6 girls from 6 different states meeting 5 boys.

The boys were on fire.

All girls died. XD


Arena Theatre
Houston, TX

warning: silly fangirl incoherent thoughts, severely lack of photos (aka zero concert photo *lol*), very long post for my memory’s sake, proceed at your own risk~

This circular rotating stage made it so hard to take a band photo, especially with the way they spread out, facing the audience. That’s Kyle’s back and hair right there! xD

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


Well, tour announced, plan made, ticket purchased, etc etc. You knew that part.

The real story began on Friday 10/28 when I flew from Seattle to Houston. Megan picked me up from the airport (Bush) so we could drive to another airport (Hobby) to pick Melody and Tina up. My apologies for choosing the wrong airport when I booked my flights. ^^”  At Hobby, we performed a brief Chinese fire drill. It was hilarious and I was glad that mean security lady didn’t come attack us. *lol*

After that, we went to Pappas Bar-B-Q for a late lunch. I ordered a baked potato with chopped beef (which Melody refused to share with me, btw *lol*) that I believed was actually a nuclear potato because it’s humongous! Like, almost bigger than my head. It was delish though~ :D While waiting for Shannon’s flight, we went shopping for a bit and stopped at Starbucks. Next thing we knew, Shannon’s flight landed, Megan drove us back to the airport. Horrid traffic. The arrival line was very long, so we decided to park our car and went to see Shannon at the baggage claim area instead.

More food. Wild Wing Cafe was our destination for dinner. Adam also met up with us there. Their wings were superb, I love it! I wish we had more decent wings place around my house *lol* After the meal, we headed back to Megan’s place (aka: scrapbooker dream house). Misty finally arrived. Nothing much for the night, just girls being crazy. Totally normal.

Oh, I did give Melody a back massage and she moaned like no one else’s business. *lolz forever*

Okay, Saturday!!

Went out for a late brunch at 59 Diner. The only real meal of the day! Went home to rest, went to Megan’s store, jumped out of a moving vehicle in order to pay for gas *lol* went back home, got ready for the show!

We left the house around 2pm in 2 cars. Traffic was not too bad. But since the VIP check in time was 2:45pm, we’re cutting kinda close. Kinda sorta got lost for a moment, even when everybody had their smartphones out mapping the heck out of Houston. *lol* Anyway, by pure luck, we found the entrance to Arena Theatre. YAY!

By then, it was almost 2:45pm, we parked our car, Megan, Shannon and I ran from the parking lot to the building. RAN. We heard them soundcheck Circadian through the wall and we kept running. #SoRidiculous Why was the venue so big?! *lolz* By the time we saw people in line, I almost dropped dead. Tina, Misty and Melody saw us ran but they chose wisely to walk fast instead *lol*

Anyway, we checked in with Wade (aka Spokane dude from my Seattle show). He saw my driver license and he was like, Washington! I told him I was at Seattle show and he remembered me. Wade also told us we had 95 VIPs in total. I figured each of us would have about 30 seconds with the band *lol*

After waiting for a while, Wade gave us general groundrules: no photo, no video, no cellphone, no kissing. The usual. Then, we’re allowed inside!

Thank goodness for Megan and her out-of-the-box brain, we landed on the front row seats between Dave and Andy. They’re gorgeous. ♥ DC was wearing a Voodoo Donuts t-shirt and I was whining since I wore my red donut tee the day before! Dang it, we could have matched! Give me a memo next time, DCook!! xD

After everyone was seated, they started off with Foghat’s Slow Ride, which they soundchecked earlier. DCook sounded amazing~ ♥ Seemed like they haven’t worked out a perfect ending for this song yet as Devin was doing his solo thing but couldn’t close it off so they added another chorus verse and just ended it like that *lolz*

DCook was very funny and adorable. Somewhere along the line, the conversation turned into sports talk *lol* From baseball (didn’t care who won World Series, had ties to both side, political correct answer *lol*), to football (a jayhawk is not a real thing) to basketball.

