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November 14, 2008 | takki |


Strange timing!

It was this morning when I was listening to Black Butterfly on the way to work that I thought about Takki’s single. I was hoping it’d be something along the line with BB since I love the performance in One! so much (especially when he pumped his shoulder, turned around and showed us his butt! LOL) and I hope to see that with my own eyes. But then I realized that Takki’s composed songs are usually rockish or ballad, so I just kept on daydreaming while driving to the office.

Then I saw the clip on Mich’s blog…

Tono in white… red hanky .. *faints* but but… Tono… don’t you think it’s time for a haircut? XDD

The beginning of the song reminded me of Hong Kong movie OST. What’s wrong with me and HK movie soundtrack? LOL Sadame reminded me of OST too! Live singing always makes me nervous for some reasons, but Takki made it through woohooo~

When he started talking, I was like YES OST! Especially the second verse where the music ramped up~

And all of the sudden my jaw dropped to the floor.


The slow ballad changed into latin, and I let out a very high pitched squee in my office! XDD Granted that it’s during lunch break, but that kind of sound wasn’t really appropriate for the office environment at all. LOL

The first part of the latin portion was a bit strange to me, might take a few more goes to get familiar with, but I fell instantly for the hook verse, it brought back a lot of fun memories on dance floor when I was taking ballroom/latin classes.

I know he probably didn’t have a lot time to prepare, and the furitsuke looked kinda goofy (especially that spirit fingers and ‘benus’ moves) but I’m sure this will improve HEAPS when 1/1/09 arrives! (maybe add some butt wiggling during ‘let’s shake the world’ hee..heee… )

The white outfit fitted with the ballad portion, but when the music shifted to latin beats, his prince charming outfit was kinda out of place. I’m hoping to see him strip on stage. LOL No, I mean shred some clothes. Well, Yes, strip! XD

I think tank top will work better with this dance number, just like what he wore during Black Butterfly! Come on, Tono, let’s pull some sort of a magic 2-second costume changing thing, I want to see your biceps!

He can do that right? I remember seeing T&T pulling their outer pants off on stage in a split second (Go con maybe?), jacket and shirt shouldn’t take much longer! LOL

ps. That Ikanaide baton must go! I couldn’t help giggling like a lune when I saw it. Takki, I know you missed Tsubasa but you’d better return the stick to your baby, please!


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  1. loonykat says:

    had a hard time getting into ur site recently, so i decide to use some proxies to try my luck.. ^^ wham.. 3 updates! lol

    reading this post makes me laugh, haha.. i love the latin part of the song too.. umm… n u make me kinda imagine the striping part during his stage show.. giggling like a loon.. ya.. i LOVE his bicep at BB too! Tono can of cos do it in a split second if he want it, i think he can pull off anything after i saw how he excellently perform the kabuki “kimono changing” so fast!! n not to mention the make up scene! lol

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