[June 2011]

June 30, 2011 | RL recap |

Woot another monthly recap~ we’re half way through 2011 for real?

  1. Walmart Soundcheck Teaser! Ohmigah~ Analog Heart, I can’t even. Let’s crash their website on 6/15!
  2. Some employees in our building called their new manager “Little Hitler” o_O”
  3. Went to a hot yoga class at 6am. SIX O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING. I had to wake up earlier than what I usually do when I go to work. *lol* #SelfTorture Family dinner. Tangled rewatched!
  4. Got new sheets and duvet cover from Ikea #OrangePurpleGray Despite the colors, it’s a bit plain, looking for a throw to decorate~ Also got 2 magnet boards and put them up by myself #ImAHandyManYo~
  5. X-MEN FIRST CLASS ruined my life. D: #ShipThemSoHard
  6. A 3-hour online class was the worst thing on Monday morning, and a 2-hour meeting right after lunch is the worst thing on Monday afternoon D: #AwfulMonday
  7. TSN fics were so addictive. Plus most of them were soooooooo long. *lolz* #GoingBlind #NeedHelp
  8. Excessive retail therapy. Bought so many things over the past few days. Both online and in-store. #Stressed
  9. Payday is always a good day.
  10. Mom’s birthday! I love you, mom! ♥ The problem child at work got a new job assignment. Not the best outcome but I’d deal with it. Life would be much less horrid without her.
  11. Love me some new bedroom decor!! I turned my magnet boards into sort of a collage *lol* ↓ Click for full size~ ♥
  12. Celebrated my mom’s and brother-in-law’s birthdays at Sun Break Cafe! Got a this throw for my bed from a farmer’s market in Auburn!
  13. My boss told me to go to New York. *lolz* He’s so invested in my fangirl life. On a side note, I declined a 6-month temp assignment opportunity in Helena, MT. Told my boss to tell me again when there’s an opportunity in NY, FL, CA or NV. XD
  14. Core Finance should learn long ago that a 20+ tabs shared Excel spreadsheet was the easiest thing to get corrupted. D: #ReworkWasS0NotLean
  15. Woke up to Walmart Soundcheck performance! OMG! CIRCADIAN was awesome. #EndedUpLateForWork #MyPrioritiesAreClear *lolz* My boss had a dream that I went to work for David Cook. It’s either he’s stressed out since I’m the only finance analyst left or he’s obsessed with my fangirl life. *lol*
  16. Got tickets for Harry Potter midnight screening on 7/14 (well, technically it’s 7/15 already, but it’s 7/14 night on the printout, whatever), sooooo excited! #TheEndOfMyChildhood My HR lady also put me on strict diet after seeing me munching on some Cheetos *lolz I love her*
  17. DIVERGENT slaughtered me. Four. FOUR. I cannot. OH MY. ♥ Got a haircut. Bakery Nouveau had summer special gelato macaron. Tried a tiramisu one. SO GOOD. #HeavenInMyMouth
  18. Got my tickets for Boyce Avenue show on 9/10! #Stoked! Made these side-by-side companion squares! Andy and Neal from All Access Pass interviews. They’re so adorb!
  19. Father’s day brunch at home. And my dad was cooking *lol oops?* AOL started streaming This Loud Morning, dead fangirls all over the place. OH MY HECK I CANNOT EVEN WITH THIS GENIUS MASTERPIECE. ♥!!! Rapid Eye Movement ↔ Circadian, are you kidding me?! #ForeverHeartsInMyEyes #DavidCookMurdersMe!!!
  20. Monday was way better with TLM in my ears! :) Literally listened to AOL rip ALL DAY. #FirstDayPlayCounts Boeing On The Move program also started, 7500 steps a day for 6 weeks, pedometer = my new best friend!
  21. Pre-ordered 3 more copies of TLM from Walmart. Decided to do something with some screencaps I took, got this wallpaper as a result *lol*
  22. Introducing SPICETHEMIC. *lolz*
  23. Walked about  4 miles for Employee Community Funds program. #FreeTshirt! #$100Donation :) DCO new look!
  24. THIS QUIET NIGHT streamed on SoundCloud. It’s GLORIOUS. ♥ James Rollins’ THE DEVIL COLONY was awesome. I heart you, Commander Pierce~
  25. Watched Bridesmaids with my sister, lolz so hard. Had Kaiten sushi for lunch. Came home to find a package – This Loud Morning and This Quiet Night! (only 1 package though, should I be worried, 3 were shipped at the same time D:) Watched the Making of This Loud Morning, flailed, laughed, giggled like a lunatic, and cried my eyeballs out. David Cook. I wanted to hug him forever.
  26. Went to Wing Dome for Lunch. 24 wings and a pound of garlic fries. Awesome sauce~ :)
  27. Got my SMASH journal! THIS LOUD MORNING AVAILABLE ON ITUNES! ♥ *flails so hard* ILU high quality sound.
  28. THIS LOUD MORNING DAY. Took a day off. Woke up for Today Show. Went to a hot yoga class, 90 minutes were way too long, my legs were shaking violently by the time I was done with the class I thought I was going to faint *lol* Went to Best Buy to pick up a few more copies of TLM. :) Live at Best Buy was awesome but way too short. #Only4Songs #RHWYandGTTGtho ♥ Never knew CD signing could be so hilario *lolz*
  29. Gave TLM copies to my director, my boss and coworkers. Director: is this his first album in 5 years since he won idol? Me: oh please, just listen to it!!! XD
  30. Month-end! This entire month was made perfect by Melody’s daily awesomeness. Thank you, girlie. ILU~ ♥

2011. Six months in, life is still good! :)


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