He asked if we wanted to hear cover or original, we had both answers so he said he’d cover original  *lolz* Fans started throwing different requests. I think he did the beginning of Free Bird, not sure though. #FuzzyMemory

Megan asked for Souvenir, and he said they didn’t know Souvenir. #YeahRight D:

A few fans really want This Is Not The Last Time since we knew he once mentioned that the key was too high so they didn’t add it to the setlist. After willing to bet $300 that they didn’t know how to play TINTLT, he said he knew how to write it but he now forgot it. Anyway, we talked about that song for a while and he ended up telling us that they’d play LMFFY and after that he’d ATTEMPT at TINTLT *cheers*

Let Me Fall For You was fantastic! I love this song more and more every time I hear it live. ♥ I also loved our spot as we could clearly see both Dave and Andy singing. In fact, it’s a bit distracting since I was turning left and right looking at both of them *lol* Andy’s voice was soooooo pretty~

After LMFFY, Dave asked the crew to pull up TINTLT on his prompter IF they had it *lol* and he was like, seriously looking at the lyrics and probably chords? idk.

OMG. This Is Not The Last Time was amazing and hilarious at the same time. Dave messed up the lyrics a bit at the beginning. He was on guitar by himself for a while before Andy finally peeked at the teleprompter and joined in. Kyle followed a little later, giving them some rhythms. Monty and Devin totally bailed themselves out. *lol* Vocally, it was gorgeous. I didn’t expect this song at all so it’s an awesome treat! Musically, Dave and Andy totally winged it as I could hear a few chords were way off towards the end *lol* oh, and  I loved it so much when he was like “this is not the last time.. ….*squints*.. .. ..oodbye.. …….a lullaby…. .. … be alright….” *lolz* DAVID COOK WHY ARE YOU SO ADORB?! ♥ We’re all cheering and giggling and sealclapping gleefully. It was amazing.

At the end of the song, he just grabbed a green(?) vuvuzela that he had on stage and blew it off *lolz*

After TINTLT, Jody (aka dude#2 from Seattle) came on stage and asked if he had something under 2 minutes. So he was thinking about something short and all of the sudden, he started noodling on his guitar and sang Green Day’s All By Myself!!! #ExtraShotOfSmartAss The way he sang it was soooooooo cute!!!! Andy chimed in a bit, hitting a key on the keyboard. #TeamEffort XD And he ended with the cutest high pitch ♪ “all by myself ” ever~


Next, he told us to follow Wade to get ready for the M&G part. We lined up along the theater wall for a while. Seemed to be a long wait since the line moved soooooo slow, so Tina decided to go use the restroom as we ensured her it’d be a while. And that was when the staff decided to move us all outside. *lolz* Like, the whole line disappeared. Tina must be really confused! Mel did manage to go talk to the staff to get her outside and join us though XD

After waiting in line for what seems like forever, it’s time!

Shannon and Megan went in first. Shannon made them do a conga line *lolz* They did it twice because Dave looked at the first shot and he went all, oh no, we had to do this again! *lolz forever* Megan said she fainted with her eyes open. #TotallyNormal

And then it’s Melody and me!

Basically, Mel wanted to give one of them a piggyback ride. XD As soon as she said that, all fingers were pointing at Kyle because he’s the smallest. So it’s Mel vs Kyle moment and the next thing we knew, she almost faceplanted on the floor *LOLZ FOREVER*

Please remember this failed piggyback ride. It’s important to our journey. XD

Then it’s my turn. I walked in, greeted the guys, hugged Kyle, Andy, Dave, Monty and Devin in order. Then it’s a photo time. My issue was I didn’t have anything planned for this shot. It’s kinda hard to have a prop when you travel, eh? So I told them what my boss told me two weeks ago..

