UPDATED: 2008.09.11 7:45pm PST


Please visit this post [click]

UPDATED: 2008.09.09 11:00am PST

This project is now closed for submission.

Please wait at least 24 hours for our reply. Kiwi and I are trying our best to respond as soon as possible, but we’re not monitoring email 24/7. Besides time differences, we do have responsibilities in real life too, I hope you understand.

Thanks everyone for participating!

You’ll get to see the final project on 9/11.
Please be patient.

UPDATED: 2008.09.08 1:45pm PST

20 hours countdown to project deadline (well, a little less now) ^^

I guess my instruction wasn’t really clear when I said ‘midnight 9/9/08 (Japan time). It means Tuesday night Wednesday morning (not Monday night Tuesday morning). So if any of you thought you’ve missed the deadline, you are not. Stay calm! LOL

If you haven’t sent us you photo yet, please do so! Time is really running out~ :)

I’m at work so I cannot reply to everyone’s comments and emails right now. Please be patient with me. ^^”

Thanks again, everyone, for participating!! The completed project will be posted on an anniversary website for everyone to see. Stay tune!

ORIGINAL POST: 2008.09.04 8:51pm PST

wribbit came up with this idea. We had a talk about this quite a while ago, then last week kiwi made this logo but we didn’t get a chance to push it further.

All of a sudden, T&T 6th anniversary is less than a week away .. oops.. *kicks RL*

I’m pretty sure that most of us will send a card to T&T, individually. But can we pull a group project in less than a week?

Tools – color printer, a pair of scissors, something that look like a stick, digital camera, love for T&T


  • print this logo out (full-size below the pix), cut it along the black circle line, attached it to something like ice cream stick, ruler, spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks, anything.

(full-size in pdf format)

  • Then, you’ll take this I ♥ T&T stick out and take a picture of it with something from where you live, ie landmark, supermarket, attraction point, your apartment building, panda, etc etc. Only one rule applied: No face shot. We don’t want to scare T&T off, do we? ^^”

(sample shot)

  • Email your photo to us by midnight 9/9/08 (Japan time), along with your short message to T&T (optional).
  • Edited: Please send in a LARGE-SIZE photo if possible, keep it big, don’t resize it down~

    If you’re going to CROP the photo, make sure you keep standard dimension. The preferred dimension (width:height) is 4:3 or 3:4 depended on how to take your shot. Otherwise, I’ll have to crop you photo to make it fit. Thank you for your understanding~ m(_ _)m

  • We’ll compile everything into one gallery and send a link to Takki’s Denpajou and Tsubasa’s To Base emails. Printout will definitely reach JFC after 9/11/08, but oh well ^^”

Can we pull this near impossible project in such a short period of time?

The most important question right now is .. who’s in?

If you’re in, please leave your comment here and let’s pimp this project! Time is running out!

Edited: 2008.09.05 12.00pm PST

And I realized I forgot to include an email address for this project LOL Please send your picture and message to..

Takitsuba.Anniversary (at) gmail (dot) com

(yes, there’s a (dot) between takitsuba and anniversary xD)

Don’t forget to include your name, where you’re from, and the name of the spot you take picture from (if applicable) in your email.

Thanks everyone! Hope to see photos from you all soon! :)


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  1. harusora says:

    I just sent out my entry for the last call, I hope it reaches you guys. o_o;; *panicks*

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