It doesn’t make any sense.

Not that I’m not happy for Takki, but I feel so damn frustrated right now.

Of course, a part of me is excited, I want to see his new butai, I want to hear his new songs, but the first sound I heard when I read the news was a big THUD when my heart sank to the ground.

I really can’t feel truly happy for his solo news, the same way that I can’t bring myself to 100% fangirl about WWTP


What else can we do? They’re just so mean. We’ve been waiting and waiting. No matter how pathetic we beg and bug them, the result seems to get worse and worse.

Have you noticed that when you go to Google and search for “Tackey & Tsubasa”, Avex website is on page 10? Yes, TEN. So much of a so-called OFFICIAL WEBSITE, huh?

2008 started off so promising with One! DVD, school calendar, super rabu Best Tour, Premium Live DVD, Yuki-chan DVD (well, doesn’t really count, it’s NHK doing..). Then silence, before we got Koi Uta. Then complete silence about any further unit activity. Nothing on their anniversary. I know that both of them were busy with solo activities, but this latest news is such a low blow for me. Timing couldn’t be any worse than this.

Because Takitsuba is home.

And I want them to be back home so bad it hurts… T__T

Also, I’m dreading the result..

What-if scenarios give me an anxiety attack… what if his solo single does better than unit releases? or what if it’s the other way around? *bites tongue* I know it has to be one way or another, but the possibility of the outcomes and the interpretation of either result is going to kill me.

Life sucks.

At least, I’m off tomorrow so I can sulk all they way to Pluto.


3 Responses to ‘upset’ is an understatement

  1. Stephi-chan says:

    I feel just like you do right now. I prefer unit activities over the solo activities. It’s the way I feel it should be…unit activities, like you said, are home…they just feel right. While I’m happy for Takki, I mourn it all at the same time. =(

    This whole solo thing reeks of Johnny-san and management. I feel like they have been watching over the last few singles and were thinking “lets try this”…and wham, solo butai and single.
    I wish Takki all the success in the world with that cd…but if it does REALLY well over the unit singles….that is an EXTREMELY scary thing for future unit singles.

    T&T was supposed to be the golden group…Takki was supposed to be the JE favorite…so why is it like this? Why do we seem to always get the short end of the stick….? Nande?

    I REALLY hope that unit material and activities will start up again very soon. My heart is kinda breaking because of all this… frustrated, worried, and shocked.

    Should we even start a campaign/petition to show JE how we feel and what we really want? Would that even work anymore? (TToTT)

    And performing at the Countdown…they better not perform Venus again….cuz I’ll be right behind you crying all the way to Pluto.

  2. Tongari says:

    I wholeheartedly agree.

    YEAH, I’m happy for Takki. But at the same time, I’m asking myself “what the hell’s going to happen to T&T?”

    I turn away from the T&T world for 1 second (thanks, college) and I return to see this.

    How disappointing. :'[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

  3. Sakuranbo says:


    I don’t understand…i have been offline for a while ‘n i was left behind~!

    What do you mean?
    T&T want to solo carrier?!

    I like them as a group~!
    Why?! why?!

    I know…I don’t like Tackey as i like Tsuba…but i still like Tackey….
    I love all of them…

    I’m not so happy with their solo carrier now…*eventhough i become crazy because of WWTP Osaka Pamphlet*
    Because i love them as an unit~!
    I prefer unit activities than the solo carrier…

    who ask them to solo carrier?
    they want to do it or Avex ask them?
    or maybe Johhny-san ask them?
    I think they won’t want to separate…-_____-;

    I like them better if they’re have many unit activities…it makes me happy…^^
    I’m sooo disappointed….T.T

    But, if it’s the best, i just can support them…^^
    Hope they know the best way for them….^^

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