I had a chance (biggest thanks to wribbit and dorothy) to stay up and watch pretty much the entire thing (minus 1 dinner, 2 showers, and 2 naps – the 2nd nap was unexpected because the show was actually longer than 24hours! starting from 2:30am Saturday morning, and ended around 5:30am Sunday morning – I guess that would make a 24-hour show once we take out all commercials XDD) and what else could I say? I was crying like there was no tomorrow almost the entire day.

They’ve raised more than 360million yen last night. And if my memory served me right, they beat last year numbers. Now I’m curious about viewership rating thing.

Takitsuba looked amazingly gorgeous throughout the entire show! while I recalled watching 2006 main personalities *coughs* looked like a pack of zombies after probably the 15th hours. :P Maybe it’s because Takki and Tsubasa are consistently overworking themselves? So being up and alert for 24+++ hours are normal for them? Plus I believe being together is such a great energy source for them ne~ ^__^ sugoi!!

It’s such an incredibly great and touching show ne.

(not in order, just my random thoughts)


Thank you NTV for giving T&T a shot at the main personality roles.

Thank you T&T, Kin-chan, and all other personalities and staffs for their hard work to make this day possible.

Thank you T&T for giving us such a wonderful time. You guys are better than amphetamine! You made us all happy, and your love really does save the earth. You really are the best!!



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