ME: okay, I need your help. My boss told me that if my VIP photo comes out like a police lineup, I’m not allowed back in the office
DC: Ahh, no problem. Get in here~ *raises his arm*
ME: *goes fit myself next to him* Okayyyy? Are you gonna headlock me or something? *lolz*
DC: Oh no, I won’t headlock you. But don’t worry, it won’t be normal~

*lolz* and this is what I got ♥ Andy Skib won!

After the photo, I grabbed the Showbox wallpaper I made and showed it to Dave. He looked at it closely and I think he liked it! (YAY!). I asked them all to sign it while I told Dave I wish I could do this for every tour stop *lolz* He said that’d be cool~ #HireMe!!!

Devin was still awkwardly adorb, he looked at the print and pointed- “that’s me.”


Anyway, I asked Dave what he did with all the prints I’ve been giving him, he said they’re on their tour bus, so I gave him a copy of Showbox wallpaper to join the collection. :)

Dave gave me another hug then I walked out to join Megan, Shannon and Melody at the VIP Merch table, picking up our goodies.

Up next were Misty and Tina. Misty almost had anxiety attack earlier in the day, but she pulled it off gracefully and got a really cute photo with the band. Tina was planning on either hiding in a corner or taking a group photo with us all, but we psyched her into going solo and it went awesome! She told him it’s her first time at his concert and Dave invited her to the show in Austin! :D

While Tina was talking to Dave, I heard Gavin DeGraw soundchecked Where You Are and I was flailing so hard, telling the girls that it was my most fav GDG song ♥

Now that we’re done with the preshow VIP, we went back to our cars (in fact, got lost in the parking lot and couldn’t find our spots for a while *lolz*) to dump all our stuff, then took a short walk to Jack in the Box for some refreshments.

We walked back to the cars to take a nap, but were all too excited to sleep. Eventually, we decided to go get some merch for the postshow M&G. Long line. I think fans were doing more of this postshow thing. :) We went to dump all merch in the car again when one fan walked over and told us about camera Nazi at the venue. D: I decided to leave my superzoom camera in the car and smuggled the other one inside instead. (In fact, I actually made a bad life choice right there. As it turned out, there’s no Nazi, we could all take pictures whenever we wanted. #FalseAlarm)

Our seats were in row 7. I got lucky with super tall dude 2 rows in front of me. Line of sight was blocked again. HA! D: Some people dressed up for halloween, a few weren’t very appropriate.

Carolina Liar kicked off the night with their high energy setlist. I loved them, but I could hardly see them with all the stuff on stage. *lolz*

Also, the rotating stage was soooooo weird! The thing would turn clockwise for a while then when you’re expecting the band to be right in front of you, it stopped and rotated counter-clockwise instead! So unpredictable!!! xD There were big monitors above the stage, but it’s not as good as the real thing, even when the real thing was the back of performer’s head.

I was glad I was more familiar with CL songs that I could sing along (brokenly) now. *lol*

Carolina Liar knew how to work the crowd but we also knew how to pace ourselves. DCook would go last, we had to keep that in mind! ;)

Gavin DeGraw was up next, and the stage looked slightly less cluttered! YAY!

I loved Gavin DeGraw. ♥ He’s so playful. Swagger was the word that came to my mind when I thought of him *lol* I didn’t know how those front row girls survived when he held their hand and sang into their soul. Or when he took a camera from that lucky fan and took a shot of him with her. OR WHEN HE KISSED SOMEONE’S FOREHEAD. *faints*

Seriously, we believed he’s a superhero with a BOOM!PREGNANT ability. #TrueFact xD

On a side note, I was glad I got to see GDG closer this time. He’s really really good and I had a thing for pianist. So yeah. Love him. :)

And he sang Where You Are. WHERE YOU ARE!!!!! It was so beautiful I freaked out and was in tears. #SoEmo Shannon was like, are you okay? do you need a hug?! ILU girl. ♥

