oh yeah, I have proof *lol*  ♥


Showbox SoDo
Seattle, WA

warning: silly fangirl incoherent thoughts, crazier than ever, a bunch of photos, very very LONG post for my memory’s sake, written while half asleep, proceed at your own risk~

One good thing about not being in the front row is that my wide angle can capture the whole band without having to wait for them to gather around center stage. *lol* #PositiveThinking~

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


Where do I begin?

Probably around mid September when tour dates were announced and Showbox was on the list. He’s coming back to Seattle! *throws confetti* ♥

I made a few decisions and went to talk to my boss the next day. As usual, he let me take whatever days off I asked for when it came to DCook #BestSupportingBossAward Things got a little crazier when we learned about VIP package. David Cook, you’re officially my life ruiner. *lol*

Also, I sold my awesome Rockstar Uproar tickets (4th row 100 level!!) on Craigslist, made enough money to finance these VIPs. Things worked out perfectly since I didn’t need a good seat to go see Neal and Hell or Highwater. Standing among a bunch of scary people FTW! XD

Anyway, my sister was still sick from our Orlando trip, and she wasn’t sure if she could make it to Showbox with me (it’s also not her favorite place on earth, ha!). So, I decided to kinda sorta beg/force Melody to come visit so we could go to a concert together. *lol* Truth be told, she’s pretty crazily awesome so she ended up saying YES after a few NOs. YAY! #38HoursNinjaTrip

Waiting for tickets in the mail was so not my favorite thing but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t alone so I’m not gonna complain. I just wish ground(ctrl) could give us tickets and VIP info sooner. That’s all.

Long story short, I picked Melody up from SeaTac airport Monday evening, went to my Dad’s 10-course birthday dinner, came home, passed out, woke up, stayed horizontal (I regretfully had to get up and be on telecon for 2 hours – yup, it’s my day off, but I don’t say no to my boss when he asks me either, that’s how we roll), stayed horizontal a little bit more, went to a kaiten sushi place (only meal of the day), got gas, went to Kerry Park Viewpoint (gorgeous weather!), went to Pike Place (1st Starbucks!), saw Gum Wall (awesomely gross!), then headed to Showbox!

We got in line for the VIP around 3:45pm. Met a bunch of fans. I love seeing familiar faces. ♥ Staff (what’s his name again? I only remember that he’s from Spokane *lol*) came to gave us the VIP lanyards. Spokane (are we in Zombieland or what? xD) gave us a lecture about how we’re going to get one picture and no matter what, do not kiss DCook and the guys *lolz*

While in line, we heard they soundchecked Heroes and Paper Heart. During Come Back To Me, they started letting us in. First thing I noticed was DCook looked pretty exhausted. After CBTM, they kept adjusting their sounds for a while before he said hi to the crowd. They played Let Me Fall For You next. It was AMAZING I almost fainted. I loved how we could clearly hear Andy’s voice on chorus too. Beautiful.

And that’s it.


I thought they usually let us watch 3-4 songs? umm.. A little meh that we got only 1½ songs. But if that’s to save his voice,  I totally got it. I just felt like we waited quite long outside, idk.

Anyway, now it’s M&G time. There were 67 VIPs in total. Mel and I were at the stage right for soundcheck, so when they herded us off to line up, we’re almost towards the end of the line. While waiting, I got so nervous my hands were freezing. Big thanks to DCook #1 Fanboy for trying to calm me down! XD It’s also good to know that I wasn’t the only one with this nerve wrecking anxiety. Melody kept telling me that it’s just a regular day, this is a rehearsal. While I kept telling her that no, it’s not. IT’S FAR FROM ORDINARY. *lol*

When my turn came, I walked in for a series of handshakes…

ME: Hi Andy! When can we get MWK EP?!
ANDY: *laughs* soon, very soon
ME: Monty, I’d love to go golfing with you!
MONTY: *smiles & shakes head* XD
ME: *grabs his hand* I will come back to you
DC: *smiles* oh, you’ll come back to me?
ME: YES! (*lol*  I didn’t even realize the CBTM cliché until he said it back to me XD)
ME: I’m excited to see you play tonight!
DEVIN: *smiles* (lolz he’s so awkwardly adorb!)
ME: Kyle, your baby girl is soooooo adorable!
KYLE: *beams*

Now, I went back to Dave and asked for a big hug. He gave the best hug ever. *not biased at all* XD

Then, Dave made a space between himself and Devin and raised his arm up, ready for me to go fit myself there.

