LOLZ I just saw the VIP photos from M&G yesterday and I totally have to make this post. Full recap will come when I’m more awake. *lol*

I’m gonna skip the soundcheck and go straight to the M&G portion of my day because I cannot even with myself right now xD

*fades in*

We were at the stage right for soundcheck, so when we went to line up for M&G, we’re almost towards the end of the line. While waiting in line, I got so nervous my hands were freezing. Big thanks to DCook #1 Fanboy for trying to calm me down! XD Melody kept telling me that it’s just a regular day, this is a rehearsal. While I kept telling her that no, it’s not. IT’S FAR FROM ORDINARY. *lol*

When my turn came, I walked in for a series of handshakes…

ME: Hi Andy! When can we get MWK EP?!
ANDY: *laughs* soon, very soon
ME: Monty, I’d love to go golfing with you!
MONTY: *smiles & shakes head* XD
ME: *grabs his hand* I will come back to you
DC: *smiles* oh, you’ll come back to me?
ME: YES! (*lol*  I didn’t even realize the CBTM cliché until he said it back to me XD)
ME: I’m excited to see you play tonight!
DEVIN: *smiles* (lolz he’s so awkwardly adorb!)
ME: Kyle, your baby girl is soooooo adorable!
KYLE: *beams*

Now, I went back to Dave and asked for a big hug. He gave the best hug ever. *not biased at all* XD

Then, Dave made a space between himself and Devin and raised his arm up, ready for me to go fit myself there.

However, I had another plan *lol*

ME: nope
DC: *looks confused* hmm?
ME: okay, this is going to be a little crazy. I have a blog called “David Cook Murders Me!!!” so I think this is appropriate… *pulls out a giant bloody plastic hatchet*
DC: *looks panic for a second* oh! ← the look on his face was so precious!!

So he grabbed the knife and posed with it for, like, 3 seconds before he went:

DC: OMG I have a perfect outfit for this! *starts pulling his hood up* ← I cannot even with him XD
ME: *LOLZ FOREVER* oh my gosh haha! XD

And that’s how I got this photo. ♥

I asked him to sign the hatchet (and because I’m silly like that, I’ll probably hang it up my wall). Dave gave me another huge hug before I thanked him and left the scene (and got a sharpie thrown at my back by an unknown staff! *lol*)….

*fades out*

That was the craziest encounter ever. I don’t even know how I’m going to top it at the next concert. Any ideas? *lol*





  1. chinagrr; says:

    i am SO jealous.

    and you are my hero for bringing a bloody hatchet to the theater. ^_^
    that picture is awesome.

    • naughtiest says:

      thank you so much! it was pretty crazy and I’m so glad they didn’t search my bag before we got in *lolz*

  2. chinagrrl says:

    (ugh… i couldn’t even spell my name right.)

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