After GDG set, the crew came back to the stage to set things up.  I was scanning the area trying to spot PapaCook. ^^” Well, back in Seattle, DCook told me that his dad would be at this show. Not that I was going to stalk him or anything I swear! Megan and Melody thought they saw him sitting in the front row with another lady. I took a look at that gentleman but I didn’t think it’s him. He looked different than when I saw him in Vegas and definitely different from what Google Images showed me. *lol* I saw another gentleman two blocks from our sections, sitting in about row 10, wearing a white cap and I thought that was him. Before I could confirm anything, the lights dimmed. IT’S SHOWTIME!!! *screams*

The guys walked onto the stage. From the way they set up, we knew they’d all be facing the crowd in different direction. A+ settings. DCook was in his denim shirt and black jeans, completed with bandana hanging out of his back pocket, of course. ;)

Circadian made us lose our shit from the beginning, it was fantastic. DCook sounded fantastic. The band was fantastic. They totally killed Circadian and FML that dude in front of me decided it’s a good idea to stand during DCook set (he sat down during GDG’s), I COULD NOT SEE!!! Monty started working the stage from the beginning! I almost fainted when Andy was rotated into our view, he’s gorgeous. ♥

The ending of Circadian morphed into the intro of Heroes. I loved Heroes. It’s an awesome let yourself loose song at the concert. We were singing along really loud. Screaming our heads off at some points. Totally normal. *lol*

Up next was Mr. Sensitive *claps claps* and I was like, okay, these 3 songs were their standard opening now. Devin was REALLY good that night, he seemed more relaxed and very into the whole thing. ♥ They rocked the heck out of Mr. S I loved it! Luckily, guitar spanking happened when DCook was rotated in front of our section. Totally an appropriate way to die. *faints*

DCook finally talked to the audience. Said it’s good to be back in Houston.

DC: My name is Dave, how’s everybody doing tonight?

Every side was the front of the audience because of the circle stage *lol* He tried to get everybody up. Said he’d be forced to walk off the stage (if people were still sitting), Shannon and I were like, should we sit down? *lolz* Also asked if anyone had motion sickness (ME!! xD)

Paper Heart was next on the setlist and it was amazebomb! I love the note he finished the song with. It’s different from the record and it’s kinda nice.

Time for Come Back To Me! I loved it so much when he went “when you find you.. WHAT?!” and we’re all “COME BACK TO ME!~~~~~~”  I enjoyed audience participation during concert so hard! :D

Cover time with NIN’s The Hand That Feeds. He asked if audience knew Nine Inch Nails and if not, we had smart phones and got about 30 seconds to educated ourselves. *lol* (made that 4.38 seconds yo!) It’s the song he did in Seattle, so I was familiar with it already but still, I didn’t know the whole song *lol* DCook was walking around the stage. Seriously that whispering voice lower register of his was also the end of me. The band rocked it out so hard I LOVED IT!! ♥

A bonus track from the new record! My love for Let Me Fall For You was so intense! It’s got better and better every single time I heard it. I LOVE IT SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH. ♥

let me fall like a plane out of the sky 


DC thanked the fans and intro to I Did It For You kicked in and I screamed my head off again. OMG! I MISSED THIS SONG SO MUCH! I missed how they all (excepted Kyle *lol*) used to come to the front of the stage during the middle of the song! We were singing along really loud. During that extended mid part of the song, DCook walked off the stage, walking around the inner walk way, trying to get everybody off their seats! I guess we’re lucky our seats were the last row of inner section. I turned around and here my only stealth shot of the night! :)

He stopped for a while at a few sections to our right and I figured that the gentleman I saw earlier was his dad for sure.

DCook finally got back on stage: ♪ I did it for you, Houston! 

The way he counted “ONE TWO THREE!!” before the ending solo of the song was my new favorite moment! It’s AWESOME. I don’t know, the energy was sooooooooooo high it’s crazily addictive!

