outfit vibrating?! So I kinda patted his ostrich’s butt (REPEAT: ostrich’s butt, not Wade’s butt *lol*). Turned out, there’s a fan inside, pumping air to keep the ostrich alive. That outfit was so wrong in so many levels, btw, especially when he bent down and got up and the ostrich slowly came alive. I could not even. *lolz*

Anyway, we checked in, 36 VIPs in total. Wade gave us his routine lecture. Still no kissing. Didn’t want anyone to get sick. After waiting for a while, we’re finally let inside! Megan, Mel and I found a spot on stage right between Andy and Dave. *purrs* Looking at Andy Skib for too long could make you blind, he’s gorgeous. Dave was in a black t-shirt and those illegal lace-up pants. I offered no further comment. *thuds*

Soundcheck started off with Slow Ride. The band was tight. DCook sounded amazing. Have I ever mentioned that I loved his voice? ;)  I simply loved how they could cover anything and always made it better than the original. Genius dudes.

They played Circadian next. Half way through the song, DCook asked the sound dude in the back whether it’s okay or not, but he couldn’t hear what that dude said on the in-ear. He kept asking a few times, Jody also came on stage with his walkie talkie. Eventually, they cut off the song, so I guess they’re okay with it.

After that, he’s taking requests. Of course, requests were all over the place as usual. *lol* After a while…

DC: There’s a new song that we were going to play tonight (YAY!), but we’re not anymore (MEH! D:), because we’re going to do it right now (YAY YAY!!!)

So he made us put our hands in the air, making sure that nobody was recording anything on their electronic devices. He also asked us to promise not to reveal the song to anyone by threatening to play Time of My Life four times in a row at every soundcheck going forward “you don’t want that right? I don’t want that either”. Oh well, for the love of Magic Rainbow *lolz* (I actually wanted to see his face singing that song 4x in a row just for the heck of it *lol*)

BTW, I really loved the fact that he tried to make each soundcheck special for each group of VIP-ers. Giving us new song, whether or not it’s in-work or completed. Sworn to secrecy included. ♥

((So, I believe I’m still not allowed to say what song it was.))

Anyway, the crew brought a guitar out for him, but he was like, no, I’m not playing guitar on this one. The NEW cover was amazebomb!!! They rocked it out so hard (there, it’s a rock song, not a ballad *lolz*) and I LOVED IT!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! ♥ ♥ ♥  You have to give these guys a million thumbs up for their song choices. It’s AWESOME.

After the song, DCook asked the fans how many of us actually heard the song before. Only a few hands went up. *lol* DCook, you introduced me to new music all the time, thank you sir! :)

Side note: In my dreams, David Cook recorded every single song he covered on this tour to be released with tour DVD. Yup, that’s my dream world~ :) #DreamingWishingHoping

Jody came on stage to asked if he had anything short again. This time he didn’t really play anything and told us to go get ready for M&G.

We were waiting in line. At one point, we decided that Melody and I should be their Asian ambassadors since we didn’t see any other Asian fans out there, at least, at the VIP *lol* I sneakingly took pictures of them talking to other fans and got caught red-handed by Andy. Seriously, I almost threw my camera away and ran. *lol* Why so pretty, Andy Skib? ♥

After a while, it’s my turn.

DC: here comes the bear hug one!
ME: *lol* umm, HI!

I walked to Kyle first and gestured if I could get a hug, Kyle was okay with that. While I was hugging Kyle, I mumbled “this is getting weird” out of the blue. Andy who happened to stand next to Kyle heard that, he cracked up and said out loud “SHE SAID THIS IS GETTING WEIRD.” *lolz*


Awesome job, Sara. *headdesks*

I gave Andy a hug and told him: It really IS getting weird!! *lol*

Then it was Dave and he was still laughing while he’s hugging me, I could not even. Monty’s hug was so gentle. I went to Devin at the end of the line, gave him a big hug and told him that he was amazing in Houston. He hugged me back!

Now that it’s a picture time. I didn’t have anything planned again..

