Wow, I couldn’t believe it’s October already!

I just want to talk a bit about our project and a couple of shots I really like but didn’t really represent where I live! LOL

I remember before I posted about this project on 9/4, I told Kiwi that it’d be a success if we got 15+ entries in.

Number of entries we received by our first deadline: 40


My afterthoughts and photos behind cut!


*beams* I couldn’t believe we’d get this many responses. Some of the fan, I’d never seen their names before. And some, I can now match their IPs with names when I see them on my stat page. LOL

I’m glad people do like the simplicity of the project page. Thank goodness for my limited coding skill so I couldn’t add more! LOL Basic is the best!!

One thing I did learn for sure, I cannot work in Public sectors as I’d definitely kill someone before the end of my first day at work. LOL It was pretty stressful, trying to put everything together in a week while trying to please everyone.

I know a bunch of us were on the edge of our seats because of time issue, but sending follow-up emails or poking my blog right (or just a few hours) after sending us a photo wasn’t gonna help. It actually slowed us down since we had to check and reply to messages, instead of working on gallery/photoshop/website. Besides timezone difference, Kiwi and I actually have responsibilities in real life too.

Speaking of photoshop, I ended up cropping each thumbnail manually. Then when I arranged them, they didn’t look nice together, so I had to also stripped of the colors. Time consuming, but definitely made the index page looks nicer. YAY!

Quite a few of you sent me multiple photos to pick. I have to apologize but I refused to do so. LOL Being a bum, I believe each photo means differently to each person, so I didn’t want to pick and choose something to my likings. Plus, it’s supposed to be a present to T&T, so it’s better for everyone to personally pick a shot themselves, right? ^^

As for that unpleasant incident, I still insist on the keyword: RESPECT. Anyway, let’s just say that Kiwi and I found a few things that made us a little satisfied already. *snickers*

Unfortunately, we had to disqualify a few entries. I know the single rule we had wasn’t really cover every aspect, as we thought it’s pretty much a common sense. We didn’t want to put down 894, 283 rules to freak all fans out, but headless body is a bit too much..

Lastly, I could not, and will never ever, allow ‘one-T-only’ photo/message on TAKITSUBA ANNIVERSARY project. Duh. Speaking of inappropriateness. This project is not a venue for only-love. If anyone wants to send that kind of messages, go do it elsewhere. :(

All in all, this project drove me nuts (in a good productive way LOL). I did actually enjoy this craziness a lot.

Thank you everyone!

Now, my unused photos. LOL


The very first shot I took after I attached chopsticks to the logo, a hydrangea bush from my front yard ^^ It’s the first thing I thought of for a sample shot.

Super bad lighting as it was late in the evening already. Too bad the pink bush was pretty much gone by September.. maybe next year!

Takitsuba Love Saves The Earth

24hr TV bear is actually my most favorite one. It’s super cute that’s why I used it as a sample shot! LOL

I had a lot of fun fitting my clothes on this extra large beanie bear. In fact, I just found my shorts I’ve been looking for! xDD

I should find another bear this size so I can fit it with the matching orange t-shirt to make a pair! hee..heee… Wouldn’t it be nice if I can bring this bear to T&T concert with me? LOL

Obsessed 24/7

LOL It must be very inappropriate to send T&T a picture of my .. rear view! XD

My company had a big Finance employee appreciation event which was held at Safeco Field, yup, home of the Seattle Mariners.. yup, baseball xD I told my boss prior to going there that I was going to do something very embarassing and then explained how the project worked. He laughed but was very supportive at the stadium. Among 500 other employees and 20,000+ fans, he told me to bring out the sign and even held it for me sometimes too! xD

This shot, I told my other coworker he had two choices, either taking this shot for me, or holding the stick for me. He just pressed the shutter as fast as he could and threw the camera back at me, saying it’s so embarrassing. oh well xD


I love fall colors and I love taking shots against the sun.

This photo has no real object but I just love it for some reasons. Maybe the way macro worked in this one that gave this photo a nice depth.

It was a nice warm day.. that’s now gone from Seattle area.. typical rain is coming back T__T

Takitsuba is home

Back to Safeco Field! Takitsuba is my home base!! XD

I couldn’t really see my camera display when I took this shot as it was very bright and I had to hold the stick and my camera in a weird angle to make it look parallel with the field … not to mention that I was in front of a whole bunch of coworkers who started shouting at me LOL Crazy!

And the Mariners won the game that afternoon! (Yes! A strange incident for this miserable season!)


I went to Puyallup Fair (the largest fair in northwest) with my friend.. and with this stick XD

There were so many cute animals at the fair. I swear there was one crazy bunny that I tried to take its photo but totally couldn’t. So I ended up with this calm one instead LOL

And by taking picture, I actually poked the stick inside its cage first, then poked my camera lens passed the cage, and snapped! Again, very weird pose, my friend was just laughing at my insanity!

