Since it’s now available on iTunes, here’s my ridiculously long reaction post!

Feel free to flail, comment, squeeeeeeeeal and cry with me! :)




  • As I mentioned before, I love regular edition cover way more than the deluxe one. ^^” #RuleOfThirds!
  • Well, I actually love “This Quiet Night” cover more than both “This Loud Morning” *lolz*
  • BUT, the back of regular edition liner notes!! ♥

  • Also, I’m still not a fan of script types.
  • I greatly appreciate liner notes in David’s handwriting. I love every single bit he almost misspelled as it makes liner notes even more thoughtful and personal.
  • PAPER ♥ HEART ← I can’t even.
  • I want to sit him down and TALK about the idea behind liner notes design~ ♥
  • ps. DCook, Neal’s handwriting is cuter than yours, plus he doodles a lot more~ ;)
  • Vinyl is like a super-sized candy~ I LOVE IT.
  • *OT* I curse MyPlay, they have no clue how to pack vinyl. Go take a lesson from yo! D: I’m quite anal about pristine condition when it comes to collectible items, so this bugs me. A LOT. *boo*


I don’t consider myself savvy enough to review music. Leave that to qualified peeps. This is a reaction post. And if you know me, don’t take my reaction too seriously. *lolz*

Here we go.

Like almost everyone in the fandom, I first heard the full album stream on AOL. I had the tracklists memorized since last month, so I clicked on each song and listen to it in order to experience this ONE BIG MIND BLOWING POWERFUL ALBUM. It was effing BRILLIANT.

My only suggestion here is to listen to it with your headphone on full blast. My first listen was on my iMac when AOL started streaming it. Next morning, in my car on the way to work. Then, my ipod with only one ear bud on since I still need to communicate and engage with people at work *lol*. It’s not until that evening that I came home, put on my headphone and melted into a puddle of happy goo by all the DETAILS. ♥

~commercial BREAK~

iPod nano has an excellent battery life, peeps. I listened to my AOL rips (yes, I guiltily ripped them in order to survive the remaining waiting period before I got a full blown awesome high quality downloads from iTunes!) in loops, basically from 7am to 5pm everyday and it didn’t die. It works with ipod connector in my car. Plus it’s so small and the clip-on thing is sooooo convenient, I haven’t dropped it once, which is a record for me *lol*. Highly recommended! XD

~back to regular program~


  • Starting off lullaby-like, according to Matt Serletic, a toy piano and a glockenspiel, the quiet “mayday, mayday” is friggin’ haunting
  • First heard this song from Walmart Soundcheck #InstantLove, completely blown away with the recording version I got goosebumps. SO MUCH DEPTH and LAYERS. *___*
  • It’s awesome how their live performance sounds so tight and record-like and at the same time sounds entirely different from the record. Magical.
  • The choir’s voice during the song was so eerie and awesome. It’s creepy and dreamy at the same time, a perfect way to dive into this record. And they did this children’s choir thing since LAST SEPTEMBER.
  • I love Circadian so hard. It’s not just an opening track. It’s some thing like “FINALLY”, the wait, the angst, the whatever, all finally flushed away. It’s here for real. And it’s so awesome.
  • Cook/Hodges/Tiemann = kickass writing combo
  • history” “distant memory” reminds me of Silver a little :)
  • I love how David described this song: sleep as a safety net from life, because it really is. I totally have those days where I just desperately want to curl in my bed and die sleep so I don’t have to deal with anything.
  • And just to say it from the beginning: I LOVE HIS VOICE I LOVE HIS VOICE I LOVE HIS VOICE SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH. ♥

Right Here, With You

  • The love story starts!
  • Romantic song that’s catchy as hell. (from the track title, I was thinking slow ballad *lolz* I love being surpised!)
  • Love the build up before the chorus crashing in.
  • Love his falsetto on the bridge verse ♥
  • I’ll be so dead IF they tour and perform this song together somehow. HA! #AGirlCanDream
  • David Cook. Ryan Star. Please make more beautiful babies together.

