.. even for a super short while!

A moment like this, some people (crazy fans) wait a lifetime (all night)~~ XD

Imai-san!! Your burnt chicken wing! Were you too busy dx-ing that you forgot to shave?! LOL

Tono’s hair is no longer black (and not spiky) *pouts*

I wish they had more airtime or did something else besides cutting balloon ribbon though. It’s just so unfair, they didn’t even get to perform.

JapanTV worked for the most part, until after T&T showed up, it started freezing up on me, damn it! *booboo* Thank goodness for TVU~

I was talking to Kiwi earlier that this year t-shirt was ugly, but I’d probably change my stand point once T&T showed up. And I DID!! I want that PINK T-shirt!!!! They looked sooooo CUTE in pink! PINK WORLD!

5am, I’m going to collapse on my bed.



3 Responses to Takitsuba love still saves the earth!

  1. glenda says:

    when were they on? i gave up at 2 a.m. my time (midnight yours) but i had not been watching full time

    i’m watching out for it as a d/l from some arashi places. i think most of them are now at the drama part with the uploading.

    that’s sad that they didn’t perform!

  2. naughtiest says:

    I think they showed up around 2.30am PST – waaaaaaaaay towards the end.

    wribbit, kiwi and I kept watching till the end just in case (wishful thinking) that they’d reappear after the balloon segment. We were hoping to see them perform at least Sarai with others, but nope..T___T

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    They should have got to perform, they were last year’s big guests after all. =( not fair!

    They look so kakkoii though dressed in the same pink shirts. I actually love the shirt and am hoping it will show up for sale on one of the auction sites. I plan on nabbing one asap! lol

    Did you see the blonde stripe on the side of Tsu’s head? Kinda cool! ^^

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