Banter time. Said it’s weird that people were looking at his butt #AssShotIsImportant He introduced a couple who celebrating their 50th anniversary. It’s the dude Megan and Melody thought was PapaCook *lol*

He told the crowd that his dad was in the audience but he didn’t know where he’s at, and he made us say “HI STAN!!!”, eventually everyone pointed to his Dad’s direction and he saw him :)

The Last Goodbye was next on the setlist. He made us sing along before the last chorus~

DC: You guys are fantastic

(No, DC, we’re insane, I was glad you didn’t know *lol*)

Up next was We Believe. I enjoyed WE BELAAAAAVE so hard from the clapping at the beginning to that awesome hook verse that got me anytime to the end. His voice was fantastic but that’s nothing new *lol*  ♥ #OhWeBelieve~

Moving on right away to the next song. OHMYHEART Declaration intro!!! TOTALLY DID NOT EXPECT THIS SONG! I LOVE IT!!!! *flails* Sing along hardcore!!

Andy switched to his acoustic guitar, I was like, hmm what song was that, and IT WAS LIE. OH MY HECK. *thuds* #NeverABuzzKilling! Lie was phenom. PHENOM. LEGIT CRYING ALL OVER THE PLACE. He looked so emo I cannot even. There’s some fans screamed during the a cappella part, but got hushed quiet. It was soooooooooooo flipping beautiful. His voice. HIS VOICE. ♥

DCook said he loved doing that song because first timer in the audience would always cheer/scream when he stepped away from the mic while those who’ve been to the show would go “SHUT UP!” *lolz* #TrueFact

He thanked the fans for being out late on Saturday night. Said they thought it was a Friday (I thought so too *lolz* I got this time confusion thing all weekend), Mentioned Carolina Liar and Gavin DeGraw. Said he loved GDG, he smelled good (SAY WHAT?! *lolz*). An audience told him that GDG was her husband, and this hilarious convo went somewhat like this:

DC: Does he know it?
Fan: No
DC: No? I’m not sure how many states will hold that up for you *lol*
Fan: *points to her friends” They love you!
DC: They love me, but you don’t? You love Gavin, I mean you can go now, no I’m kidding *lolz*

And he told those fans to come on stage. LUCKY THEM. They got to hug DCook.

DC: Mrs. DeGraw, who’s that guy? *points to the remaining dude at their seats*
Fan: My boyfriend
DC: Time out! You just watched your husband play and while he’s playing you have your bf right in front of him?

He finally kicked them off the stage. Okay, that was funny but I’d rather have him sing more at this point *lol*

An attack of DCTR, Bar-ba-sol was next! We’re all looking at each other. Sorry, couldn’t help it. ^^” I think DC kinda knew how we felt about this song, idk. Anyway, I still loved counting off this song, I might have a thing for numbers *lol* DCook was singing, putting his arms on Devin’s shoulder at one point, headbutting him during what’s supposed to be a guitar sex. Okay, I’d take that *lol* He also took a phone from a fan to take Kyle’s picture for her. XD

DCTR continued with Light On! I loved seeing Andy on piano. ♥ Light On was always amazing live. The energy level was just insane with all high notes he hit. More audience participation! LOVE IT! He asked us to make some noises since they had only 3 songs left including LO.

The crew brought DCook his acoustic guitar, the rest of the band left the stage, except Monty who chose to sit at the back of the drum set. Devin and Kyle were in the pit to my right, Andy was on the opposite side (where we were during soundcheck).

Acoustic Fade Into Me was amazing. AMAZING. I felt so emo! Why did I want to cry all the time?! DCook saw Kyle and Devin in the pit and cracked up, I couldn’t see if they did any swaybot thing or not *lolz* The stage finally rotated to where Andy sat towards the end of the song and DCook almost cracked up again by the way Andy stared at him *lolz forever*

This needed to be said. I LOVE ACOUSTIC FADE INTO ME SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH. The simplicity of it mixed perfectly with his gorgeous voice. It was soooooooooo beautiful I was melted into a puddle of goo. ♥

DC: Thank you so much, not only for coming out tonight but coming out and support live music in general.