DC: How should we do it?
ME: Not normal
DC: Okay~ not normal!
ME: Can I pinch your cheek? (← call it my lightbulb moment or whatever, it just popped up in my head!)
DC: Of course, you can pinch my cheek! (← David Cook, ILU for accommodating crazy fan requests)


We got ready for the photo and I heard Dave muttered: ouch~  I didn’t think I was gripping that hard I swear!  (I didn’t realize that Andy and Kyle were in on this too until we’re back in line to go inside for the show *lolz*). I love this photo so much!

After that, I told Dave: I’m sorry (if I hurt his face) and patted his cheek *lolz* So long, the appropriate part of my brain. No longer functioned. I asked Dave for another hug and he just lifted me off the ground! Again! Like the night before! OMG I CANNOT EVEN. ♥

I love Megan forever for capturing all these! LOLZ at bottom left frame~ the look on Andy’s face before Dave huglifted me.. XD

When he let me back to earth, I remembered to ask him my burning question about We Believe and Right Here With You. See, I’ve been having issues with these two songs. When I got my CD and tried to rip it. The first 7 seconds of WB was at the end of RHWY. I thought my iTunes was being silly but when the album was released on iTunes, I downloaded it and it was the same! So I asked him if there’s any particular reason for this. Dave told me that he didn’t like it when one song ended and the next one started. So they played around with the idea of having a flow and WB happened to be the song that they could do it this way. Like, if WB ever becomes a single, they can cut it as a full song, but if not, it still flows with RHWY (or something along that line, couldn’t remember exactly what he said now *lol*)

ME: That makes sense, still drive me nuts when I tried to rip your CD though *lol*
DC: *laughs*

I thanked him and told the guys to have an amazing night.

Next was Melody’s turn. Remember what happened during VIP the previous day? They all looked at her and Dave went: are you gonna try giving us a piggyback ride again? *lolz forever*

Mel was like: no, but this morning I could carry Sara just fine! Come on, Sara!  Then she beckoned me to get on her back!! XDD

So, that’s how Melody gave me a piggyback ride in front of these guys while Megan was laughing her tail off trying to take pictures *lololol* I could not even with her. The guys probably thought, yeah right, Kyle must have at least 50lbs on this girl. XD

When Mel let me down, she almost slammed me into a pillar of bags (because everyone left their bags at this pillar before taking their pictures, appropriate name! *lol*), she asked them to look surprised on the picture. Go check it out on VIP photo album, Andy’s surprised face won at life. *lol*

Megan was up next. She made each of them a personalized card with their names to sign, they were so cute, I cannot wait to see what she does to them! :) She got a really cute photo with the band too! ♥

After that, we went outside to line up for the show. ACL had no policy about letting VIPs in first, so it’s first come first serve basis. Megan, Melody and I were flailing on the stairs waiting to be let in. Once that happened, we walked to doors on stage right. I think we were the 4th or 5th in line (YAY!). Some fans were trying to cut in front of us (HELLO?!). Thank goodness, ACL staff lady was there at the door…

ACL Staff: I’m sorry, you (those who tried to cut in) have to go to the back as you (the person in front of the line) cannot hold a spot for them like this
Those fans: but we were right here! (LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE)
US: HECK NO, you’re in the back, at the end of the line, we remember! (seriously, while we’re waiting ON the stairs, they’re at the BOTTOM of the stairs, with their Halloween costumes on, come on people, 20/20, NOT BLIND and NOT DUMB)
ACL Staff: please go to the back of the line
Those fans: FINE! *grudgingly leaves*
US: *applauds* THANK YOU!
ACL Staff: This happens all the time *smiles*

Then she told us stories about other fans and when she met Joe Jonas (called him “tiny little thing” *lol*). She was really nice. I asked if I could go pee and she was okay since I was already in line (I had to make sure yo! *lol*). After a long wait, she got a signal to let us in (no running or security would be on to  you!), I thanked her again as I walked past her. :) We quickly walked to the stage, and were up against the railing. OMG. FRONT ROW FOR THE FIRST TIME. A short girl’s heaven! XD

BTW, general admission show was a serious business, peeps. Megan was standing next to one fan and she got shoved several times out of her spot. D: We tried our best to hold our grounds and stay alive until the show started.

And the show started!