That’s about it for now. If you have extra photos you want to share, feel free to post it here!

See you again for 7th Heaven project next year! XD


17 Responses to anniversary project revisited

  1. carol says:

    Thanks again naughtiest, kiwi, and wribbit for the fantastic job you’ve done for us, this IS a wonderful wonderful project, I enjoyed sneaking photos here and there on campus. I took a couple of more pictures too, and picked out the most meaningful ( I think) one eventually.

    The unused pictures of yours are all lovely, I especially like the fall color one, feel so warm in my heart.

    I now visit the site from time to time, just to feel the joy and all, makes me feel so happy^^.

    Until next project and have a great weekend!!

  2. naughtiest says:

    Thank you so much for being a part of this year project! If you have any extra photos to share, please feel free to post it here if you’d like. I love looking at photos~ :)

    I have a bunch more extra photos as I carry this stick with me everywhere, crazy indeed. My friend went from embarrassing to feeling nothing when seeing me pulling out this stick already LOL

    Happy Friday to you too!

  3. loonykat says:

    thanks for sharing these! n thanks for the hard work u, wribbit n kiwi put up, greatly appreciate it.. =)
    i love the stadium pic the most.. since u r really crazy enough to hold it so long to take a good shot infront of all those pp, i hv to appreciate ur daringness rite.. lol..
    it’s bring back memories when mich n I went photo taking n went snapping away with those tourists.. XDD n when we stick out our sticks.. XDD
    “It was pretty stressful, trying to put everything together in a week while trying to please everyone.” I totally agreed with u, to please everyone is a pretty tough job n sure as hell, there’s so many question u hv to entertain us.. XDD me myself alr sent in quite a couple of emails alr.. baka
    But all in all, you guys really did a gr8 job on this, honto ni arigatou! n i really look forward to the 7th yr wan!

  4. leelin says:

    hi naughtiest, thanks to kiwi and you for the hardwork put in, really appreciate it especially as both of you have so little time to work on the project, honto ni arigato.

  5. kiwi says:

    thanks everyone for your entries too… it was fun receiving each new photo^^ Now I can’t wait for 7th anniv.

    and sara I LOVE the baseball pic!! The angle of it is so strange. It looks as if the sign is really part of the field. Won’t 283 be thrilled!
    I must say though, the photo of your rear takes the cake :P

  6. leaping lucas says:

    Great to see your “revisited” photos. Yeah, we had lots of silly extras too (not sure the world wants to see them though, LOL). Although I did have a photoshoot idea where I recast the whole of World’s Wing Premium with Australian Birdlife.

    Headless bodies??? Ack! Just what T&T need to see on their anniversary — a bunch of headless fans. “NIght of the Living Dead”. It must have been funny to see all those birthday torsos.

    And “ONLY” pics? “Omedetou to Tackey… and the other guy.” Oh my.

    I remember organising a fannish “Hamper” once, over in the US, where we gathered little gifts and specialty foods and things from all over the world and made a giant hamper and gave it to the cast. It was an amazing collection of stuff. But several of us spent the whole of the previous day pulling stickers off everything, because many people had decided to put their names, addresses, phone numbers and email addys all over the gifts. And I was trying to say, “It’s all about the gift of GIVING. You shouldn’t be giving with the expectation of getting a reply. Giving the gift should be your reward.” I know many people were disappointed that we sent a gift with no specific personal details, just “your fans from around the world”. But to me, that was more in the spirit of giving.

    I can only imagine all the extra work behind the scenes you guys did responding to everyone via email and trying to get the project, the photoshopping and coding complete all in so little time. 40 entries must mean at least 80 emails — and probably more.

    I loved seeing everyone’s photos, but the way you put it all together just put the icing on the anniversary cake. So excited to see you still in the mood for Anniversary Number 7!!!! It’ll probably come around quicker than we think.

  7. lovespiral says:

    And some, I can now match their IPs with names when I see them on my stat page. LOL
    hahaha^^ stalking the stalkers :000

    I did notice how there were no -only msgs! I thought it was bc fandom was overflowing with unit love, but hrm I guess that wasn’t the case -__-;;;

  8. love says:

    thanks again naughtiest, kiwi and wribbit for all your hard works and efforts in making this beautiful project a SUCCESS!

    this is such a meaningful project for all of us, T&T fans. you guys deserve more than thank you here.

    btw, i like your pic at the stadium… it’s full of audiences ne~

  9. naughtiest says:

    ROFL obsession kicked shyness away sometimes. My co-workers are still teasing me about the stick xD
    Thanks so much for participating too! :)

