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November 22, 2008 | et cetera |

In an attempt to distract myself, I’ve been reading a bunch of fanfictions lately. nope, not T&T or TxT, not even JE or BL if you’re curious. I can be normal for once. LOL

Anyway, I came to a conclusion that being an overseas fangirl is like reading a fanfiction.

  • you found a very nice fanfiction in a locked forum with cryptic way to get inside
  • once you fell in love with the main character(s), you could only pray that the story will go on and on and on, and not ending with just a oneshot
  • you have to pay gazillion amount to get full access to that cryptic forum in order to see the 3D version of your characters
  • you’re damn frustrated because you have no control whatsoever on how the story will play out
  • you try your best to support the author, to show your love for the characters
  • sadly, the author doesn’t really understand the readers at all *grumbles*
  • the plot can start out soooo good, but the author decides to pull a major ‘epic fail’ on you with ridiculous plot or LACK, thereof
  • if that’s not ebil enough, you’re dying for an update *coughs* you want so bad to know what the hell is going to happen next to your favorite boys characters
  • you changed your strategy from asking nicely to begging for an update
  • but the release never comes T__T
  • you comment, you review, but the author doesn’t care
  • at the same time, this damn author decided to split your main characters up, and put them into multiple AU fics seperately, mostly oneshot at a time
  • these new fics are great, but you still hope as hell to see both characters continue their story together in the original fic
  • every once in a while, the author would decide to delete some oneshot fics, so you can’t go back to relive those experience reread them, simply just to torture you
  • there are tons of fanfictions out there that basically suck but the authors of those stories update more often, hence, those stories get more reviews
  • lots of readers jumped ship to the other stories, just because they thought the author of ‘this’ story ditch these nice characters already v__v;
  • loyal readers cannot do a damn thing

LOL see, aren’t they the same?!~


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  1. loonykat says:

    ur 1st sentence, esp the NORMAL really cracks me up.. muahahahah…

    i’m still missing carly’s fanfic.. haha.. it’s a pity she’s not writing anymore.. but at least she leave us some very good memories.. I’m having pasta the other day n I recall abt her fic on the “noodle incident”, chuckling half way with my mouth full of pepperoni. My gf tou i choked!!! lmao!!!

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