[August 2011]

August 31, 2011 | RL recap |

The worst month of the year, work-wise, hands down!! Had some nice weather though :)

  1. Bought 2 tickets to Rock Star Uproar Festival on 10/1. Told my sister: I don’t care about other bands, you won’t have to be there long, I just want to see Neal! -__-“ #Row8OnTheWrongSide *headdesks*
  2. I hated working overtime with passion. I hadn’t worked any OT in the past 3½ years and I had to do it now because Core Finance was abusing my free labor! *weeps* Got a call from a very old friend.
  3. HOLY LIFE, this was like trying to work two jobs in 8 hours. Or 11. *Half-Dead*
  4. Smartass fortune cookie -__-”
  5. Emerald City Smoothies saved my sanity. So did Taco Del Mar.
  6. Had lunch with the old friend I talked to on Tuesday. He’s still the same silly dude I knew 20 years ago. *lol* #OLDFriend
  7. Had a dream about my first BF that he’s still alive. Woke up. Couldn’t breathe.
  8. One more spreadsheets and I would puke blood in the middle of Core Finance office. Boss didn’t come to the rescue either. D: Finally got TOSOD Asian Tour version! :D
  9. Digging Hell Or Highwater release! #TerrorizedInTheNight
  10. Super long day at work. Reviewed business plan with Fab Finance Director. He wanted to drug Program Director with Vicodin prior to program review *lol*
  11. Just realized I’d miss Boyce Avenue concert on 9/10 because my flight wouldn’t get back until 11pm *wails to infinity* #FailedTravelPlan
  12. Finance-to-Finance review with Airplane Programs. Got afternoon off~ :)
  13. Went to see 30 Minutes of Less with a friend. LOLZ. Had a huge crush on Jesse Eisenberg. ♥
  14. Happy Birthday, my dearest Cupid. I missed you. So much.
  15. Finished moving stuff from GoDaddy to Bluehost~ #YayMe! Went to Ikea after work to get this mirror cabinet. Came home and found that it’s defective. Went back to Ikea, waited for 30 minutes, got a new one. Came home. Tada! #MissionOrganization
  16. My director finally admitted that he liked TLM “just a little” Well, as long as the CD keeps its slot in his truck, I’m fine with “just a little” *lol*
  17. Mexican lunch with my team~
  18. Payday! Worked enough extra time to pay for airfare, hotel and Disney 3-day park hopper! Vacation, here I come!! Site finance employee appreciation day at bowling alley. My coworker asked my boss: Do you have a blue ball? *lolz forever*
  19. Got a haircut. Went to Apple Store to have my phone checked. #AppleCareRules
  20. Puked my gust out around 1AM. Chicken fettuccini alfredo, it’s the end of you and me >__< Thai series marathon with family! Mom made buffalo balls for snack, so yummy! #CookingMama
  21. Thai series marathon continued~
  22. Boss on vacation for the next 10 days. Worked from 7am to 6pm. Dear Boss, come back already! T__T
  23. In class that I was supposed to take 4 years ago when I first started working here *lol* #SillyRequiredTraining Bored to tears. Gay dude was hilariously awesome though.
  24. 2nd day of class *bored* Lunch at Panera. At least it’s a short day.
  25. Preping for Boot Camp. Andy Skib said “hey there ♥” to NFT on Facebook *lol* Dinner with some friends at Laos restaurant!
  26. Too cute! Family Goose Xing~
  27. Had an amazing time at Josh Groban concert! He’s such a goofball~ ♥ Also, pre-concert, saw a guy lead two blind ladies up the stairs to our row. My sister and I helped them get in and out of their seats. My heart grew 3x bigger. #MusicIsAwesome #EvenFromBirdEyeView
  28. Took my sister to Danny’s salon, she got some awesome highlights! Went to Blue C for lunch. Came home. Did a few massive loads of laundry.
  29. Suspended operations due to power outage at 1pm. Decided to go to another building to dock in and work instead of going home. I should get a medal for this. *lol*
  30. 7 meetings on my Outlook calendar. I had no clue if I actually got any work done. #WayTooManyMeetings!!!!! Four High school teachers came to visit us before heading back to Thailand on Friday. Good times! :)
  31. Month end! FINALLY! Freezing my butt off in the office. WHY IS IT SO COLD?! Boss’d better come back to work tomorrow, sick or not!

Done and done and done with August! Counting down to Florida! Woot!

Life is good!


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