Apparently, Walmart Soundcheck has better server capacity than I gave them credits for. The site didn’t crash ;)

Woke up early for this on 6/15 and ended up late for work. Well, it took me longer than I expected to rip everything okay? *lol* #typical

  • CIRCADIAN IS AMAZING. ZOMG. I had it on repeat over the past few days. It’s not their studio recording but the sound. THE SOUND. it’s just PERFECT. So rich. So emotional. SO DAVID COOK.
  • That MAYDAY chorus is going to be the end of me when I go to their concert. ♥
  • Plus Neal and Hodges co-wrote this song. End of story!
  • Andy is so versatile~ I love his voice. And cameraman definitely loves him.
  • I kinda wish they used less effects on that camera though #zoominzoomoutblurryheadache *lol*
  • Wait a sec. Where do those background sound come from? The one that we can hear clearly at the beginning when Andy’s on piano and at the end when nobody touches anything. Soundboard? Did they play a backing track along with the performance? or it’s just the editing? #curious
  • TAKE ME AS I AM. I stayed away from all vids when he debuted it at Concert for Hope so this is my first listen~ Same goes for TIME MARCHES ON. I’m glad I waited. They’re amazebombs~ ♥
  • PAPER HEART sounds 100000x times better than concert recording~ #obviously *lol*
  • THE LAST GOODBYE. Andy’s guitar really jumps out at the beginning, eh~
  • Okay, Neal’s in on whoa whoa whoa of epic is quite possibly my favorite thing
  • And I’m still obsessed with his hands~
  • I have no words for the All Access Pass section. Andy. Neal. ♥!!!
  • btw, how many photos they took for this WMS session, I want to see more!!! #OrAll~
  • and where’s the iphone app for this performance, walmart?! ;)

June 28! June 28!


2 Responses to David Cook – Walmart Soundcheck

  1. dee says:

    Hello again :)

    That background sound you heard when no one’s playing it is called minus one :) Songs with strings will need it for live shows (it’ll be played from CD). It’ll be epic!

    Btw, are you going to post any TLM review anytime soon? Or are you too incapacitated for it? Lol! :D

    • naughtiest says:


      ooh I see, thank you! OMG live shows, I’m so dead just thinking about being there again! *excited*

      I’ll probably post something but I don’t know if I can REVIEW this EPIC thing though. *lol* I’ve been listening to it in loops all day today it’s crazy. Also wanna wait for the CD too in case I missed something from AOL streaming :) plus bonus tracks!

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