I’m soooooooo glad I decided to go to Rockstar Uproar Festival today! It was showering all morning and I was debating myself but decided to go anyway. #YayMe!

Going to a concert alone is boring. However, going to the Rockstar Uproar Festival by myself is TERRIFYING!!!  >__<” I felt absolutely out of place. *lolz*

I bought tickets for this event when they had a pre-sale back in August. Got really good seats in 100-level. Then, I found out that Hell or Highwater will be playing at Best Buy Stage, not the main stage for only 20-ish minutes. Basically, I didn’t really need good seats for that. Come on, everyone knew I only wanted to go see Neal, I wasn’t going to stay for the whole thing. XD

Then David Cook #TourTime happened. I simply sold my 2 tickets on Craigslist and made enough money to buy 3 DCook’s VIP packages *lolz* #Priorities~

BUT. I still wanted to see HoH! Luckily, I had a Live Nation voucher on my Groupon account, so I went ahead and got the cheapest ticket instead. Yippy~

Anyway, to sum it up, I got ticket. I went there by myself. I was terrified. I friggin’ enjoyed Hell or Highwater set. They’re awesome!

Oh, I also took some pictures~ Neal’s hair made it almost impossible to get a clean action shot. Keep in mind, blurry is a kind of arts…*lol*





They’re selling CDs after their set at HoH booth. Call me dumbass for leaving my house without my wallet. NO CASH. CANNOT BUY ANYTHING. WHAT A SHAME?!!!!! T___T

Anyway, I caught Neal’s eyes while he’s signing and waved at him. He waved back. I flailed. *lol*

I waited around until the long line was gone and went to talk to Neal. CUE IN AN AWKWARD CONVO.  XD

me: HI NEAL! *high pitch*
NT: Hey *gives me a hug, he’s behind a table, and I’m short, it’s hilario~*
me: you guys are awesome
NT: thanks for coming out!

A few more people came to buy CDs, he’s signing….

me: question.. I saw it on your website, you’ll be touring with another band later this year?
NT: yeah, after this one, we’ll be off for about 3 weeks, then go on tour with a band from NY. I haven’t heard them yet, hopefully they’re good
me: *lolz* oh, you guys are probably better…
NT: *laughs*
me: what about MWK? When can we expect a release?
NT:  the EP is done, but waiting for artwork from a friend in Austin who we cannot get a hold of right now.
me: OIC
NT: Andy told me to draw by myself
me: *FLAILS* OMG that’d be awesome!
NT: I haven’t done it in a long time but as soon as we have a stop, I’m gonna go get some supplies from Walmart and start working on it
NT: if my art/drawing is still worth some shit (I THINK HE SAID THAT BUT DO NOT QUOTE ME)
me: come on, you’d be awesome. your handwriting is cuter than mine XD
NT: I want it out, like yesterday. The plan was to release it around the end of August (dang it, good friend in Austin, whoever you are, you made us all wait!!)
me: I cannot wait. I really love “The Captain, His Ship”, it’s awesome~
NT: thanks :)


I can’t remember what we talked about, but NT was talking about how he loved touring with HoH, had a lot of fun, great guys, blah blah, and HE JUST LOVED TO BE ON TOUR.

me (again): oh, will you be back to touring with Dave at all? (well, I just had to ask, okay?!)
NT: absolutely, if we have a break and Dave wants to have me back. I love to play with the guys

confession: my heart kinda sinks a little bit there :( it’s like HoH is his 1st priority and I wails internally for the Anthemic.. D:


A few more people came, he’s back to signing, I began to feel awkward just standing there, so…

me: I gotta go, thanks for today, you guys are awesome!
NT: thanks for coming out.
me: *cheesy smile* CAN I GET A BIG HUG?
NT: sure! *walks out of their booth and gibes me a BIG HUG*
me: *thuds* thank you Neal, be safe! XD
NT: *cracks up*
me: *walks away, waving at him like a lunatic*

SO. Apparently, I am capable of having a conversation with Neal Tiemann without freaking out *throws confetti*
(but not with David Cook, dang it) XD

and Neal. All smiling. I cannot even. ♥

I walked around for a little bit before I left the festival because I was there for just one band anyway *lol*

That’s how my first day of October went.

It’s going to be a crazily amazing month. I’m sure~



17 Responses to I met @nealfingtiemann at White River Amphitheatre!

  1. Melody says:




    Even better than that time we graduated from Stalker College. LOL. (I got your card! TY!)

    I love your pics. I wish I could have been there with you! We could have been out of place together~~~!

