♪ Circadian. Take Me As I Am. Paper Heart. Time Marches On. The Last Goodbye.

Walmart Soundcheck performace is amazebomb! ♥

I wish the camera crews wouldn’t move so fast or could stay still for longer than 0.3 seconds at a time though. *lol* It’s awesome while watching but also a pain to get good screencaps. ^^;

So, yeah, a fairly LQ wallpaper, hope you like it anyway *lol*


If you haven’t noticed already, I have a hand-obsession~ ♥

Comment is love~

Please do not edit or repost this wallpaper. Also please do not use this wallpaper as a base for other graphics. Feel free to direct people back to this post. Thanks!


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  1. Jamir says:

    I suggest you crop the waeppallr to suit your resolution. Since it is a centred layout you won’t lose any of the main design.@Ankit: Have you visited this tutorial yet? It explains most of the techniques used to create this waeppallr. I’ve only added the lines (pen tool) and some clouds using the Photoshop filter.@Adam: You still got 3 weeks to use the waeppallr so I would say it’s not too late yet..-= Franz Jeitzb4s last blog post: =-.

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