I saw The Amazing Spiderman trailer prior to Captain America: The First Avenger movie earlier this morning (and by earlier, I mean 9:20am *lol*). And all I could think about was OMG Goodbye to the Girl would be a PERFECT OST for the movie!!

See how it fits! XD

Apparently my brain was on crack when I was not fully awake *lolz*

Come on, Columbia Pictures~ ♥


5 Responses to Goodbye to the Girl vs The Amazing Spiderman

  1. Kat says:

    Hey Stranger :o) I came across Tsubasa’s 23 to 24 dvd today while reorganizing my closet. Good Times!! Hope you and yours are well <3
    – kat

    • naughtiest says:

      hey Kat! miss you! It’s been sooooooooo long. hope all is well with you too! <3

      ps. are you planning on going to any of the tour?

      • Kat says:

        I know :o( It’s been too long. I miss you too! Life is good :o) busy as hell, but good. And YES I have to go at least once (the sooner the better). Lol, was watching 23 to 24 and my heart started racing… I need to reacquaint myself with T&T again (and you too!!).

        • naughtiest says:

          *lol* our lives are pretty much the same, busy as hell!

          I really want to go to their tour but it doesn’t fit with my calendar at all T___T I was listening to 22 album the other day and I was like OMG SOBBING FOREVER I MISSED THEM SO MUCH

          We totally need T&T fix, pronto! <3

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