    • naughtiest says:

      ROFL Stalker College is one of my Top 10 most fav fangirling moments! XD

      If you were here, we would be completely freaking out together. Soooo many weird people doing weird/silly stuff and I didn’t dare snickering because I was afraid they’d turn around and punch me, then yell some 4 letter words that’s not LOVE at my fallen body. *lol*

  2. Lynne says:

    Hi Sara!

    Thanks for the great pix of Neal . . . I’m going to miss him on David’s next tour! He is a really, really nice guy, and so talented! I’m glad that you got another chance to talk with him today. Wasn’t Las Vegas the last time? Speaking of LV . . . You did just fine when you were talking with David! Remember, I observed that whole exchange : ) . It’s hard to believe that it’s Oct. already. I read on twitter that you are going to see the Seattle show. Are you coming to California the end of the month for any more of DC’s concerts? It would be nice to finally meet you! ~L

    P.S. I love reading about your adventures!

    • naughtiest says:

      Hi Lynne!!

      Thank you! Yup, you’re right Las Vegas was the last time I talked to Neal because I was losing my sanity after talking to DC in Seattle back in May when Neal and Dave were here so I didn’t go talk to Neal D: (*lol* and I was embarrassingly freaking out in LV it’s not normal!! xD)

      awww I really want to meet you too! I wanted to go to CA for the tour but timing didn’t work out with work, so I’ll be heading to Texas at the end of the month instead :D I’ll be on a lookout for your vids from California! :)

      • Lynne says:

        Oh, now I remember! You got to go to one of those Radio Station Promo’s in May. My “Short Term” memory . . . really short . . . kinda of sucks! HA! I did read about that, too. btw . . . I do know that it is a possibility that Neal may still play w/David in the future. People that know Neal say that he is really, really happy right now, so I guess that it may depend on the success of H0H and conflicting schedules. I’m sure that sometime in the future, some lucky audience will get a “Surprise” visit, when Neal sits in. God knows that Dave’s music is part of his being! Sorry that I won’t meet you this time around, but I’ll look forward to your pictures and recap from Houston. You always seem to have such great adventures! Till then . . . ~L

        • naughtiest says:

          I agree. I think he’ll somehow return to the Anthemic in the future *crosses fingers* I simply love the chemistry they have on stage together. ♥

          Thanks for always commenting on my blog~ it’s fun talking to fellow fangirls on a regular basis.

          Enjoy the show in CA! :)

    • Emeline says:

      A luta no futebol português (pntopsioadamerte escrito a letras minúsculas, porque é isso que ele é, pequeno) é feita a dois. Um tem um método. Eficaz e que traz sucesso há cerca de 30 anos. O outro não se quer impor por via de um método próprio, simplesmente adopta aquele que o seu rival usa.

  3. dee says:

    Good job on getting (and being) there all by yourself!! I’m so proud! Well, since I won’t have the nerve to, for sure! :D

    And heck, I have to admit, my heart sank with you on that you-know-what part :( *sobs*
    But OMG about the artwork! I’m actually thinking of how many people are having the same reaction as I am right now. Lol.

    Thanks for sharing the story! You rawk!


    • naughtiest says:

      LOLZ thank you thank you! Really, around noon, I still didn’t think I would go, then 1:30pm came and I was out in my car driving XD

      I know we should be happy for him that he’s happy, but yeah, T__T

      I definitely cannot wait to see his artwork! *excited*

  4. Megan says:

    arts+crafts Tiemann may be my favorite Tiemann.

    Love it, thanks so much for sharing, CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU.

    • naughtiest says:

      when he said he’d go buy supplies from walmart, I was like, omg why so adorb~ XD


  5. Robin says:

    Very impressed Sara! I would have been there with you if I didn’t have a prior trip planned for this weekend. Great pics! See you in Seattle – 16 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you! I wish you were there with me! I’d feel way way way better.

      See you at Showboxxxxxxx!! ♥!!!

  6. ewolf.girl says:

    Thx for sharing your fantastic pix of Neal!! And congrats on being so bold as to go to this crazyfest by yourself and have this great conversation with him. Great scoop! I’m bummed too that HoH is his first priority, but c’mon who does he fit in better with, really? I guess he’s not on DC’s payroll so there’s nothing holding him back from making moves in a different direction. Hope he’ll be back sometime tho. It won’t be the same w/out him! :-D

    • naughtiest says:

      You’re welcome and thank you! Going to this festival was an *ahem* interesting experience *lol* I’m okay with him being happily on tour with HoH, they sounded terrific and I loved their performance.. I understand that most bands change their members all the time, still, I couldn’t help feeling a bit bummed thinking that I won’t be seeing him with DC and the gang on stage for this tour. ^^” who knows, I might fall in love with Devin~ *lol*

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