However, I had another plan *lol*

ME: nope
DC: *looks confused* hmm?
ME: okay, this is going to be a little crazy. I have a blog called “David Cook Murders Me!!!” so I think this is appropriate… *pulls out a giant bloody plastic hatchet*
DC: *looks panic for a second* oh! ← the look on his face was so precious!!

So he grabbed the knife and posed with it for, like, 3 seconds before he went:

DC: OMG I have a perfect outfit for this! *starts pulling his hood up* ← I cannot even with him XD
ME: *LOLZ FOREVER* oh my gosh haha! XD

And that’s how I got this Psycho photo. ♥

I asked him to sign the hatchet (and because I’m silly like that, I’ll probably hang it up my bedroom wall). Dave gave me another huge hug before I thanked him and left the scene (and got a sharpie thrown at my back by an unknown staff! Andy came to check on me and I was like “I AM INJURED!!” *lol*).

Melody was next. She headlocked DCook *lolz* That’s our story. He killed me and she took a revenge. XD

We picked up our VIP T-shirts, pick tins and photos. I hung around for a little bit to take pictures of other fangirls/fanboys. I didn’t know what’s with these guys but they started throwing more sharpies! Andy threw one and it landed a feet away from me, I grabbed it before Spokane could, and without thinking, threw it back AT Andy (bad manner, Sara, very bad!), it almost hit him in his crotch. *lolz forever* I silently apologized to Andy, and I believed he silently accepted it too. To my defense, I got one on my back not 5 minutes ago! I wanted to play too! xD

We left the venue to dump all stuff in my car and came back to the bar, it was 6pm already so we hung around for a bit before they opened the door and everybody ran for the best spots. It’s either we’re slow or other people were fast, Melody and I ended up about 3 rows back, stage right. Which wasn’t so bad under normal circumstances. BUT. I’m 5’4″ and the peeps in front of me happened to be at least 5’8″ to near 6′, and the first 2 rows got extra 2″ on raised cushion floor. As a result, my line of sight was blocked. *lol* #StoryOfAShortGirl

Oh another bummer note. I didn’t bring my superzoom camera with me since Showbox confiscated my Canon last time, I thought they wouldn’t like a BIG superzoom like my Fuji. WRONG. They didn’t even check my bag!! D: Well, let’s just say, I traded 30x for f/2.0 for the night and it worked out amazeballs! ♥

Anyway, 7pm. It’s showtime!

Carolina Liar took the stage and they’re amazing! We seal-clapped and sang along (the best we could). I tested my camera settings. My new 14x Canon P&S was pretty failed for me, so I opted for my Lumix instead.

Their 7-song setlist was very high energy. I love the stripdown version of Beautiful People so much.

Also, guitar dude was cute. *lol*

Up next, David Cook! ♥

After the crew came out to set up and test the equipments, the lights dimmed. Crowd went nutso! *screams*

Opening shot!

Circadian started off the night. And it’s the same feeling I had when I first heard this song on AOL stream. It’s a relief. After 2+ years, David Cook was back here in Seattle! Mayday! Mayday! IT’S GOING TO BE A CRAZY NIGHT! :D

Andy was on his piano at the beginning of the song. ♥ DCook sounded amazebomb as always! The band rocked it out so hard! I was busy singing along so hard too!

Also, I started to realize that stage lights were going to make photo ops hell. There was a few moments where everything on stage turned completely magenta. And dark on the side. *lol*

Moving on right away to Heroes! It’s one of the best sing along songs to get everyone pumped up! I caught Andy’s eye during this song, and he gave a small nod of approval for singing along hardcore! XD #YouReStillStanding~~~~~

Clearly heard Devin’s guitar for the first time. DCook made us clap along before intro to Mr. Sensitive kicked in!!

