December 4, 2008 | takki |

Just saw Ai Kakumei’s covers and I don’t really like them LOL

No, the girl doesn’t really bother me, though I tried to imagine her with pouty lips.. I need to find a photo of Tsu in that angle on jacket A.. hee..hee.. fingernails shouldn’t be that hard to remove huh? XD

Anyway, Tono is as gorgeous as usual, but it’s boring. Basically, they’re 3 covers of the same thing, just headshots in different colors -“- (btw, I like sepia color, but his gaze in B&W is really nice too)

I was expecting it to have at least one body shot on the cover. Being a pervert, I want a half nekkid shot, showing his yummy abs.. Come on Avex, hadaka cover will definitely boost the sales! *runs like hell*

Mixed feelings about that Home Party song.. yeah right, it sounds like fun, but why ‘guest appearance’? It’s his solo single for crying out loud, debut to be exact. Plus, if I want to hear any other voice along with Takki’s on a CD, it’d better be Tsu’s! -“-

With Love.. I thought Tono mentioned something about not releasing this song as he wanted fans to experience it during Enbujo? This worries me about the fate of Enbujo DVD too.

Well, guess I’ll just have to wait and see when I have these singles in my hands..

oh, one more thing, why can’t they just release it a week early so I can grab it when I’m in Japan?! gahhh~~ Paying ¥2600 for shipping is not fun yo!


2 Responses to cover..cover..cover

  1. Bonnie says:

    i was hoping for nicer hair… because you know me and my *heart* for his black spiky hair! Takkiiiii please get a haircut before Kakumei~~~

    yea, Home Party sounds like a very homemade song! i can just imagine Takki sitting in his studio…working on the song all night and finally deciding to name/base it on a recent nabe party or something lol

    But u gotta admit that adding the guests was a very smart strategy. for sure, there are definitely gonna be more buyers and not just peeps from the T&T market~

  2. Stephi-chan says:

    Having Yamapi and Yokoyama in the the third track was a VERY smart move…I’ve seen many comments from News and K8 fangirls that are probably going to buy the single for it. Sales look very promising. Can’t wait for January! XD

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