We Believe

  • A positive song with meaningful message.
  • LOVE the bridge.
  • Hey, NBC Olympics, David Cook gives you a theme song for London 2012! USE IT WISELY (read: USE IT USE IT USE IT. REPEATEDLY)!
  • This should totally be an Olympic EP:
    • Magic Rainbow
    • Heroes
    • We Believe
    • This Year (bonus track)
  • See? Perfect! *lol*
  • BTW, it’s so not AOL’s fault that the end of Right Here, With You track has the beginning of We Believe. It’s that way on the CD too D: I hope iTunes tracks will be okay though, I really don’t want to cut/paste that 7-second portion into the right song myself. ^^”

Fade Into Me

  • Okay, I lied. I’m obsessed with this song. ♥
  • I love it from the first note, it’s just the kind of song that I can listen to repeatedly all day (which I did *lol*)
  • At the first “♪ FADE INTO ME” phrase, I fell off my chair. I did not expect that coming. I don’t know what I expected but obviously not that.
  • How he switches between keys and registers, his range is amazebomb.
  • Love the orchestra sound during this song, like, A LOT :)
  • Oh, and if you haven’t seen my LOLZ manip already, you definitely should because it’s totally related to this song *lolz*

Hard to Believe

  • I was expecting this one to be loud and heavy which proves that I suck at guessing *lolz*
  • They stripped it down from DHodges’ version to a soft piano driven intro building up to a full blast WHOA chorus verse and it’s OMGSOGOOD
  • The beginning drum track sounds like a marching song *lol* #MarchOfADoomedRelationshipIndeed XD
  • I mentioned it on Twitter a month ago that I could not wait for the epic chorus on this song. GOT IT. DC did a lot of bg vocal himself here as there’s a lot of overlapping singing, and it’s soooooo awesome~
  • If Neal/Andy/Kyle all sing chorus during concert, this song is going to be epic live!

Take Me As I Am

  • More piano~~~ *flails*
  • Love that they don’t need a lot of build-up to go to the massive chorus.
  • DCook writes kickawesome bridges~ ♥
  • I really love the feeling of a desperate attempt to fix a relationship (not that I enjoy it in RL though -__-“). Begging the other half of the relationship to take us back while having all angsty feelings and doubts because most of the time a second chance doesn’t really work and we both knew it. #PessimisticMuch? XD
  • *ahem* David Cook, I’ll take you no matter what, when and where, don’t give me a chance~ *lol*

Time Marches On

  • It’s my favorite from Walmart Soundcheck already, so this recording version easily blows me away ♪
  • A song that definitely talks about his brother.
  • Cause time marches on without you
  • I simply love the message. Besides his personal loss, it’s also a fact of life, we cannot pause time no matter how much we want to.
  • HIS VOICE (as usual *lol*) and his perfect delivery. ♥
  • The part that hit me in the gut. The guitar solo. He talked about it in a recent interview with USA Today Idol Chatter:

“There’s a guitar solo on Time Marches On that I played on that guitar, and then I shelved it, I haven’t played it since. I don’t think I’ll ever touch it again, just because I’m afraid I’ll break it.” – David Cook

  • Now, I got teary eyes every single time I hear this solo because to me, it must have meant so much to him that he chose to play it on his precious “AC” Les Paul. I love him so friggin’ much. Everything he does has meaning, deep meaning. Most, we probably never get to know, but it’s him, so so him.
  • Also love the distant one-two-three count before the final hook~
  • Raw. Heartbreaking. Perfect.

The Last Goodbye

  • Okay, I get that TLG doesn’t really FIT with the rest of the album but I like it! *lol* It’s catchy as hell.
  • Fine. I like it better than CBTM. There, I said it. Sue me. :P
  • DCook’s voice. Background vocal. The epic WHOA WHOA WHOA~
  • It’s a perfect morning drive song!!
  • TQN acoustic version is definitely a much better fit for this album though :)