And the stage turned completely BLUE. *lolz* My white balance was extremely confused now! >__<”

I loved Mr. S so hard. It’s a song with a lot of actions! The guitar spanking will always be the death of me. I also found the way he snatched a new pick after tossing one to the crowd extremely hot for some reasons. XD

Introducing one of my top 3 shots of the night! ♥ ↓ #LuckyShotIsLucky~

DC finally decided to talk to the crowd: Seattle, how the hell are you? *lol*

He mentioned Carolina Liar and Gavin DeGraw, “and then there’s ME!” ← why so cute DCook? ♥

After the super brief banter, it’s time for Paper Heart! It’s my first time hearing full blown version of Paper Heart live and it blew me away. Oh my. *__*  #HotHotHotHotHot

I cannot even with this NECK PORN/SEX FACE (a bit bummed it’s slightly off-focus but really, who cares?! XD) *hands DCook a hole puncher* Punch me, punch me!

DC: how’s everybody in the restaurant? Hello. *waves*  Enjoy the fish or whatever the hell that is. But the party is here~ ← *lolz*

4 Letter Word was next. OMG this cheesy song was an awesome song to sing along! I LOVE IT. Awesome guitar at the end by Devin too!

Hi Andy~ ♥ #NeedMoreLightsOverHerePlease

Back to back cheesy songs! Come Back To Me already! *lol* Don’t get me wrong, I love this song! XD

Continued on to Right Here, With You! OMG it’s amazebomb! Especially the bridge where he hit that particular high note *flails*

DCook, I can never walk away with you here.. ♥

Hi again Andy :)

Hello Devin!! That’s the only clear shot I got since he stayed pretty much on stage left, I could hardly see him all night. #DarkObjectInDarkCorner BUT I heard his guitar sound and it’s brilliant!

And hi Kyle! I love his hair!

DCook kept on attacking us with Let Me Fall For You! Give me 5 seconds to catch my breath, DCook!! XD

Hello tongue~ ♥

I love love love LMFFY so much so much so much! DCook’s voice was beautiful. Andy’s and Kyle’s voices were beautiful. Perfect combo. Plus the band rocked it out amazebomb. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

(FACT: as an employee of an airplane building company, I cringed the first time I heard: let me fall like a plane out of the sky *lolz*)

Fav shot#2 of the night! And this could become my all time most favorite shot. ♥ So much love for this Avatar!DCook #SoBlue

Banter time! DCook thanked the fans. Then he noticed a sign on the other side of the room (I couldn’t see it)

DC: first of all, thank you for the sign but I feel very sorry for people behind you. *chuckles* ← ILU DCook XD

He walked over to stage right, and made us “make some damn noise” He said he feel like we’re at Gavin’s and his wedding and that side was Gavin’s side of the family. *lolz*

DC: idk it might be an appropriate analogy at the moment, right? ← I dare you to be cuter, DCook!

We then moved on to the first single of this album, The Last Goodbye!

Have you ever wanted to become a guitar neck? I have… #HotDamn.. *faints*

ps. I see you, tongue! XD

I also see you Monty! I have to say that Monty was pretty tough to capture on film (or memory card)! He moved ALL THE TIME. and HE DANCED. ILU Monty~ ♥

HELLO AGAIN TONGUE!!! Here goes my fav shot#3!  ♥

Up next was We Believe! Kyle was clapping while tapping on his foot drum in the back when Devin’s guitar kicked in. Fans seal-clapped along *thumbs up* We believe was amazing~ the bridge part got me everytime ♥ #London2012

And David Cook looked gorgeous in magenta. XD Seattle definitely made loud noises for him!

DC talked about how he really started listening to rock music when he was around 13, mentioned some band names from that period including Soundgarden *cheers*, talked about Seattle grunge music.