Carolina Liar came on stage wearing bright color wigs! Blue, pink, green and orange. They’re so adorb! I actually yelled “YOU LOOK GOOD IN BLUE WIG” at guitar dude, Rickard, that’s something I would never do outside a concert hall *lol* He was so cute. Half way through their set, they said how they appreciated this chance to be on tour with David Cook and Gavin DeGraw and they would like to show it. They stripped. Everybody screamed! *lolz* They’re all wearing DCook’s and GDG’s t-shirts and GDG’s gray shorts that should be illegal for any male population to even think about wearing them. I appreciated this so hard. XD

At this point, I happened to look to the side of stage right and saw Kyle and Andy who came to watch CL stripped in their honors! Andy already had his make up on and I was like OMG THEY ARE GOING TO BE ZOMBIES!!! *FLAILS* XD (apparently forgot about a bunch of long Swedish legs for a moment *lol*)

CL set ended with some in-your-face leg shots from Rickard. I could not even with him. Also 10 brownie points for him as he’s the only one wearing DC t-shirt! :)

The crew came out to set up. I took a picture of a setlist but decided not to post it. A surprise was way better than a spoiler. :)

While waiting, I realized that the ONE chance that I got to be up front in a perfect spot, they would look like a pack of zombies. *lolz forever* Not so long after that, the lights dimmed and we started screaming!!

The guys walked out from the shadow, it was really creepy. Circadian had never sounded this eerie before! The intro part was pure haunting. *freaks out*

Follow spot kicked in and I fully saw DCook for the first time. OHMYHEART. *faints* White face, red lips, green ruffled hair (A+++), and those cranberry sauce blood on his face that looked SFM like bloody tears. EMO!ZOMBIE! I LOVE YOU!! COME EAT MY BRIAN ALREADY!!!  ♥

DC: Happy Thanksgiving~

Andy freaked me out forever, those wounds on his neck and arm looked so flippin’ real in RL >__<”

The situation was really out of our hands! With these hot zombies on stage!!

An outro of Circadian morphed into an intro of Heroes! Screaming fest! Heroes always made me excited. The beats, the music, the lyrics and the energy of the song. It’s awesome! #ILoveLiveConcerts!

I believe that you can save me, and you’ll never let me fall~ ♥

Zombie apocalypse night continued with Mr. Sensitive! Singing along hardcore!!

And time for my fav shot#1 ♥

Hello Monty!

Mini banter!

Mr. Zombie: apparently nobody else’s got the memo *chuckles* (← soooooo adorb!!!)

Told us to give it up really loud for Carolina Liar (seriously, who could say no to this cute zombie face?! Not me! Not me!! *lol*). Said he thought Gavin DeGraw would dress up as Gavin DeGraw for the night. XD

Paper Heart was next on the setlist! Have I ever mentioned how much I loved it when he messed with his in-ear during the show? When he pulled it off or put it back on. Yeah, I loved that.

And every zombie needed a shoulder to lean on. Awwww~ ♥

Monty and Kyle led the zombie followers into clapping along to the beginning part of Come Back To Me! *sealclaps along*

And my favorite part of CBTM

DC: when you find you.. WHAT?!
Everyone: COME BACK TO ME~~~~~~~ ♥

Time for a bonus track of the album, Let Me Fall For You! *screams my head off* Should I mention again how much I love this song? I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! ♥ And those tears on his face just killed me!!! >__<”

Andy’s voice during ending chorus was perfect. PERFECT.

Intro to I Did It For You started, and when DCook smiled like this, I died before he did anything to me *lolz*

DCook walked to stage left then stage right, wanting loud noises. At one point, he just leaned against Andy’s piano and wiggled his hand to make us go louder. Zombie!Diva was so demanding that night~ *friggin’ adorb*

And Andy had one red horn. XD #StillNeedsBetterLightsForAndy

Also, my new favorite moment of the song again, when he counted off “ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!” before Devin’s ending solo (which was amazebomb). It’s effing awesome. And I loved how he looked at Kyle before the last strike. You did it for me, DCook! (but why did you toss your pick to Kyle?! This way! THIS WAY!!!)

btw, taking a picture of Devin was quite challenging as he pretty much stayed on stage left. Without superzoom, I just had to keep my fingers crossed *lol*

And my fav shot#2 ♥ I just love the feeling of this one for some reasons. The color, maybe?

