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August 1, 2006 | takitsuba |

I believe some of you already knew about my recent obsession: Takki (Takizawa Hideaki from the unit ‘Tackey & Tsubasa‘ – in fact, I adore both of them, but just love Takki a tad bit more since he caught my eyes first XD), which is quite a disaster for my life. I’d successfully managed to stay away from J-pop and Johnny’s Jimusho for soooooooooooooo incredibly long, but I finally fell right into the evil trap! XD In search for Takki’s old performances, I’ve encountered some other cute boys…… and fell further into this hell hole ^^”

To add some more damage, old performance meant they didn’t sing their own songs. Hunting for those songs is quite a challenge as I don’t know who are the original singers of those songs, and I can’t read Japanese, and most romanized names look the same to me XD. So, after spending hours days weeks a lot of time searching (and still searching), I ended up with tons of songs from their sempai’s groups (Smap, Kinki Kids, V6, Tokio, and some older dudes like Shonentai and Kondo Masahiko… T-T.. well, some of them are quite nice though ^^”)I’ve hunted down all their singles, albums and dvds – too bad I started out too late, most LE singles are no longer available *sniffs* My credit card statements almost knocked me off, but my stack of CDs and photobooks makes me happy ^__^

Heck, then J-pop leads to J-drama which leads to a broken router, a brand new (but almost full) 500GB hard drive and an extremely exhausted body/soul from lack of sleep ^^” I really couldn’t stop before completing my downloads or finding the songs I’m looking for!! >_<” Can somebody smack some sense into me?!

And since I’m talking about drama, if you have time and free space available on your computer, I totally highly absolutely recommend “Nobuta wo Produce” (11 episodes). This drama rocks my world (and my silliness) with plenty of shonen ai hints. and YamaPi is LOVE too~ *giggles*

The other one that is currently on air in Japan is “My Boss My Hero“. I only watched the first episode and I almost couldn’t stop laughing. This drama is an absolute crack! ^^

Anyway, back to T&T, they will be releasing a new single “Ho! Summer” on August 9th, and god, I really have to salute the Japanese for their marketing technique since it made me crazy enough to pre-order all 3 versions of this single since last month!! (me!! buying 3 versions of pretty much the same things!! *headdesks*).

I saw some pictures of them for this single a few days ago, and I was smiling like a baka all day, and didn’t go to sleep until I finished my new layout *points above* ^^ Then, I saw the short PV preview, and I was actually screaming in the office! They are sooooooooo cute together~

Then, this evening, after impatiently waiting for their full PV, I saw it for the first time!! OMG OMG OMG *is hyperventilating* I can squeeeeeeeee to no end!!! Why are they so cute! They’re so much like a couple on their honeymoon XD *inserts T&T rabu rabu moments* I usually hate putting video or any sort of media on my LJ, but this one is an absolute exception! XD If you have a moment to spare (4:03 minutes to be exact), please join me in this fangirling moment~

Aren’t they cute? Aren’t they cute?? XDDDDD *dies of cuteness overload* ♥ T&T is LOVE ♥

I won’t be able to focus on anything until I get my hand on their abs cheeks asses single. *sighs*


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