DC: I love coming here. I absolutely adore coming to Seattle. ← COME BACK ALREADY!!! ♥

Cover time! Nine Inch Nails’ The Hand That Feeds!

Oh. My. It was so friggin’ HOT. *melts into a puddle of goo* his voice. HIS VOICE. *thuds*

Without a pause, Bar-ba-sol started! DCook had us help him count this song off~


okay, let’s talk about this for a bit. Truth be told, BBS was a song I dreaded the most before this show. *lolz* I don’t know, like I said on a few posts back, I missed Neal. It’s going to be different, I knew it. Devin did a terrific job on stage, I like his guitar sounds on every song, except for BBS. *headdesks* And it’s not his fault. I appreciated him. BBS sounded great, the band did an excellent job as always. It’s just the fact that my brain couldn’t really let go of the other sound. The missing sound. I was perfectly fine from the beginning of the show, but when BBS started, there’s a sinking feeling in my gut that I couldn’t really explain. D:

PLUS. I MISSED GUITAR SEX. DCook playing guitar on stage right in front of me (under deep dark blue lighting, no less *lol*) was awesomely HOT, don’t get me wrong, but, unless he started licking his guitar, it’s still no guitar sex yo! *runs like hell*

I loved how he kept tuning his guitar while singing before the solo part. I can’t even. ♥

btw, I think he looked like a sculpture here ↓ The actual pix was deeeeeeeeeep blue *lol* I played around with layers for a while and got this instead :)

Mood swing! From BBS to Light On! Andy was back on the piano. Fans sang along really loud! Great job, Seattle! I LOVE THIS SONG!

one I can feel at night, a naked light, a fire to keep me warm ♥

Stage lights from hell was also in full force! ↓ I don’t even know how to properly fix it! XD

DCook thanked Seattle, said he took a lot of time on this record and he’s very thankful to be back on the road after 2 damn years *lol* He thanked everyone for coming out to support live music and Fade Into Me was the last song. GDG was up next!


It started off with just DC on his acoustic guitar. I finally understood The World I Know reference. It’s so effing beautiful. David sounded amazing. Fade Into Me was my favorite from my first listen so he simply killed me with this live version. Everything about this song killed me, especially his voice. HIS VOICE. *thuds* ♥

ps. I have to say that Melody’s multitasking skills were out of this world. She was shooting video on her camera, while twitvid-ed and tweeted it out from her phone during this song. I couln’t even tweet during the show. *lol*

After the song ended, DC tossed some picks, Kyle tossed his drumsticks. And they all left. The crew came back on stage and started moving stuff, setting up for GDG.

During the last verse (that the radio edit version cut off *lolz*)…

DC said: Seattle, you guys have been incredible, thank you so much! Gavin DeGraw is up next. I’m David Cook.


This 14-song set seemed to go by sooooooo fast. Right after the concert, I was like, did we even get 12 songs? Where’s REM?! *lol* It was an awesome concert, but a greedy fan was greedy, okay? XD #MoreMoreMore~

David Cook concert is incredible. It’s highly addictive.

Melody and I decided to go watch GDG show from the back because A: I needed to pee, and B: my feet and neck were killing me *lol* (← in fact, it’s a bad life decision. I should’ve stayed for at least a few songs. He put on a great show, very entertaining! Next time, GDG!)

It’s kind of a no-brainer to make our decision about $45 post show M&G. Melody and I were like, hello, we’re here, let’s do it! This is nothing compared to flying to Japan for a concert! XD

Let me tell you. It’s worth every single penny. Come on, guys, you get a t-shirt ($30 – overpriced, but it’s normal), a CD ($10 – which I have 20 copies already, should have got Gavin’s CD instead #dumb) and a poster ($10 – btw, I wish I had a shot at making this poster for them.. *lol*)

Top that with meeting David and Gavin together. ♥

Okay, the wait was a little long, I admitted, since we practically had to wait through GDG set, and waited some more in line. Location wasn’t the best, as Showbox peeps were moving their gears back in place. But whatever. It’s even better than the preshow M&G!