DCook thanked the crowd. Said they dressed up like a bunch of weirdos on stage. *lol* #ZombieJoker #MyLittlePony #PowerRangers!!!! XD Asked if everyone was having a good time, kinda wanted us to be loud “don’t make me come out there~” ♥ oh please, come out here! *lol*

Hi DCook!

And it’s Devin’s intro that led us into The Last Goodbye!

And hello ♥ tattoo~

Cover time! Tonight it was Muse’s Stockholm Syndrome! OMG IT WAS EFFING AMAZEBOMB!!!! I LOVED HIS HIGHER REGISTER. The band totally killed it. THEY WERE ON FIRE. AUDIENCE WENT NUTS! IT WAS SO GOOD.*OMG DEAD*

HOLY EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER! DCook kept on attacking us with Lie!!! He requested everyone to not making any noise. And it’s the most beautiful Lie I’ve ever heard. EVER. We got complete silence during the a cappella part. It was so beautiful I cried. I CRIED. AT A ROCK CONCERT. His voice was so powerful I could not even.

Here goes my fav shot#3, not a perfect shot of anything but it captured the moment I wept like a 3-year old.


Said they had 3-4 songs left before GDG set. Mentioned people on cellphone, and that’s a boo boo. Needed everyone off their seats “up up up up up, we have a set limit here” (← *lolz* princess zombie was so demanding I loved it! ♥)

And here’s his LOVELY song. Did I mention mood swing?! We’re moving form Lie to Bar-ba-sol!!! OMG GIVE ME 5 SECONDS TO WIPE MY TEARS!

Kyle with his aura!!!

When a gorgeous zombie looked into your eyes like that, you dropped dead. No question asked. *thuds*

And when you saw this beautiful zombie in front of your eyes, all your survival chances were taken away~ ♥

DC: I think you got a hang of it, Austin?

Zombie Skib was back on his piano, it’s Light On! I loved singing along to Light On so hard!

you’ll start my heart again~ ♥

DCook asked for everyone’s help during the last part of the song, and we delievered! Great job, Austin!!

The crew came to give him his acoustic guitar. The rest of the band left the stage to stay at the side of stage right, watching him. DCook thanked the fans for coming out. Said he watched so many concerts on this stage and it’s an honor to be on this stage.

Acoustic Fade Into Me would be my forever favorite. It’s so gorgeous. Simply him on his guitar and nothing to distract us from his beautiful voice. Love it so much. LOVE IT HARD. ♥

And here’s my last shot of the night. Fav shot#4. ♥


DC said: Austin, thank you so much


It was an awesome 13-song setlist, quite DCTR heavy again. The band sounded awesome together. EmoZombieDCook sounded amazebomb as always. I guess they’re running late because there were 14 songs on the setlist, REM was supposed to be the last song. NEGL I was hoping that the guys would come back to the stage for REM, but I guessed they really ran out of their set limit. But no biggie! I had a blast. It was an incredible show!! ♥

This was my first time seeing Gavin DeGraw up close. Boy, he had some moves that seriously should be illegal. This swagger. *nosebleeds* He’s such an entertainer, a flirt, he’s just so adorb and let’s say it again, he’s a swagger. *lol*

umm.. BOOM! *faints*

I was about to freak out again when intro to Where You Are kicked in, and Melody was like, yeah, it’s only her third time *lolz*

We left our spot shortly before GDG set ended to get our merch, I got Gavin’s Chariot CD and Sweeter t-shirt this time. Merch dude tried to give me an XXS but I settled for an XS. (← I’m not that tiny yo! *whacks*) Girls, I highly recommended Sweeter tee, it’s soooooo cute and soft!! ♥ We went back inside to watch GDG finished his set from the back. I got one lucky shot on my phone, which happened to be one of my favorite shots from this concert! It looked like he’s in a sea of blue light. Love it! :D