He said he knew it’s easy to go on internet and watch youtube or ustream vids but he felt that people were missing out on live music experience.

Rapid Eye Movement was the last song of the night. It’s my first time hearing this song live and I was OMGOMGOMG BLOWN AWAY. HOLY. I was literally screaming my head off and singing along throughout the song. It’s way beyond awesome, you guys.

Before he left the stage…

DC said: Houston! You guys have been incredible, thank you so much!! 


We stood there through the outro of REM. It really was a perfect show closing song (BUT I STILL WANT A DAILY ANTHEM YO!). Megan and Melody came over and we had a loud “OH MY GOD” shouting spree at each other *lolz*

This 16-song setlist was quite DCTR heavy. We got 8 songs from his first album, which brought back a ton of memories from 2 years ago. After REM, I didn’t want to move. Like, I didn’t want it to end. The crowd energy of this show was insane I love it so much. ♥

We went back to the merch area for the postshow M&G, waited for a while before being herded to the hallway. I was thirsty to the point of no return. The bar was closed, Melody had to donate me her water *lolz*

The line was really long and moving at slow pace. When we could sneakingly see Dave and Gavin, Dave was back in his red Voodoo Donut T-shirt again. Both DC and GDG were all smiley and seemed energetic, at midnight, no less. *lol* One thing I loved about postshow M&G was that I was so exhausted I didn’t have time to freak out when I saw them. HA. Eventually, we’re at the front of the line, I gave my camera to Jody when it’s almost my turn. He actually remembered me from Seattle so I jokingly told him that I was still looking for employment. XD

Alright. My turn. I walked to Gavin first because I knew I would forget him again if I started off with Dave *lol* #StrategicApproach

ME: *nervous smiles* Hi, I’m Sara~
GDG: Hello, Sara, I remember you.
ME: o_O” Wait, really?
GDG: Yes! You took nice pictures
ME: *faints* (That was one picture from 11 days ago in Seattle!!! IS THIS DUDE FOR REAL?!) You made me cry tonight, btw, (stop looking at me like that GDG!!) Where You Are was so beautiful, I had tears…
GDG: *looks concerned* oh…
ME: …I think I deserve a hug for that *lol*
GDG: *laughs* Definitely!

So, Gavin gave me a big squeeze. It’s almost on par with DC’s hug I have to say. I love firm hugs. ♥ *lol*

Next, I turned around to Dave. He smile his big smile and gave me a hug.

DC: Hey, how are you, darlin’?
ME: (HE CALLS ME DARLIN’ HOW DO YOU THINK I AM?!) Awesome! You guys were amazing tonight! :D

We took our picture and Dave was like making face and pointing at the camera. His finger was so 3D *lol* He totally remembered the fact that I wasn’t allowed back in the office if my photo came out like a police lineup (btw, my boss was very serious about that *lol*). The staff took another regular shot for us before I asked Dave for a hug.

DC: Come here, darlin’

I went in, expecting a big hug like an epic one I got in Seattle. Well. NOTHING had prepared me for this. Dave wrapped his arms around me and lifted me off the ground. HE LIFTED ME UP. AND I WAS IN THE AIR FOR WHAT SEEMED LIKE FOREVER. #8.67SecondsMaybe XD

I was all OHMYGOSH. I had my arms around his shoulder/neck already but instinct told me to hold on tighter. And his neck was right there, so yeah, IT HAPPENED. #HoldOnForMyDearLife #BestPlaceOnEarth #BeatTheHeckOutOfDisneyworld #OMGDavidCook~ ♥

Sadly Eventually, he released me and I was surprised I could stand, like, ever again. Dave was laughing and I was laughing too because this was beyond ridiculous now. *lol* I thanked him for that massive bear hug and stumbled off to the rest of the girls. Unfortunately, the photo staff handed my camera off to Jody during that hugging spree so I didn’t have a photo of this flying moment.