A staff came out and told us that we can have them sign ONE thing. And the staff (dubbed: Dude#1) would be taking pictures for us with our own camera. Sweet!

At that point, I was so exhausted I didn’t even have energy to freak out. *lol* When it’s Melody’s turn, I was waiting in line with a print of my very first DCook wallpaper. A guy (dubbed: Dude#2), his tour manager? idk, came to me and said he’d take pictures for me. I thanked him and gave him my camera. Then he saw my wallpaper.

Dude#2: where did you get this?
ME: (almost answered “from a printer”): oh, I made it
Dude#2: you made it? very nice
ME: thanks, I took this pic 2 years ago when he was here :)
Dude#2: that’s great, where are you from?
ME: (weird and unrelated question, eh?) umm. here?
Dude#2: no no, where’re you originally from?
ME: ooooohhh Thailand :D

Then it’s my turn. I didn’t even shake Dave’s hand *shakes head* #BadMannerSara! I just asked him to sign the wallpaper. I even handed him a silver sharpie because the one he had was black and wouldn’t show up well on my photo #WellPrepared *lol* And he was like:

DC: Where did you take this? (←he KNEW I took the picture myself! *beams*)
ME: Here. 2 years ago, when you came to Showbox (←ironically enough, I made this wallpaper the night he announced that LO went platinum!)
DC: that’s nice, you make nice stuff
ME: *flails to eternity* okay…. if I submit a resume and a portfolio, will you hire me? *beams*
DC: *laughs* Personally, I cannot hire anyone, but that guy right there (Dude#2) can take care of that if you give him your resume
DUDE#2: yeah, if you leave your contact info, absolutely
ME: *lolz* okay

While Dave was signing it, Dude#2 chimed in and asked about how I made the wallpaper. I told him I used photoshop and was about to start my nonstop PS talk but stopped myself *lol*

(FYI: I didn’t leave my contact info or anything. He knew where to find my stuff, I hope *lol*)

Once Dave signed my wallpaper, I gave him another copy and also a copy of my TLG wallpaper.

Gavin was interested in the DC wallpeper, like A LOT. *lol* I’m sooooooo sorry for ignoring you, Gavin. I swear I’ll do a better job next time!

What touched me the most was how Dave really paid attention to the wallpaper. He actually looked at each frame, like, taking time to look through it. Exactly the same way he looked at all the lyrics on my DAVID wallpaper at Pet-A-Palooza. For someone who makes graphics of someone you truly admire, that’s the best thing you could’ve wished for. :)  I love him so much I can’t even. ♥

DC: You know, I lost this newspaper! (the “David Cook Feared Drowned” from the MV)
ME: Oh no D:
DC: But my brother just found it last week
ME: Oh *phew* that’s nice! (so little brother has been cleaning the house…)

He asked if he could keep the photo mailer envelope. I was like, definitely, all yours! (I had my own! *lol*)

Anyway, it’s picture time. Gavin asked me: What’s your name, sweetheart? and I think I might fall in love. He’s soooooooo sweet and gentle. Again, I’m so sorry for ignoring you!! *headdesks*

GAVIN: What kind of camera you used (to take Dave’s picture 2 years ago)? (← he seems really really interested in that photo!)
ME:. *couldn’t remember at that moment* it’s a basic point-and-shoot camera  (←in fact, it’s Fuji F31FD, my dearest baby, I brought my big Canon to Showbox and they confiscated it, so I had to use my baby that night)
GAVIN: Is it that one? (the one Dude#1 was holding readily to take our picture)
ME: oh no no, it’s way older than that *lol*

So we took a picture. No flash because I intentionally turned it off. Dave was like “take another one, with flash”. Dude#1 was like “okay, but still no flash okay?” XD (I’m sorry, dude)

Then it’s time to say goodbye, I asked Dave for a hug and he was like “get in here”

Oh. My. Heart. Best. Hug. Ever. ♥

He literally squeeeeeeezed me really tight and for a second my feet were not touching the floor. (short, remember? *lolz*)

Anyway. Look at his face.

