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September 5, 2008 | et cetera |

I just have to write about this because I believe it’s not very often in one’s life to get to encounter with a bomb threat! xD

Around 2:30pm today, a suspicious package was found in the men’s restroom near the office area in my building. Eyewitness told us that it looks like a bottle with circuit board with something inside.

Our first thought: Who the heck did this silly thing? Especially with IAM due to strike in less than 12 hours? Definitely stupid. And we wish he/she would get caught.

(It has to be an employee because in order to get inside the building, you need to swipe a badge)

At first, the security guard came in to take a look, he said it’s small and possibly posted no threat. But we took a precaution and taped the area off.

We still talked about it until the police officer came in and told us to leave the office as they’re going to tape our area off too. I grabbed my stuff, walked out, and ran back in to snatch my laptop as I wasn’t sure how long it’s going to last and I didn’t want to wait until midnight either (and it turned out to be a good move).

We sat and waited outside for a while, and then we heard the official evacuation horn blown several from inside the production area. Voila~ The local PD brought in a K9, and got a negative hit, but the package was sitting on top of one very high shelf, so they weren’t sure if their kakkoii German Shepherd sniffed it correctly ^^” They also didn’t want to move the package in case it’s somehow wired.

Sooooo, the King County Bomb Squad had been called in. Wow.

I could have left since 4pm when they first evacuated us, however I wanted to see how things turned out so I told my boss I’d stay until 4:30pm.


Around 4:20, our director made an announcement about the situation. Then the lady who’s our safety focal told us to stay put since starting a car might trigger something off because of static.

I ended up staying till 5pm, when our director decided to suspend the building and send everyone home. The bomb squad gave us who parked at the outside parking lot a clear signal to leave. Those who parked inside, could not go to their cars before the bomb squad swipe the entire building which could take a couple more hours.

My boss and my other co-worker had their laptops left at their desk, so they had to hang around to see if the officer could get their computers for them.

I went to dinner with Bonnie, and came home to see the news. The bomb was a fake. Everything is now okay. But it’s going to be a quiet night, since all 2nd shift already left, and 3rd shift will be leaving right at midnight after their contract officially ends.

It was an interesting day and I wish as hell that whoever pulled this stupid prank will get caught.

Reference news articles: KOMO4 // KING5 // Seattle Times // Seattle PI

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3 Responses to word of the day: oh crap! xD

  1. mich says:

    Wow! What an experience!!!
    i hope that guy gets caught too. what a stupid prank!

  2. Loonykat says:

    really hv nothing better else to do?!! gosh.. hope the pp get caught soon!

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    Wow, what a day! LOL..
    I remember experiencing something similar in high school a few times. People really have too much time on their hands. I hope they find the person responsible for the “prank”….it costs tax payer’s dollars to send in bomb squads and to investigate the incident. Not cool.
    All in all, I’m glad you and everyone are okay and that it WAS just a hoax.

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