Paper Heart

  • I’m soooooooo glad that David said that he did not like this song at the beginning (on a track-by-track clip introducing this song, no less *lol*) because I did not like it when I first heard it either. *lolz* I just didn’t get the awesomeness from Busch Gardens recording, it’s so pitchy IMO so I was never into it. When it came up on my iPod, I usually listened to half the song and skipped to the next song (oops *lol*)
  • THEN, everything changed when I heard “what juice is a paper heart” live (LOLZ), accoustic in Las Vegas. It sounded so so sooooooo much better, but of course, there’s a thing about going to DCook’s concert. LIVE. HA!
  • THEN, I saw the Walmart Soundcheck performance and I was like OMGHEARTSINMYEARS It’s soooo good!
  • THEN, I heard the recording version and my brain was blown~ The sound. THE. SOUND. GAHHHH!  The beginning is so soft and nice and then everything comes crashing in and I was like *___*
  • The song order makes it so adorable because after he ended the relationship in TLG, he’s now moping about it in PH *lol*

4 Letter Word

  • aka: a song that won’t stick to my brain *lol*
  • For the first 5 days, it was “a song between Paper Heart and Goodbye to the Girl”. I mean, I sing/hum along but I don’t feel extremely giddy when it comes on, it doesn’t really sound like DCook to me. I’m not making any sense, yes? *lol*
  • I’m getting better though! After listening to this one song on repeat for about 3 hours on Saturday *lol* yes, that’s why I can sing along now. The chorus is pretty catchy~ *lol*
  • Basically, a 4-letter word is a keyword of doom, peeps, don’t say it!
  • On a side note, there’s a lot of 4 letter word out there and LOVE was not the only one that came to my mind~ XD

Goodbye to the Girl

  • oh my heart, I died when I first heard this beautifully gut wrenching song
  • His voice. HIS VOICE. It soars and melts my brain away. ♥
  • THE LAST LINE IS GENIUS: “goodbye to the world” OMG LOVE IT SO HARD SO HARD SO HARD, both words, and how he delivered it.
  • It does sound like a suicide note ^^” but I don’t really think it’s suicidal, especially when it leads to REM.
  • To me, it’s more like, saying goodbye to this dream world where this relationship may or may not work out, waking up from this dream and going back to the real world where love sucks *lol*
  • #NeedsAKickSoIJumpOffTheLedge #InceptionMuch? XD
  • But who knows what David, Neal and Andy really thought about when they wrote this song. They might really be a depressive suicidal pack. ^^”
  • It’s a beauty of their music, messing with everyone’s brain~ :)

Rapid Eye Movement

  • I was really skeptical of this song when I first saw the title. Rapid Eye Movement, come on, you can’t even tell what kind of song it’s going to be! *lol*
  • give me one more quiet night ‘fore this loud morning gets it right and does me in” one line that yields TWO album titles. Effing brilliant.
  • OMG I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. Everything from the lyrics, the music, the bridge, to DCook’s voice and the band behind him. The sound is so RICH. I can feel my heart pounding (from standing too close to a speaker, maybe *lolz*) at a concert already!!
  • Soft piano, then the children’s choir fades in, then glockenspiel starts, then wind blowing and that eerie “MAYDAY, SOMEBODY SAVE ME” at the very end.

David Cook. I can’t even. This album is giving me complex. It is one heck of a haunting restless night you’ve taken us through. How this whole storyline plays out. It’s lovely. It’s dark. It doesn’t have to always have a happy ending. It’s perfect. ♥

I can’t get over the Rapid Eye Movement-Circadian linkage. It’s friggin’ brilliant brilliant BRILLIANT!!! On my first AOL listen, I was like, what, why am I back to Circadian already I haven’t clicked it yet. Then it hit me hard *major jaw-dropping moment* and I was like: OH MY GOSH GENIUS!!!!! #ForeverHeartsInMyEyes

Which makes me believe it’s the reason why I’m not digging bonus tracks so much, they get in a way between REM and Circadian and break the loop. (duh, that’s why they’re BONUS tracks~ *lol*) BTW, This Is Not The Last Time confirms that he’s not suicidal, he’s just a sleepy head! *lol* Let Me Fall For You sounds different, I kinda like it, especially with the background vocal towards the end, I think it’ll grow on me eventually. :)

Also, granted that voice was the first thing about this guy that I fell in love with, his voice still blows me away every time. Such control. So powerful. So raw and emotional. I love that the advice he gave during some recent interviews is to know your voice. He certainly knows his, and it’s awesome. ♥ DCook’s higher register is my favorite. Whenever he suddenly switches to his falsetto, I happily drop dead~ *lol*

[The Making of ‘This Loud Morning’]