LOOK. AT. HIS. FACE. *thuds* #FallForeverWithNoEndInSight

Huge thanks to Dude#1 for capturing this moment! :D

I told Dave one more thing, and he told me one more info. Then it’s time to go. I thanked both of Dave and Gavin and left.

Then I realized I’m a failed whale for not specifically thanking him for making amazing music that he believes in, music that touches me. *headdesks* I also forgot to ask him my burning question. *lolz*

DAVID COOK!!! Thank you so much for this incredible day to remember. I appreciate every single moment. Thank you so much for being so kind and warm and nice and funny and awesome. Thank you so much for being you. :)

This is not the last time, DCook! ♥

We left Showbox, drove home. Melody kept asking me if I was okay to drive as I was about to fall face first while waiting in line. I was like YES. HIGH AND ALERT. NO WORRIES! *lol*

We got home around midnight, Mel had to pack for her 7am flight. I started digging through all stuff I got/bought/whatever while downloading photos to my computer (which took FOREVER).  Finally showered and went to bed around 1:30am.


ps1. David Cook murders me forever. I can’t even with him. ♥

ps2. Gavin DeGraw is such a sweet person. ♥

ps3. I need to know who came up with these light settings from hell. If I ever said anything nice about the new lights from YT clips, I obviously lied. I had to constantly change white balance and other settings during the show, trying to compensate for these lights (← but pretty much faliled though *lol*)

ps4. On a side note, overly red is an easy fix on photoshop, but I can’t figure out overly blue and magenta without spending a lot of time tweaking layers D:

ps5. Big thanks to Todd Owyoung for some concert photography tips, and to my boss for encouraging me to shoot in raw, even though it took forever to transfer from a memory card to my iMac *lol* My photos turned out much better than I expected. #HappyDance The other tough part, besides messing with settings during the show, was trying to find a camera angle to avoid heads of people in front of me. *lol* I told Mel next time I should bring a stepping stool. XD

ps6. A conversation with my boss a week ago, after I showed him VIP photos from the first few shows..

BOSS: these are quite boring
ME: well..
BOSS: you should do something different
ME: I’m racking my brain already!
BOSS: *gives me a bunch of suggestions that I can’t even list here*
ME: omg you’re crazy
BOSS: you know, I want you to tell David Cook..
ME: huh?!
BOSS: wait, I want you to tell him, that if your photo comes out like a police lineup, you’re not allowed back in the office
ME: WHAT?! o_O”
BOSS: yeah, it’s the deal, tell him I let you take a day off during our busy time, you have to deliver
ME: oh my x_X”

*lol* I love my boss.

ps7. I got that bloody butcher knife when I went to pick up some party supplies for my friend’s daughter’s birthday, a couple days before the show. When I saw it, I was like, OMG PERFECT *lol*

ps8.  I showed some photos to my coworkers yesterday…
COWORKER: wow, his leather jacket was tight~
ME: yeah rockers love tight stuff, you should’ve seen him ripped his pants during his first show XD

ps9. I’ve lost 6 lbs since the beginning of October and I believe it’s due to concert stress. My friend said I was still in shock from going to Uproar by myself *lolz*

ps10. Melody. ILU. Move to Seattle already. ♥

ps11. Me and my ridic PSs. If you’re still reading to this point, thank you, I hope you enjoy this crazy recap! If you consider leaving a message and flailing with me, thanks in advance for making me happy! Or you can totally continue to be a blog creeper and I’ll forever know you by your IP address. No biggie~ *lol*


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    I love everything about this. DC is awesome, but you and MLee are awesomer. So excited for next Saturday!

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    You can’t just dare me to be a creeper and expect me not to take you up on it ;p

    Sara. THIS ENTIRE ENTRY IS >>>>>> MY LIFE!!!

    Your pictures and then the pictures of you with everyone and your story of the night and just everything! Practically perfect in every way!

    I’m so freaking scared to meet him. I will continue my creeper tradition and just hide in a corner while you guys get your pics. Yes, this is a good plan.

