[October 2011]

October 31, 2011 | RL recap |


  1. Went to Rockstar Uproar festival by myself. #Scared So weird seeing Neal on stage without DC D: Forgot my wallet, didn’t buy their CD *hangs head* Talked to NFT,  got a big hug, fled the scene~
  2. Cooking lession with Dad, Mom and my sister! #ProjectCookbook Today we made garlic rice with chicken with ginger sauce (aka Hainanese chicken rice), plus winter melon soup~
  3. Busy Monday, too many meetings to count. BOO.
  4.  announced iPhone 4s! 4Q11 business plan also started! D:
  5. I want to make a dent in the universe” – Steve Jobs
    Consider it dented, permanently. RIP Steve Jobs.
  6. Spent 11 hours at work *weeps*
  7. Woke up at 5 to preorder iPhone *yawns* Fade Into Me single cover revealed. ♥
  8. Handyman day. New shelf. New shoe rack. Super productive Saturday!
  9. Went to see Dolphin Tale with my sister. Cute and touching. I miss you, Winter! DCook tour started! AND HE RIPPED HIS PANTS *lolz* #AwesomeStart #DicklarationTour
  10. Fade Into Me (Radio Edit) single available on Itunes!
  11. A bit frustrated with ground(ctrl) and how they handled tickets/vip thing. Seemed so slow. AND I MISS THIS. SFM.
  12. Showed my boss VIP photos from the first few shows while working on business plan…
    BOSS: tell David Cook if your VIP photo comes out like a police lineup, you’re not allowed back in the office
    ME: what?! *lolz*
  13. Long ass day at work. Sooooooo exhausted.
  14. Got my new iPhone 4S, it went from China to Hongkong to Alaska to Kentucky to Illinois before it reached me at 8pm in Seattle, WA. #Logistics It’s so shiny~ In love with the camera. Played with Siri all night *lolz* #Ridiculous Decided to go with super pink case for the time being! :D
  15. Getting nervous about concert *lolz*
  16. Got my monthly haircut. Danny, my hair stylist, had some issue,  he ended up cutting my hair for over an hour so he could talk to me about them xD
  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY! I LOVE YOU ♥ Everybody at work teased me about taking a day off to go to DCook concert *lol* Picked Melody up from the airport, went to a 10-course dinner for Dad’s birthday, came home and passed out.
  18. Worked from home in the morning, went to Kaiten Sushi for lunch with Mel, headed north to Kerry Park (gorgeous day!), went to Pike Place. WENT TO SHOWBOX FOR A CONCERT. #BestDayEver
  19. Slept for 3-ish hours, dropped Mel off at the airport at 5:30am, went to work, managed to avoid faceplanting on any kind of office surface, came home, eventually passed out. oh and my VIP photo came out LOLZ at best XD
  20. Almost done with 4Q11 business plan, almost. Also, finished my crazy long Showbox blog. ♥
  21. Busiest Friday ever. My boss and I were practivally living in the conference room. Got all input done for business plan.
  22. A 20-minute power nap turned into 12 hours of sleep. I NEEDED THAT. MWK ANNOUNCED LUNA ESPERA EP!! NOVEMBER 8th!!!!!!
  23. Had a crazy thought about going to SC and GA (and maybe NC) for my birthday. Dad wasn’t happy about this idea. *lol* Went to my friend’s daughter’s princess birthday party. ♥ Addicted to Gavin DeGraw “Where You Are”.
  24. Spent 12 hours at work. My brain no longer existed.
  25. East coast trip was doable but not practical. :( Boss was okay with it though (but he’s okay with my entire fangirl life anyway~ *lol*) and what is this, DCook? XD
  27. My boss kicked me home early so I could do laundry and pack for my trip #BestBossEver I wasn’t even a baseball fan but World Series was intense!! Finally got tickets for Houston show!
  28. To Houston! Met Megan (and Adam), Tina, Shannon and Misty for the first time. Met Melody for the 2nd time in 10 days *lol* Awesome time with the girls! #ChineseFireDrill #WingsNight #BackMassage #TwoBenadrylsCanKnockYouOut
  29. 6 girls from 6 states meeting 5 dudes. No big deal Saturday in Houston. *lolz* Rotating Stage! Gavin DeGraw’s Where You Are made me cry! DCook and the guys with super high energy! Lie was phenom. I had tears in my eyes. #AssShotIsImportant GDG remembered me from Seattle (is he for real?!) DCook huglifted me. *lolz* #TotallyNormal. btw, failed photo night.
  30. Quote of the day: “This is getting weird” *headdesks* and DCook huglifted me again. #NormalSunday *thuds* GA was serious business! Front row! Carolina Liar stripped in front of me. I highly appreciated that. #LongLegs #OMGSoHairy XD ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE NIGHT! OMG OMG OMG. #HottestZombiesEver I legit cried during Lie. It was so beautiful. MY HEART. Gavin DeGraw was a superhero with a BOOM!PREGNANT ability *lol* He’s also obsessed with my camera. XD
  31. Travel day. Megan drove Melody and I back from Austin to Houston, dropped us off at different airports. The most amazing weekend ever. Headed west. Saw Mt. Rainier peeking through the clouds. With a 737-800 engine of course *lol* Back in Seattle. Already making another travel plan. XD

October was super crazy and I love it so much! What will November bring? :)

Life is good~


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