Oh, I also got a high five from CL’s Rickard! *lol* Awesome night was awesome. ♥

We were waiting outside for a long while. I felt like postshow M&G was a bit unorganized this time. They didn’t even know where they’d be taking pictures and for a second I thought it’s going to be underneath the restroom sign *lol* It was cold out, and I was freezing even when I wrapped myself with GDG t-shirt I bought. We were 3rd in line until some cute girls happened to be shameless enough to cut in front of us. Yeah, shameless, as there’s a flipping LONG LINE of people waiting. Girls. We were like “REALLY?!” and they just didn’t care. UGH. Whatever. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, our turn came up, I went in without thinking about anything as I was so ready to pass out at that point. Dave looked exhausted. I didn’t know whether it’s the makeup residue or he’s really tired but he looked exhausted. His hair was still green. Anyway, he smiled and gave me a hug. Then, I asked Gavin to sign my Sweeter CD since I forgot to do so the night before. He had the most confusing signature ever that ended with a G-clef. Very clever dude. ♥

Dave told me they’re pressed for time which I figured, so I gave him a meh face *lolz* and didn’t ask him to do any crazy thing. We took our picture. I really thought he’s tired. And GDG, why couldn’t you stay absolutely still? You’re always blurry in my photo!! XD Also, photo dude told us to have our flash popped up, and he had his finger in front of my flash when he took the shot too. FAILED! D:

Truth be told. Hilarious thing happened when you least expected it. After we took this photo, I thanked them and walked over to the photo dude. We asked him to keep holding on to my camera since we’d be using it for Megan’s shot too. While we’re at that, Gavin DeGraw walked over from his spot against the wall to talk to me about my camera!! *faints*

GDG: What kind of camera is this? (GDG, do not look into my soul like this!!)
ME: Oh, it’s a Lumix
GDG: It’s really nice, but it says Panasonic right here? *points at the camera*
ME: Yes, it’s Panasonic Lumix. Leica makes lenses for them (← TMI, I know, I probably confused him more *lol*), this one is LX5
GDG: I like it *walks back to the wall to take picture with Melody*
ME: *beams* Thanks~
GDG: (from his spot against the wall) What model is that again?
ME: Oh, it’s LX5
ME: Do you need me to write it down for you?! *lolz* (I cannot even with myself)
GDG: And how much is it? (LOLZ afterwards, Megan was like, duh Gavin DeGraw, You’re a friggin’ national recording artist, I think you can afford this camera! XD)
ME: Umm, it was $499 when I bought it, but I think it’s only $379 now ^^”
GDG: And it’s LX5 (it’s official you guys, GDG is obsessed with my camera!!! *lol*)
ME: Yup! *starts looking for a piece of paper at this point*
PhotoDude: (after taking Megan’s picture and retuning my camera) That’s okay, it’s Lumix LX5 right? I’ll take care of this and make sure he gets the info


I waved goodbye to Dave and Gavin and then we left. Mel called for a cab, the one we called didn’t show up, but we went with another one instead. It all worked out.

We got back to the hotel. Mel was still their ‘Guest of the Day’ even when it’s way past midnight. Ate the most deliciou popcorn ever. Showered. Downloaded photos. Packed. Passed out.

The next day, we had a quick breakfast at the hotel before heading back to Houston. Again, Mel was still their ‘Guest of the Day’, they’d probably change it at check in time. *lolz* Had a crazy moment when Ryan Star’s Start A Fire came on the radio *lolz* Had a long discussion about a robot that could grow old, and RL rangers and many other things.

Where You Are was my song, btw. XD

Megan dropped me off at the airport first, massive hugging goodbye I wanted to bawl. I missed them already and couldn’t wait to see their faces again. Long ass security check line at IAH but I was still on concert high so it didn’t really bother me. Tried having some salad while waiting for my flight, had no appetite, threw it away. Flight was slightly delayed, but we got a really nice view of Mt. Rainier peeking through the clouds before we landed so that’s a tradeoff. :)

Dad and Mom picked me up from the airport, dragged me out to dinner, first real meal of the day and I almost faceplanted on the table. Finally got home around 8pm, showered, planned more trips, didn’t even unpack, passed out. (←Passing out seemed to be my recurring theme lately *lol*)

