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August 23, 2011 | et cetera |

I was in training all day today (and tomorrow). A training that I didn’t really need but had to take because it’s on my PE. (IHU, Boss)

It was a boring, horrid, snooooooozy class. One of the instructors was the worst. EVER.

Anyway, there’s this one cute dude that I used to work with, not in the same group, but cross-functional working together.

He happened to sit next to me during this class. At one point, he asked

dude: “are you married?”
me: “huh?” o_O”
dude: *grabs my left hand to check for a ring* “you’re not married”
me: “no?”
dude: “boyfriend?”
me: “no, my life is boring”
dude: *cracks up* “no no, single people like us are awesome”
me: “okaaaaaaay…”


He sat there, literally poking me all day whenever I touched my phone (which was every 5 or so minutes). He’d be like, no no pay attention to class! XD

The worst part? He’s gay. *headdesks* T__T


(don’t get me wrong, gay friends are ridic amazing, I love them~ ♥)

Also, while I was reading my Whatsapp..

dude: “that looks Hebrew”
me: “it’s Thai”
dude: “no way, you’re not Thai”
me: *tsk* “duh, of course, I am, like one of your coworkers!”
dude: “but your skin is not dark!”
me: *ROFL*

Okay, it’s such a myth that ALL THAI PEOPLE HAVE DARK SKIN *lol*

True fact, we come in all shades yo! XD




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