What an awesome way to start November, waking up to this new MV!

Some backstage, on stage footage on tour, mixing with DC walking and singing and everything. I really love how they captured the awesomeness of their live shows in this video. The way he walked as if trying to balance his life. The whole MV, especially the beginning and the end, simply represented his ongoing journey and relationship with his fans. ♥

I love it so much~ ♥


2 Responses to David Cook – Fade Into Me MUSIC VIDEO

  1. Megan says:

    I love how he waited until the day AFTER everyone left so we were all flailing solo after that crazy hot boy marathon.

    I love that energy at shows.

    I love him.

    IS THIS NEWS? (I am typing this listening to Where You Are. Yep.)

    • naughtiest says:

      imagine we’re all there together when this MV released? a flail-fest~

      I LOVE HIM. but you don’t know that. XD

      I’m listening to Where You Are too! *lol* this song is so ridic

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