Got an email from my boss about a new development opportunity for business analyst. A six-month temporary assignment in Helena, MT. Basically from July through the end of the year.

The thing is, I do want a temporary assignment. I need some challenges to keep me from getting bored.

My boss knows it too.

Plus, I’ll get to live on my corporate card for half a year. That’s a lot of savings! *lol*

But. Montana. Umm..

I replied jokingly: I don’t even know where Helena is! *lol*

He shot another email right back: Is that a NO?

LOLZ. Of course he had to ask. We’re down to one finance analyst in our group. ONE. ME. The other person is leaving this Friday (to my delight, not even gonna lie, ever since she started in our group, everything went downhill to the bottom of Hell, pretty much..) and we both know that hiring process will take at least 2-3 months. Not to mention training and everything. HA.

So I just went to his desk and talked about it. Eventually I told him that YES, it’s a NO. *lol* I also told him to tell me again when there’s an opportunity in New York, Florida, Chicago, or California. Somewhere fun that fit me and my interest~

Late afternoon. I couldn’t remember what we’re talking about when I just told him that I actually wanted to go to New York. XD

boss: when?
me: umm.. June 28th
boss: why? what’s in NY?
me: umm.. you know.. *points to the whiteboard where I wrote “DAVID COOK [THIS LOUD MORNING] ALBUM RELEASE 6/28” since last month*
boss: oh, he’s having a release party?
me: yeah, but the thing starts at Best Buy at midnight.. blah blah blah… *lists all busy schedule for that day* He also has a concert on 6/25..
boss: you should go. it’s not even business plan time yet~
boss: but you DO want to go, right?
boss: *cracks up*
me: *lectures him on how craycray is not ideal*
boss: still, you should go
me: *headdesks* (I have the most supportive boss when it comes to my fangirl life *lol*)

Then, we went back and forth on this Go-NoGo thing until he told me to shutdown and go home. While walking out to our cars:

boss: good night, Sara. And you should go. Go to New York.
me: LOLZ. oh my, I’ll let you know~

Best. Boss. Ever.

Technically, my boss should have said NO because I’m the only one left. And with me going away on vacation, he’s going to be so dead with all reports and meetings and everything. Even though he probably knew that I’d get all reports out sooner before my trip but daily stuff will still be a lot.

Basically, I’d definitely feel guilty if I made this trip. (but do I care?! *lol*)

Plus, plane tickets are expensive. But my sister has a friend who lives like 2-3 blocks away from Broadway, so we can totally stay at his place.

I don’t know. I don’t think I will go but my sister said she’d contact her friend to see if we could come over, just in case (she’s been wanting to go back to NY for a while now *lol* perfect timing), we’ll see.

For now, AIRFAREWATCHDOG is my best friend~ *lol*


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  1. dee says:

    If your boss is single, I’ll marry him. Hahaha! I’m jealous! In my place, even when the work load is ZERO yes, there’s such a thing), I still get scorned if I take a leave. Pffft. Lucky you! And yes, I’m in the same page with your boss, go to NY! *for selfish reason of wanting, I mean needing, to read your blog afterwards* lol

    • naughtiest says:

      LOLZ he’s not married yet, but he did have a girlfriend though. Really, he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. EVERYBODY told me to go to NY!! haha I really really REALLY want to but I really can’t justify paying $700 for airfare, it’s too insane. D:

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