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this. You are so so so talented <33333

    • naughtiest says:

      dearest Creeeeeper~
      LOLZ you cracked me up. Thank you! ♥

      I’m glad you enjoyed this long ass post XD

      And you will be awesome at the M&G, I’ll drag you out of a corner, we’ll be creepers in front of him. ;)

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    Awesome experience! :)

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    Best ever. Ahhh I love the picture of you with DCook and Gavin. So sweet! <3

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    I enjoyed your recap so much… And the pictures too… Can I grab an image of your LO wallpaper? Thanks for a very nice read…

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    I love your “David Cook Murders Me” blog and this might just be the best recap ever! Also your pics are awesome.

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      Thank you! I think it’s the craziest blog ever. *lolz* Also, I was lucky these photos turned out way better than I thought! :)

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    SO EXCITING!!! All of your details are lovely – I cannot believe you remembered all of it, holy smokes.

    Thank you so much for sharing!!

    ONE. WEEK.

    I cannot wait.

    • naughtiest says:

      It was so crazy I don’t know how I remembered it either *lolz*

      Thank you so much.

      SEVEN. MORE. DAYS. ♥

  9. Lynne says:

    OMG!!! Sara, I’m speechless!!! Almost : ) – Now, I hope that you finally believe me when I tell you just how talented you are! Your photos are prefection . . . you are a true artist! Not to mention your graphic art and writing skills . . . YOU, my dear, are a very, very, VERY AMAZING ARTIST!!! Thank you so much for sharing your “Dave” tales, adventures and encounters with all of us! I still in a ***COMA*** from another “Greatest Show Ever” last night! And had a total sound fail on all of my vids from last night : ( #neednewcamera But, third row center, with nobody sitting in the two seats in front of me, made for a pretty spectacular view! Gotta go visit my Rodan’s in San Fran, then head for the airport! Do I really get
    to do this all over again on Monday night??? Don’t know if my feet will even be on the ground again by then! ~L

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you so much, you’re making me blush! XD

      And I’m sorry about sound fail on your vids, what kind of camera you’re looking at for a replacement? I bought a new camera almost every time I went to his concert, it’s a little nuts. Anyway, OMG 3 row center with no one blocking your view?! I might actually DIE *lol*

      Have fun in SF and have a safe trip! Most of all, enjoy Monday!!!

      ps. I need details on last night! pleaseeeee~ :D

      • Lynne says:

        Just got home a couple of hours ago. Canned my Rodan adventure and traded it for photo ops in an absoutely sparkling San Francisco day! I don’t even know where to begin with last night . . . the concert was totally saturating, freaking phenomenal, Stunning!!! Did you see our set list? Sixteen songs of total perfection with a perfect view! I woke up this morning and thought that I was at home and that I had just had the best dream . . . ever! Then just smiled when I realized that the “Dream” had been ***REAL***! I’ll go into other concert detatils later, but one tale can’t wait. . . There are certainly wonderful benefits of sitting in the third row center with an unobstructed view of a stage that is at eye level. But, when that rare event happens, one forgets that the view works two ways! Two thirds of the way through the concert . . . Oh, maybe close to three an a half hours into the music filled evening, I sat down for a moment to check something on my camera . . . when to my horror, i hear David commenting on the fact that *Some* in the audience had decided to “SIT DOWN” and how that was just not OK! I looked up and he was looking directly at me!!! Now, I do know that it wasn’t said just to me . . . BUT, I was one of the guilty ones and got called out! YIKES!!! In hind sight it was really pretty hilarious! That’s it for tonight, Sara . . . I’m off to la la land . . . still smiling!