And that’s a wrap for this best weekend ever! ♥

ps1. DAVID COOK! You’re incredible. Thank you for all wonderful memories during this weekend. It was amazing. I cannot wait to go see you again, you made me an addict! ♥

ps2. GAVIN DEGRAW! You heart ninja! I’m kinda sad I won’t be seeing him the next time I go to DCook concert. This dude. Totally a heart ninja. ♥

ps3. One quick thought about setlists. I think GDG set was pretty static, even his main banter was the same every night, while DC set kept changing which was awesome. However, GDG set had of a LOT of songs from Sweeter album, while DC set were quite DCTR heavy during my two nights in Texas. I love DCTR so I don’t really have any problem with that, idk, still kinda want to hear more songs from TLM too since he’s actually on tour promoting it~ ♥ HTB, TMAIA, TMO and GTTG are still on my list!! :)

ps4. Let’s talk about what DC has been saying during this tour. It’s really important for fans to go support them at a concert. I know it can be costly. Trust me, I know. But if you’re a fan, and if you can, please consider making an effort to go see him and his band. It’s worth every single penny. These guys put on an incredible show night after night that youtube clips cannot capture all their energy, excitement and awesomeness. The feeling you get at live concert is unbelievable. I remember the moment when I realized Seattle show was not sold out. My heart sank to no end. I didn’t even want to think how both David and Gavin would feel, seeing those empty spaces. D:

ps5. There were 3 professional photographers and 1 lucky fan (I heard that she won some sort of contests) in the press area at the beginning of DC and GDG set. They were there for the first 3 songs. It was quite amusing as I framed my shot and was ready to press the shutter, the back of someone’s head would popped up in my view like this ↓ *lol*

ps6. This back-to-back concerts thing is a bit insane if you ask me, I was so exhausted and am still exhausted from the whole thing *lolz* Plus, I’ve been having this nasty cold since I got back to Seattle. I’m glad I wasn’t sick DURING the trip though, so yeah, I can deal with it now, no big deal! *lol*

ps7. I am thankful for this wonderful weekend with friends. It’s one of the best weekends in a really really long time. I was so so soooooooooo happy to be with the girls. I love them so much and I hope we’ll get to do these crazy concert things together again soon! ♥

ps8. Once again, if you’re still reading to this point, I don’t even know how you could stand my craziness, but THANK YOU! If you consider leaving a comment that will make my day, THANK YOU AGAIN! Otherwise, hello blog creepers! :)



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16 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 12 – Austin

  1. Melody says:

    Next was Melody’s turn. Remember what happened during VIP the previous day? They all looked at her and Dave went: are you gonna try giving us a piggyback ride again? *lolz forever*

    Mel was like: no, but this morning I could carry Sara just fine! Come on, Sara! Then she beckoned me to get on her back!! XDD

    So, that’s how Melody gave me a piggyback ride in front of these guys while Megan was laughing her tail off trying to take pictures


    Perfect in every way.

    ps4. Let’s talk about what DC has been saying during this tour. It’s really important for fans to go support them at a concert. I know it can be costly. Trust me, I know. But if you’re a fan, and if you can, please consider making an effort to go see him and his band. It’s worth every single penny. These guys put on an incredible show night after night that youtube clips cannot capture all their energy, excitement and awesomeness. The feeling you get at live concert is unbelievable. I remember the moment when I realized Seattle show was not sold out. My heart sank to no end. I didn’t even want to think how both David and Gavin would feel, seeing those empty spaces. D:

    AND THIS!! THIS THIS THIS!! Gotta go out there and support them! :D

    • naughtiest says:


      Your favorite moment is also mine ♥

      and yeah, PS4! Let’s go support them again!! :D

  2. Tina says:

    I have no idea how you remember all this but I am so thankful for it. WHAT AN AMAZING RECAP!!
    I wish I had been there with you guys in Austin. Sounds like it was awesome :)

    Your pictures are incredible. What’s that camera again? A Lumix? Or a Panasonic?? ;p

    (My camera is a Panasonic Lumix too! But a cheaper version, the ZS1. Old school lol.)

    Someone needs to pay you to go to every show on the tour.

    • naughtiest says:

      We wish you were there too!! Hold on, wait a second, are you really Tina or GDG in disguise?! *lolz*

      ZS series is actually awesome at video shooting though, I think it produces really good audio! I have a ZS3 :) For this one, it’s kinda a trade off, LX series has better lens but way shorter zoom range, so it depends on where I am. Like the night in Houston, I didn’t get any good picture, like, AT ALL. *lol*

      David Cook should just hire me. Or maybe Gavin DeGraw should… XD

  3. Sella says:

    How many ways can I tell you you’re my favorite.

