It started a couple nights ago.

On Twitter.

Where there’s a mention of Fade Into Me.

And how its lyrics is about melting and becoming something something.

And #SpiceGirls2Become1

And drunk karaoke.

And how DCook is totally BabySpice.


Take a look at this original and scroll down…



A quick and silly photoshop manip! LOLZ


Slightly cleaner than last night TwitPic version. I showed it to my sister and F-san today (they were like:  o_O” WHY?! *lol*), my sister said Neal’s head was a bit out of proportion, so I edited that a bit. She loves BabyDCook though~ XD

Big thanks to Megan, for the new band name~ LOLZ ♥


On a side note, I’m upset over the fact that plane tickets are friggin’ expensive (and no, working for an airplane building company doesn’t yield you any lower airfare, that’s misconception, peeps!) I won’t go to NYC even when my boss tells me 3 times a day to just GO GO GO. I know it’s not the end of my fangirling world but I’m still a bit bummed out anyway :(

So yeah, this is what I do when I’m not in the right state of mind *lol* Photoshop is my stress relief tool yo! ;)

~n on crack



2 Responses to SPICETHEMIC

  1. Robin says:

    ~n on crack,

    You crack me up! We will have many more opportunities to be good fans. Hopefully soon!

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