        • Lynne says:

          P.S. Since there is no “Edit” button . . . I do know that I can’t spell. Guess I should edit before I Post. Sorry! : ( ~L

        • naughtiest says:

          of course, I saw you 16-song setlist! and OMG Lynne, that’s awesome, DC totally picked you out~ *lolz* did you jump right back onto your feet? No more sitting down at future shows, I believe? XD That’s a perfect one to remember I love it! So glad you had an incredible time and will be doing this again on Monday

          (your schedule is fairly crazy, it took me 3 days to recover, last night I was shooting for a power nap and ended up sleeping for 12 hours! XD)

          • Lynne says:

            I got home by ten last night, but didn’t go to bed until 5:00am . . . Yikes! Am I really going to do this again on Monday annnnnnd Wednesday next week? YIKES, again! And , Yes, I did stand up again – IMMEDIATELY!!! But, was siliently saying to Dave . . . “Can’t you see I working here?!!!” Sara, *** I know that you “Get it”! *** : ) Later ~L

          • naughtiest says:

            what were you doing up until 5am?! *lol* SLEEP MORE. You’ll need it next week!! xD

            haha! Yup! totally get what you mean!

            Enjoy your weekend! :)

  10. Robin says:

    Oh girl you are going to get me fired! I’ve been waiting for your recap and can’t stop reading every word. I don’t know how you remember all these details when you’re under the DAVE trance.

    So happy you did the after party thing….and jeez the feedback you got for all your photos and graphic – can’t beat that ever!!!!!!

    Love my pictures but love yours so much more – can you send me a few I can print for my show album? Your top 3 would be perfect.

    I will be awaiting your recaps from TX – I might have to jump on another plane soon – ADDICTED


    • naughtiest says:

      PLEASE DO NOT GET FIRED!! We still need a job to pay for concert tickets! XD

      I guess meeting DC is a perfect brain exercise against Alzheimer for me! *lol*

      I wish I had a better spot that night, it’d be nice not having to avoid sea of heads in front of me as I had to crop them off in some pix *lol* I will email you those 3 when I get home. :)

      Where is the next destination you have in mind? I love being an addict! ♥

  11. Laura says:

    Awesome story. The whole thing is fanrastic. Thanks for sharing. GREAT pics of David Cook. :)

  12. fullyCOOked says:

    Reading this was like the next best thing to being there, minus the scents, sounds & how the worlds best hug felt *jealous*. Good job. Really enjoyed it.

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy this ride with me. Oh, and he doesn’t smell, btw, so you didn’t miss that! ;) *lolz*

  13. Miz S.W.Q says:

    wow! this could be the best recap i’ve ever read. very detailed! awesome! thank you for sharing your experiences in meeting DC & band! u really got great graphics skills! love love love them!!!! wish he would come over to my country :( and because of this amazing recap, i love u! hahaha :DDD

    • naughtiest says:

      Miz S.W.Q~
      aww Thank you so much! ILU too~ :D I hope he’ll get to tour outside the US more too to expand his market. SE Asia countries need to shower DCook with more love! ♥

  14. Itsmyt1me says:

    Thanks for the fabulous recap. I feel like I was right there with you. ;)

  15. Karen says:

    I LOVED reading your blog! Awesome pictures and you go into such great detail. It really felt like I was right there at the Showbox with you. That is what good writing is all about.

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you so much! Actually, sometimes I’m afraid I write too much but I love coming back to read about my crazy day, so here goes, a super long ass blog *lol*

  16. ewolf.girl says:

    LOVED reading your blog! Your group pic of David-the-skeleton with the bloody knife made me laugh-out-loud at work! (oops sorry boss! Well, like your boss, mine knows of my not-so-secret obsession, hah!) A friend of mine was recently telling me that her 6th grade granddaughter said these crazy hoodies (that you zip over your face to form a character) are becoming all the rage. Oh that Dave…trend-boy! He should’ve worn it all night on stage, haha!
    Sounds like it was an awesome night of memories for you! I’m going to see him 11/5 and 11/18…can’t wait!!

    PS. I’m also a designer and wanted to compliment you on your blog banner. Love the blue image and your choice of type! Awesome that they guys admired your work. You go girl!!

    • naughtiest says:

      OMG thank you so much! :D I always have a hard time choosing fonts on everything I make, so your comment made my day! ♥

      Have fun on 11/5 & 11/18!

      (ps. I love understanding boss! *lol*)

  17. pattieann says:

    Your recaps are always the best and your photos are all amazing. Thanks for making an entertaining blog :)

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