    We accomplished this with help from everyone ne~ so thank you too! ^^

    ILU! ♥
    Should I make this baseball pic a postcard and send it to 283? He might want to come to Seattle next time he can sneak outside Japan LOL If the sign was a bit smaller, it’d fit perfectly with the home base~

    leaping lucas~
    LOL why did you think that it’s a Tackey fan? In fact, the message was direct toward Imai-san, and didn’t even mention about the other guy.
    I think some people are a bit confused when it comes to the concept of gift giving vs gift exchange? ^^”

    ROFL [hahaha^^ stalking the stalkers :000] ←– exactly! XDD
    well, there weren’t a lot, but let just say -only messages annoyed the hell out of me -“-

    Safeco Field used to be fully packed (~45,000) almost every day on the Mariners good seasons. Too bad, it wasn’t this year T__T

  10. leaping lucas says:

    Naughtiest, no real reason. I was just using an example. I saw someone the other day say they thought of T&T as “Tackey, and the other guy”, so I guess that was the example freshest in my mind. But go Tsubasa, if he’s got some “onlies” too. As long as it’s not like Kinkis fandom, where there are apparently some people who think Tsuyo is bringing down Koichi, or that all that kissing at their concert was hurting his career. LOL, probably HELPING their career more like it. The power of the gay is strong, young padawan.

    Fortunately, T&T seems to be a fandom where even unit fans seem to support the other member of the unit, even if they do have their faves. And let’s face it, T&T do have a LOT of high profile solo activities. Personally, I think with T&T you get to have the best of all worlds, as they compliment each other so well. This year I’ve managed to see the Best Tour, Enbujou and World’s Wing so I feel very fortunate that we fans get the unbridled joy of a unit concert and all that familiar music, a breathtaking historical musical with fabulous costumes and spectacular kabuki and then an edgy, goth-rock musical and dance show. How many other fans can enjoy such a variety of top quality entertainment?

  11. Sakuranbo says:

    Thankz again to you and your partners of this project…^^
    I’m so happy that you made this project and let me participate in the project….so happy because this is my first time to do this kind of project…^^

    I’m wondering when all of us *T&T fans* will do this kind of project again….^^

    Thankz again for your hard work…^^

    Owh…i wanna ask something…don’t be angry with me ya….^^
    Will we have this kind of project for Tsubasa’s birthday?

  12. aKina says:

    ne~ i really love the fall color one!!! (there’s no Fall season in my country) ne naze it’s so beautiful?? ^__^ is it bcoz of you who took those photos ne?

    many many THANKS to naughtiest wribbit n kiwi san~ (it’s the 1st time i see her comment here =0)

    @naughtiest : bhuu sorry to make a fuse at the 1st time, hhe.. but u still let me to join in this project., やさしい~な^。^. after u warned me that my mssg was inappropriate, i feel kinda “NOOOO i made a big mistake” i don’t have a time to think more *stress*… gomen deshita. honto ni gomen. arigatou
    & pliz don’t get me wrong. i DO really love takitsuba as i love them in the 1st time^^.. to tell the truth i love they show up as a unit than as Takki or tsuba =(, hmm..sumthin’ “missing” if they don’t sing 2gether, un like that.. ne?

    oioi sakuranbo san!.. hihihi.. how about to ask tsubaholic san?? hhe *gomen gomen tsubaholic!*

    once again…. thank youuu~ (> 3<)

  13. glenda says:

    Thanks again ladies for thinking up this project & taking it on. Ya’ll did a terrific job of pulling it all together & making a beautiful presentation for Takki & Tsubasa.

    Naughtiest, all of your ‘extras’ are good but then again I’ve never seen any of your photos that were bad. If you ever think of changing professions…

    I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s photos. I think it would be great to do it every anniversary ^^

  14. ghanima8 says:

    well, thanks for organizing this project. i’m glad to be a part of this fandom, and it feels good to be a part of the group.

    personally, i’m amazed of the pictures sent by fans. i’m looking forward to the next project.

  15. Sakuranbo says:

    what do u mean by asking to tsubaholic?
    for tsuba project..
    i wondering who is she..
    it seems like i ever heard her name..but i forget since i have knew a lot of T&T fans here..>.<
    bisa kenalin k gw lagi ga?
    introduce her to me again.. onegaiii..

  16. naughtiest says:

    nope, there won’t be a birthday project, at least, not from Kiwi and me
    if anyone wants to take that on, please feel free, we’ll try to participate, if possible ^^;
    btw, Tsubaholic is the one who runs 2nd Face site

    in fact, I do think about changing profession, but I was afraid that before I could make enough $$ to survive, I would run out of $$ to support T&T! LOL I’m not that good yo!

  17. Sakuranbo says:

    I see…
    Maybe I should ask someone else since i’m not good at it…XD

    2nd Face’s admin?
    I know that site but i never chat with the owner…i should try to chat with her….^^
    Thankz for the info ne,naughtiest-chan….^^

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