If yoga is some sort of a self-inflicting pain, HOT YOGA IS DEFINITELY A SELF-INFLICTING HELL!!!


Last night was my 3rd time to class, and it was sooooo damn hot hot hot that I couldn’t even breathe! Plus the instructor sucked, big time. Proof? The class started off with 42 people. Usually, we are not supposed to leave the hell hole room during class, but last night we ended up with only 20 students after 90 minutes. HA! Even my friend who dragged me there balied herself out and ran! I was stubborn enough to stay til the end, and had to suffer a pretty bad dehydration my head hurt!

It’s pretty easy to tell when there’s something nagging me.

I dreamed about Takki’s solo single last night.


Gotta love my subconscious sometimes. At least it makes me happy in my dreams.

I used to dream about Takki and Tsubasa solo singles, released on the same day, and both covers are connected as if it’s from the same photoshoot. XD Imagination at night!

Am I the last person on this planet to learn about Tsu’s solo concerts in December? x__x”

And no DVD camera .. no WWTP DVD?

I’m totally speechless.

Curse you, Johnny-san, J&A and Avex.

Curse you.


2 Responses to hell – dream – reality

  1. loonykat says:

    omg! ur dream was so detailed it makes me laugh after reading!! esp the detailed description part of the cd picture, “His left hand reaching out to catch one of the falling glowing feather” n the ” The title of his single is: 翼” beautiful!!
    are we too deprive of all these stuffs to linger in dreams??!!

  2. Stephi-chan says:

    Your dreams are TOO vivid….they’re scary. lol
    I could totally picture the appearance of the single.

    It’s definately shocking about no more WWTP, no DVD, and a solo con.
    I thought they WOULD release one seeing as the show was so
    popular. I think Johnny-san and Avex have mental problems now.
    Just stupid (v__v)

    Good luck with your yoga class. I took one my second year of uni and
    wanted to die. It hurt so much at the beginning. But it gets easier as you go on. You’ll be amazed at how strong and flexible you’ll get. ^^

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