Edward Cullen… ILU~

October 15, 2008 | et cetera, takki |

way less than I ♥ T&T though. LOL

My younger cousin sent me an email last week, fangirling Edward Cullen, assuming I’ve read Twilight series already.

Well, I had no clue who the heck he was. ^^”

Teen Young adult series is not something I will start reading out of the blue, since it’s bound to be cheesy. And I prefer James Rollins’ or Harlan Coben’s books over cheesy stuff anytime. But since she seemed to be quite lovesick, I decided to give it a try as I wanted to stay away from the internet for a bit last week.

As expect, the story was extremely cheesy and cliché to the max. But OMG! EDWARD CULLEN!! ♥ You’re the most adorable vampire on earth! (even though you’re getting more and more paranoid as the story progressed~) LOL

To me, I actually like the ending of Twilight the most. Maybe because it’s the first one, so I didn’t have any expectation (besides cheesy LOL). New Moon was boo boo, not enough Edward, too much Jacob, and mother of unnecessary angst of this series. Eclipse was okay, there are some really cute/funny scenes. The last book, Breaking Dawn, was a bit ..angsty yet happiness overloaded. ^^;

But over all, Edward made up for everything. XD

Since Twilight is going to hit the theater in November, I checked out the trailer and bawled. Luckily I didn’t watch it before reading the books or it’d have screwed the image of Edward in my head. I’m not going to whine or anything but Robert Pattinson is just not the Edward I’m looking for. ^^;

In fact, I had an image of Takki all along when I read this series. I can totally see him as Edward. (I gotta skip the sensitive issue about his height though xD)

I used to dream about seeing Takki in vampire role for his drama.

White face, red lips… *whacks* don’t tell me you’re thinking about Yuki-chan!! LOL

Anyway, imagine this.

pale face, red lips, hard to read pretty face but with emotional topaz eyes that will turn dark when he’s thirsty (come equipped with under eye bags). Stayed frozen at 17 for almost a century and will be like this forever. Dazzle people just by smiling.


Come on, don’t you think so? As if we haven’t seen his under eye bags all the time. xD

Oh well, that’s how I enjoyed Twilight series.



3 Responses to Edward Cullen… ILU~

  1. mich says:

    LOL about Yuki-chan!!!

    ah, vampire!!! i immediately thought of Vampire Chronicles lol.. but ya, erm… “height” is kinda an issue ne… he might have to wear platforms like Tom Cruise *runs*

  2. Stephi-chan says:

    Takki would make a GREAT Edward!
    If they ever adapted the books to a movie or drama in Japan, he’d be the best for the role, but maybe I’m just biased. XD
    Those books are great..I want to see the film.

  3. naughtiest says:

    well, well, considered there’s a bunch of short and tiny Japanese actresses, he should be able to avoid platforms! XD

    LOL no, you’re not biased, he’s perfect! *biased x2*
    I’m still thinking about the movie, looks like they changed a bunch of contents to make it fit.. I guess it’ll be like Harry Potter that no matter what, the books are much better (well, for me, only LOTR movies can beat the books~ LOL)

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