When I received my package, this DVD was the first thing I attacked (well, after ripping of the plastic wrap, that is). I ran from my room, hijacked our TV remote from my dad, and forced my parents to watch it with me. 3-4 times. *lol* Can’t blame me for that though, it’s fantastic watching it on TV as it’s 3x bigger than my iMac screen~ ^^”

My mom kept asking, why didn’t THEY shave?! and I was like, oh don’t worry, YOU’ll get used to it. *lol*

  • I love that it’s in B&W.
  • I also love that it’s 27 minutes long though I’ll take a 3-hour behind-the-scene footage if they give me. XD
  • His eyes are ridiculous. ♥
  • Where was he though? It looks like an inside of a fuselage.
  • That’s a lot of guitars!
  • WAIT. What is this “The Last Time” song?!
  • *ahem* License plate~ Has he got a new car since then?
  • He looked so exhausted..
  • I love all the beeping sounds *lolz*
  • The Anthemic being all giggly and adorable together.
  • A dice game can be intense!
  • Andy and Kyle sure have a way to entertain themselves in the vocal booth. Kyle hit Andy harder though *lol* #Ouch #LOLZSoHard
  • Monty sings! XD
  • His arms are also REALLY ridic. *__*
  • When he talked about his brother and his eyes started getting teary. I cried. Because he’s trying not to cry. I CRIED. I can’t even. #SobbingForever
  • Neal’s smiling face~ I love what Neal said about him. ♥
  • HI AGAIN, BABY FACE~ OMG he looked SO YOUNG AND DIFFERENT without facial hair #SoPresh (my mom claps *lolz*)
  • DCook, your rings are very distracting~ XD
  • Training break! #60LbsThroughCollege #HisButt
  • Stop grunting like that David Cook. It’s not safe for people with high level of imagination~*lol*
  • @17:32, what song is that?
  • YAY for high quality track-by-track intro! I was whining about the squeeeeezed version they posted on DCO. This is way better!


DC: Hope you like it

me: DAVID COOK. I FRIGGIN’ LOVE IT. ♥ Thank you for taking your time to make this album the way you want and believe in. It’s way beyond amazing. I admire your talents, your heart and your strength. And as always, thank you, for being you. ♥



12 Responses to David Cook – This Loud Morning

  1. Robin says:

    As always you make me want to give you the biggest hug…able to express most of what I’m feeling on the eve of the release. Laughing and crying right there with ya. So proud to be a fan.

  2. Follia says:

    I had the same problem with the bonus tracks so I put a second Circadian after REM on my playlist and then the two bonus songs. I feel better about then now. Loved your blog.

    • naughtiest says:

      that’s an awesome idea! Thank you so much! :D

      • Skitty says:

        That’s a perfect solution Follia. I was intending to just remove the bonus tracks to another playlist, your idea is far better. Thank you

        • naughtiest says:

          I’ve been listening to just regular edition in loops and only go to deluxe playlist to listen to bonus tracks XD

  3. Lynne says:

    Hi There! All I can say is “Ditto” . . . This is a Brilliant Review!!! I’ve got so much dancing around in my head that I would not have known where to start. Thank you so much for helping me sort it all out! ~Lynne

    • naughtiest says:

      Thanks Lynne! ♥ I actually had a hard time starting this post that I ended up writing tracklists down on an A3 paper, then doodling and jotting down bits and pieces of my thoughts XD Glad you enjoy it! :)

  4. Skitty says:

    Love your track by track. This a brilliant piece of writing!

  5. Capefan says:

    Just want to say that I LOVE your review! And I agree with everything to such an extent that it worries me … are we twins separated at birth? Also I can’t stop laughing at “what juice is a paper heart” (I could hardly type this now). I may be in a fragile state of mind here with so much going on – and also because I haven’t received my fan package yet – but I find that so wonderfully and sublimely ridiculous!
    Also, I promise, I will watch the DVD with your comments next to me…
    Happy TLM day!

    • naughtiest says:

      Let me favorite your comment! You have no idea how much I wanted a twin sister growing up *lolz* another fangirl game up with that “what juice” since he debuted it, I can’t stop laughing every time I hear PH now XD

      HAPPY THIS LOUD MORNING! Hope you get your package soon! :)

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