T&T 6th Anniversary Project

September 11, 2008 | takitsuba |

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for pitching in to this project! I was super excited to see entries come in from all over the world! This is where we proved that T&T fans can join force and do something to celebrate their wonderful career together!

It definitely is a great accomplishment as a team that everyone should be proud of! *applauses*

We sent an email to Takki and Tsubasa’s radio shows and Avex message board last night. Hopefully, they’ll get to see the love from around the world soon! ^^

Next, I’d like to apologize for announcing this project so late. I know we’ve caused a bunch of stress along with panic moments due to crunching timeline. For that, I truly apologize. m(_ _)m

Thank you, everyone! I promise you’ll have more time to think next year if we’re doing this again! LOL But, in fact, I think because it’s such a short turn around time that made us get this many entries in. Basically, no one had time to procrastinate! XDD

Lastly, THANK YOU TAKITSUBA!! Without you, this project will never happen.
You’ve given 9.11 a joyful meaning.

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting, but it’s still 9/11 here as I promised!
Click on the banner to 滝翼 : ANNIVERSARY site!

Special thanks to

  • Wribbit for her creative brain
  • Kiwi for keeping calm while dealing with a bunch of emails and for being such a thorough QC! *whacks* it’s not off-centered yo!! XD

May I simply ask for feedback/comments? LOL


Please spread the words, if you know someone who hasn’t submitted their entries yet, that they still have another chance!

I’ll update this gallery again on Sunday, so they can still submit their entries until 9/13 11:59 pm PST. Anything received after that won’t be included into this project.

It took me a lot of time working on this gallery as the program I used didn’t create everything on each page. I had to manually code a bunch of things (which I’ll talk about it in my whining post about this project later LOL). It’s very helpful to do them all in batch. Hence, I’m not going to update it again after this weekend. I hope you understand and respect this final deadline :)

UPDATED: 2008.09.17

Additional photos added to the gallery.
Thanks everyone for participating in this wonderful project. m(_ _)m

See you next year in 7th Heaven! LOL


40 Responses to T&T 6th Anniversary Project

  1. loonykat says:

    WTF! she’s too much!! A LITTLE UMPH??!!! dan tell her to f***ing come up with something special instead of copying u guys idea of the stick on picture dan!!! changing fm tnt to oo did not mean anything AT ALL!!! these pp nowsadays r really killing me!!! totally piss..

    N, u sh send her a mail for proper crediting! it’s u guys idea originally!

  2. leaping lucas says:

    Perhaps they might have gone back and edited it later, but I did notice they credited the Takitsuba project at least 3 times in the post I read and linked back to your project. Have they changed it since you first mentioned it?

  3. love says:

    i know she was thinking and planning about this montage (video) and fanbook project for quite sometimes, but she didn’t know how to implement them until she saw how we came out with Takitsuba project. i notice she already put the credit for takitsuba project at the picture section.

    hope everything is fine by now… (“,)

  4. carol says:

    I just checked out that link, seems they’ve put in some appropriate words about our project, but still somehow in my heart I kinda want our project to the one and only, but I guess it’s not gonna happen now…

  5. leaping lucas says:

    It was such a brilliant idea, and very inspirational to see the finished product. In a way, it’s kinda nice that not only did Takitsuba fans get to enjoy it, but word of the project went outside of the fandom — which is more good publicity for our boys and for you guys’ super excellent idea.

    As long as it’s appropriately credited, I hope their project works out well too, because it was so much fun getting out and getting the photographs, it’s kinda nice to share that feeling. T&T are my one love, but I have a soft spot for Eighto.

  6. Fiin tjandra says:

    congratulations T&T…….
    Happy 6 th Anniversary T&T

  7. angky says:

    Sugoiii neeee…..
    Lots of fans joined. Yokatta.
    Hope they received it with a smile. ^ v ^


  8. ghanima says:

    whoa! it’s only now that i was able to view the gallery. i’m so proud of us, takitsuba fans. and this wouldn’t be possible if not for your initiative and dedication.

    congratulations to takki and tsubasa! and to us their fans, too.

    looking forward to another year of great entertainment from our lovable duo.

  9. Shii-chan says:

    Wooow! It’s so beautiful! <333 The layout works so well, and it’s so perfect. <333
    You guys have done an amazing job! In such a short time too. :D
    *applauds* I bet T&T will really enjoy it. x)

    Congrats to everyone all around! :D

  10. carol says:

    It’s so wonderful to see additional pictures added, and from yet another country!! I am sure the boys will be so happy.

    And by the way, I have to say I’m really pissed with Avex staff, how could they only update the Takitsuba anniversary news after almost a week, were they on vacation or did they just plainly ignore our boys? I am totally annoyed:(

  11. 浜崎井上 says:

    God Bless you T&T..
    But,You must believe you can do it and GANBATTE KUDASAI Yo!!!

    Otanjoubi Omedetou T&T yg ke-6!!


  12. 浜崎井上 says:

    ganbatte kudasai!!
    Jgn kalah ma HSJ!!

  13. Kaori says:

    Hallo T&T…
    God Bless You…

  14. Janay says:

    Oh wat leuk om te horen! We zijn heel benieuwd wat ze van de Edlstteenerilogie vindt! En na de zomer verschijnt Firelight deel 2, dus dat duurt nog maar twee en een halve maand

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