While I tried to gather my scattered brain back, I realized I forgot to ask Gavin to sign my Sweeter CD *headdesks* Totally couldn’t blame myself for that though, my brain was a lost cause after that hug. *lol*

After all 6 of us went through this postshow M&G craziness, we walked out to the parking lot, saw Kyle standing next to the bus with a few fans, so we walked over. Megan and Shannon took some pictures with him. Kyle was cold so we let him get back inside the bus. Walking back to our cars, we flailed so hard about what just happened. I kept saying “he picked me up, he lifted me, HE LIFTED ME OFF THE GROUND AND HIS NECK WAS RIGHT THERE.” *lolz*

Melody told me she was yelling “STOP IT, SARA!!” while I snuggled DCook’s neck, and I didn’t even hear her XD *cues in Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up backing track*

We left the venue, stopped by Jack in the Box to get some drinks, I couldn’t even get my strawberry milkshake because they’re out of shake mix. #MyLifeIsHard Then, we hit the highway, heading back to Megan’s place, blasting Gavin DeGraw’s CD all the way home. ♥

ps1. DAVID COOK. You can keep my heart, call it a souvenir~ ♥

ps2. DC and the guys were on fire that night. I seriously loved their energy on that stage and I love how we could feed on that energy and got even more into their performance. It’s AMAZING.

ps3. I’m still not a big fan of this revolving stage. Most of the time you got to see the back of the band. DC set was the best since they got rid of all extra equipments on stage, but still, the dang thing moved and you couldn’t keep your focus. The best part was you could see ALL band members from wherever you sat. However, the most frustrating part for me was that it moved BOTH clockwise and counter-clockwise, so when I expected them to be in front of me in the next 5 seconds and it didn’t happen because they spun the other way around, it’s kinda frustrating! *lol* DCook tried his best to work the stage though (along with Monty). He walked around a lot and we could see him climb up Kyle’s drum platform quite often that night so the audience on the other side could see him too. :)

ps.4 Next morning, Megan dropped Tina off at the airport in the morning. After that, we went to IHOP for breakfast, before Misty left to drop Shannon off at the airport. Megan, Melody and I headed off to Austin. ← more to come on that *lol*

ps5. I forgot to take a picture of all stuff we got/bought that day *lol* Ridiculous amount of T-shirts, etc.

ps6. The girls had Gavin DeGraw’s Where You Are stuck in their head because I kept humming it during the night *lol* #YouReWelcome

ps7. OMG it’s so much faster doing a recap without photos! *lolz*

ps8. BIGGEST THANKS to Megan, Shannon, Misty, Melody and Tina for this incredible day together. I love you girls! ♥ #LetsDoItAgain!

ps9. Again, if you’re still reading, I hope you enjoy my nutso day. If you consider leaving a comment and making my day, I think ILU. Otherwise, hello IP addresses! :)



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22 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 11 – Houston

  1. Megan says:

    Devin was still awkwardly adorb, he looked at the print and pointed- “that’s me.”


    tears all over Texas. ILU Devin.

    • naughtiest says:

      I cannot with him ♥ and ILU :)

      • Megan says:

        I ♥ you back. Best weekend ever. Thanks so much for being a part of it.

        This recap >> any memories I have, lol.

        “THIS IS WEIRD.” anxiously awaiting part 2.

        • naughtiest says:

          No, thank YOU for having us all! Wouldn’t happen if you weren’t there! :D

          OMG part 2 is gonna be tough, my memory was all fuzzy since I was half asleep in Austin *lol*

  2. Shannon says:

    OMG so many things I forgot!

    I am amazed that you remembered so many little details. What a note sounded like, or when Andy started playing along with Dave. What. Clearly I was blinded by their faces.

    I love Devin. Adorable.

