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September 30, 2011 | RL recap |


  1. One more day without my boss, he got sick during his NYC trip. #Irene
  2. Boss looked and sounded completely sick. D: Tied in everything over the past 10 days. PACKED!!
  3. Destination Florida! Got upgraded to first class from Houston to Tampa. So comfy~ :) Free delish sushi courtesy of F-san. Mini sightseeing at Downtown Disney at night~ #VacationStarts! I should do a full blown travelogue later~
  4. #1 – Disney’s Hollywood Studios:
    Star Tours (sim ride)
    “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” movie set (ant bites)
    The Magic of Disney Animation (omg, so much fun, learned how to draw characters!)
    Toy Story Mania! (OMG SOOOOOO MUCH FUN cutest interactive ride ever!)
    Voyage of the Little Mermaid (love it! up where they walk, up where they runnnnn~)
    Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream (complete admiration!)
    Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage (I love musical~)
    Fantasmic (meh, kinda so so, too many people so we left early)
    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (ZOMG LOVE IT SO HARD, 13-stories drop, my sister and friend got completely sick from this ride *lolz*)
    No, I did not go into the American Idol Experience *lolz* this was outside with Idol backdrop~ Some iPhone apps were hilarious.. XD
  5. #2 – Epcot:
    Ellen’s Energy Adventure (cool RIDE, biggest moving ride ever *lol* kinda need update though)
    Mission: SPACE (another sim ride~ btw, I’m not a big fan of anything simulation due to my motion sickness *lol*)
    Spaceship Earth (interesting view from prehistoric stuff to our own future!)
    The Seas with Nemo & Friends (ride was for kids 3 and under, maybe 4 *lol* shark exhibit was nice)
    World Showcase (too big, my feet were falling off, didn’t do much as we spent so much time walking and sweating to death XD)
    DO NOT WEAR A “THAT’S DOPE” T-SHIRT TO A DISNEY PARK IT’S NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY XD (aka: I got a free cute t-shirt from Disney because of that green t-shirt in the photo *lolz*)
  6. DOWN TIME. Shopping. Went to a huge art store, outlet malls, Downtown Disneys (love LittleMissMatched store!!)
  7. #3 – Magic Kingdom: ♥
    “it’s a small world” (scary place for kids as they held babies captive in the dungeon and made them sing repeatedly *lolz*)
    Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (cute but nothing compared to Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios!)
    Peter Pan’s Flight (for kids age 7 and under.. XD)
    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (awww cute~)
    Splash Mountain (love it!)
    The Haunted Mansion (would have been scarier if they made us walk *lol*)
    Pirates of the Caribbean (OMG JACK SPARROW!!!)
    Cinderella Castle~
  8. #4 – Universal’s Islands of Adventure: highlight of my trip!!
    Suess Landing (The Cat in the Hat – too much for my sister, first ride, motion sickness attacked, sick for the rest of the day -__-“)
    The Lost Continent (Poseidon’s Fury – could have had a more extreme effects!)
    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (OMG OMG OMG! Butter Beer! Dragon Challenge! (aka I got on a roller coaster ride all by myself!! *lolz*), HARRY POTTER AND THE FORBIDDEN JOURNEY!!!(OMG THIS RIDE WAS AWESOME!!!!! ★★★★★), Hogsmeade! Ollivanders! (couldn’t believe parents spent so much on plastic sticks for kids *lolz*) Owl Post! Three Broomsticks! GAHHHHH!)
    Jurassic Park (River Adventure!!)
    Toon Lagoon (cute and colorful~)
    Marvel Super Hero Island (didn’t get on anymore rides *lolz* but it’s okay as I was here back in 2003 and did them already, got a picture with Captain America~)
  9. Shopping day~
  10. #5 – Clearwater Marine Aquarium
    Meet Winter, a shining star from Dolphin Tale! Weeped like a baby watching a documentary about Winter, truly inspiring. Also had my first (and second) Chick-fil-A! OMG their lemonade was amazing! Back to Seattle! Got another first class upgrade from Tampa to Houston, this time with an awesome 180-degree seat, giant personal screen and USB ports to charge my stuff. OMG heaven~ ♥
  11. Digging MWK’s The Captain, His Ship so hard! Cannot wait for any release from them! DCook’s NA at KC Chiefs game was amazing.
  12. One more day to finalize my training class. #FreakingOut OMG tour dates announced! SHOWBOX SODO!!! Also made an impromptu travel plan! *lol*
  13. Day 1 of business plan boot camp~ I did not enjoy being an instructor, much less a LEAD instructor. D: Good news, boss approved whatever days off I asked for~ YAY! #BestBossEver
  14. Day 2 of business plan boot camp~ WT*?! VIP package?! *faints* DCook, you’re my life ruiner. *lol*
  15. Day 3 of business plan boot camp~ told my other instructors that no matter what, I had to drop everything and buy tickets at 10am PST. They kept telling me time and reminding me that it’s almost 10. XD #PeersSupport btw, tickets on davidcooktix came out cheaper than ticketmaster after S&H~ ♥
  16. Catching up on work after 3 days of class. BUSY. Dinner at BJ’s, awesome creme soda~
  17. Cute socks, anyone? :D
  18. Haircut day! Need new curtains, purple made me sleepy.
  19. One of this year employee survey questions: (55) My supervisor supports my efforts to balance my work and personal life. #HeckYeah XD Went to hot power yoga class, almost died
  20. Exercise kick. Went to Jazzercise class for the first time in eons. It was fun!
  21. Limping in the office as a result of extreme exercise *lolz*
  22. Jazzercise class again. #HyperActiveWeek
  23. Free Icee at AMC! Went to see Contagion. Wanted to wash my hands every 30 seconds and freaked out every time someone around me coughed XD  Late lunch at Kaiten Sushi~
  24. Took my parents out to lunch at ViengThong Laos restaurant. Yummy~ Went grocery shopping afterwards. I love going out with my parents ♥
  25. SEAHAWKS FIRST WIN!! Went to Ikea, got 2 more magnet boards, put them up by myself, sweated like a dog. It’s not easy to make them leveled with the previous two boards yo! *lol*
  27. DA Christmas tour!! OMG I needed more time to make my decision and plan a trip! Boss gave me an okay already though *lol*
  28. Day 1 of Certified Data Analyst class. Material was almost as thick as a phonebook D:
  29. Day 2 of CDA class – I actually really liked this class, especially the real life project part where I got to build queries that I could really use at my MBU~ A+ class! Bought a new printer for mom so she could print out recipes from foodnetwork.com *lol*
  30. LOLZ another VIP in October! XD and one more in December! #Crazy  Picked up some prints. Love me some new bedroom decor! :D

9 out of 12 gone! 3 more to go in 2011 ♥ October is going to be a blast. I am so excited!!

Life is good~


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