  4. Sella says:

    ALSO!!! This recap was epic, your pictures are stunning, and I WISH I WAS THERE!!! Sigh. December. (And if DC continues his tour girl you KNOW I will get you to a show in LA).

    <3 I love your face.

    • naughtiest says:

      WE WISH YOU WERE THERE WITH US TOO! *hugs* Definitely December and of course, if there’s an LA show! We’ll be there!! :D

      I miss you hard. I miss your hug too. ♥

  5. Lynne says:

    I knew from twitter that you were working on this “Austin” post today, so I waited. You have probably figured out by now that I’m a night owl! Sara, once again, this was certainly worth the wait! I laugh, I cry, and just plain smile all through your hilarious recaps : )/ Once again your pics are wonderful! You should bind these Blogs & Pixs into a book at the end of this tour! And, Yes, if DC was smart, he would hire you to photograph his tour! Your pictures are that good! Really, that camera was only $499? I relate to being exhausted after back to back concerts w/travel involved. Several of us did the three CA concerts in six days at the end of last month, and that about did me in! It took me about a week to recover and come down from the ***High***!!! And oh . . . about Carolina Liar’s, Rickard . . . I had my own “faceplant” moment with him. In Santa Rosa I was at the end of the M&G line for David, so I started wandering around the lobby among the scattered trunks and open lockers filled with guitars, that were everywhere. With a camera in hand (as always) -After all I was about to me the Man himself in a few minutes- . . . I started taking pictures of ramdom stuff that was laying all over the place. While clicking away at Carolina Liar’s equipment . . . no, not bare legs, etc! : ) – Rickard wandered into their stuff. So I casually asked him if it was OK for me to take pictures . . . AND, also asked him if he was part of the band’s CREW! Definitely an **A W K W A R D** moment as he sweetly replied “No” and told me that actually “he was part of the Band”! He was so nice, and I just wanted to disappear under the rug. But, thinking on my feet, I instead asked if I could take his picture! After the concert that night he saw me in the lobby again and introduced me to the whole Band and I apologized for my earlier faux paux . . . and he just laughed! I brought the whole band a huge tin full of cookies for the road, after their show in Pomona. btw the pix was really, really Darling! He is definitely easy on the eyes! OK, I seen to be writing you letters instead of comments! Nite! ~L

    • naughtiest says:

      I won’t even ask what time you have to be up and go to work! *lol* Thank you so much, you should write me more letters because I love reading them! Seriously, your comments are the ones I’m looking forward to, everytime :)

      *lol* omg I love your Rickard story, it’s awesome!! He’s so cute and nice and playful when he’s on stage too. And you’re so sweet for giving them cookies for the road. They must love you! :D

      Good day, Lynne! :)

      ps. it’s been a week and I’m STILL exhausted!! *lol*

  6. Megan says:

    When DC+Gavin stole it from us with their songs and faces, SmartFood popcorn saved our life.

    Your recap was great!! I never remember teensy details~ I’m amazed you got them a week later.

    Also. The boys were amazing, but my favorite part was with my girls. Thanks again for coming all the way to Houston for a show!! ♥.


    • naughtiest says:

      That popcorn was legit the best popcorn I’ve ever had.

      Thank you for having us in Houston! It was a blast and totally, I CANNOT WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!! ♥

  7. Riza says:

    As usual, I enjoyed your recap…. I wish you more concerts so that I have more to read… Thanks.

  8. Amber says:

    Your recap is adorable and captures how fun and exhilarating/exhausting back to back concerts can be. I cannot even imagine how David and Gavin manage to do it with those long setlists and all the meet and greets. Anyway, thank you for the wonderful blog and pictures.

    And I totally agree about supporting live music. It is really expensive to put on an amazing three act show with crew, lights, all the things they do. If we want to have this kind of fun we better get out there and support! And it is so, so worth every penny.

    Thanks again.

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed this ridiculous recap! :)

      ditto re: live music. I think it’s the best thing that fans can do to support artists they like. Without enough fan supports, they won’t be able to pull an awesome tour like this together. :)

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