    Why did I think he walked around during Paper Heart and not IDIFY? #FaultyMemory

    David Cook called you “darlin”?? How are you still alive?

    And yes, let’sdoitagain. How’s Nov. 25th work for you? :D

    • naughtiest says:

      girl, look at my blog title, he MURDERS me, I’m still dead *lol*

      November 25th sounds kinda nice, let me check my schedule… ;)

  3. mon says:

    I guess I am becoming a regular reader of your blog recaps :). Your photos are awesome. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. Melody says:


    I am never going to recap. Just saving this.


  5. Lynne says:

    Sara . . . I have the biggest smile on my face right now! What a Phenomenal memory you have and you make these concerts come alive! Although I love your photos, >You already know this< . . . you have such terrific journalism skills at making your experiences come alive, that I really didn't miss them as much as I thought I would . . . OK, maybe just a little bit – That face was made for the camera! And you are so excellent at capturing it! I woudn't be surprised if Dave has found your Blog : ) ! At the show in Pomona he did tell Scott "Thank You" for his recap of the Santa Rosa show . . .much to Scott's delight! Bye for now . . . waiting for Round #3 – "Austin"! ~L

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you so much! OMG I’d die for real if he ever reads my blog *lol*

      Austin will take a while, my memory is so fuzzy, zombies ate my brain that night HA! xD

  6. Misty says:

    Your brain is amazing! How do you remember all these details? The soundcheck and concert are pretty much just a blur to me.

    The twirl hug! I still don’t know how you survived it! You are David Cook’s favorite fan.

    • naughtiest says:

      *lol* I found it’s easier to not write things in sequence. Usually I started with postshow, then preshow then the actual show. It kinda helps with details!

      and girl, I’m still dead from that hug! :D

  7. Tina says:

    I love this recap so much I wanna hug it. I love this recap so much I wanna MARRY it. omg.

    I’m so glad that we finally got to meet in person. You are just as amazing and funny and cute as I always suspected <3333 Thank you for being part of one of my favorite weekends ever. I will never forget it. Maybe we can follow GDG around the country together??

    p.s. We should totally meet up next month…somewhere…sometime… ;p

    • naughtiest says:

      You may marry my recap you have my blessing *lol*

      I’m so glad to meet you too! You’re exactly as I expected you to be, super sweet and hilarious! ♥ Being GDG crazy fans together sounds like an awesome idea! xD

      ps. hmm, I heard someone is having a concert somewhere next month. I have to check… ;)

  8. Kirsten says:

    you are soooo lucky!
    I seriously couldn’t stop smiling while reading this. I just LOVE your recaps! =)

    David is the sweetest. There is absolutely NO denying that. And I am so glad that you have gotten the chance to meet him on more than one occasion. That’s gotta be so surreal, having him remember you!
    I only have met him once, and he was of course very sweet, but he seemed tired that day. So he wasn’t all happy and goofy. Hopefully, I will get him on one of those days. =) Cause I so plan on meeting him again. It WILL happen. XD

  9. Riza says:

    I’m definitely addicted to your recaps…. LOLZ..

  10. MizSWQ says:

    Hey! I’m actually very happy that u got to go to DC concert again. I only managed to skim through the recent 2 posts! will find the time to read the full recaps soon because I reaalllyyyyy enjoy your recaps (been busy with sch work!).

    I look forward to more “adventures” of u meeting DC :DDD

    P.S. I love that he murdered u by calling u DARLIN’! :P

    I would love to meet you! u seem to be such an awesome and funny person. :)))

    but nonetheless, thanks for sharing ur experiences of meeting DC and band with readers like me.

    oh! keep on those pictures coming… i enjoy looking at all photos u took! they’re AWESOME! <3

    • naughtiest says:

      Thanks for dropping by! Good luck with your school work!
      One of these days, we may see each other at a concert, somewhere in Asia? ;) And you’ll realize that I’m a crazy person *lol*

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