.. and to get spoiled rotten (no matter how old you are)!!

I went out to an early birthday lunch with my team last Friday. Then when I got home, I just realized that we’re having another early birthday dinner since my brother was leaving for Thailand on Saturday. My sister came over and made a very yummy Czech dish. Not to mention that she brought with her some super yummy cakes too! woohooo~

Didn’t do much over the weekend, enjoyed tons of rest which is always a plus.

Went to work today (everyone at the office asked why I didn’t take today off. I was like.. eh? is it a tradition that you’re not supposed to work on your birthday? Can I go home now? LOL

My parent’s friends took us out for a very nice dinner at Southcenter (still couldn’t call it Westfield Mall LOL) today. My sister also bought me another red velvet cake. Super delicious! We ordered some ice cream and creme brule to go with it. Sooooooo soooo goood. Then all of a sudden, after we got rid of the entire red velvet cake, the waitress brought me another big piece of cake! OMG! The staff came over and sang me a happy birthday too *giggles* I was full to the max. Probably need 10 more sessions of hot yoga to shred all my extra calories today! LOL

After dinner, we walked over to the Apple store. I got myself a Macbook as a b’day present today *beams* Big thanks to my big brother, sister, uncle and flowerypoopoo-san! You guys are the best! Thank you Thank you!! ^__^

Came home and decided to skip Heroes tonight so I could play with my brand new toy ^__^ Bugged flowerypoopoo-san for the past 3 hours, Photoshop was a pain to reinstall, I’m telling you! Migration Assistant couldn’t bring the registration info over, so I had to manually delete a bunch of files, 3-4 times, installed and uninstalled *zap zap* Almost drove me nuts to the point of reinstalling OS X, but I finally got it! My shiny Macbook is set and ready. YAY!

Tomorrow, my boss will bring in a cake for us.. yes, for us, his birthday is Wednesday, so we decided to celebrate together. But my other co-worker will secretly bring in another cake on Wednesday for him as a ‘surprise’. LOL Definitely a carb and sugar week for me!

oh well, I love November! LOL


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  1. loonykat says:

    sorry i’m late! but happy belated birthday!!! <3 wow.. alot of november babies ne~

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