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May 31, 2011 | RL recap |

since I’m too lazy for a daily diary, a monthly recap seems to be a good way to go~

  1. Kicked off the month of May with gorgeous weather at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, OR ♥ Followed by a shopping spree at Woodburn Outlet Mall. Bought way too many stuff including a new pair of Oakley sunglasses! Late late late dinner at Snoqualmie Casino. Dropped off rental car. Finally home after midnight #LovelyFamilyTime #BoneTired
  2. Took my 10 year old cousin to the Museum of Flights. He loved it. Planned to be there for 2 hours, ended up spending almost 6 hours there *lol* OMG STAR LOUNGE ON 5/17. DAVID COOK. It’s the 10th caller deal from STAR 101.5 again D: *stressed out already*
  3. Caved and bought an iPod nano so I could listen to the radio all day #IDidItForYouDavidCook
  4. Back to work. Got a bunch of reports done. Found out my desk was a no radio zone. #StaticAllTheWay #BusySignalAllTheTime T__T Recruited friends and family and coworkers to help calling 101.5~ #FML #MidweekPartyOfBlue
  5. Stressful calling radio station saga continued. The very first time I got through. “NUMBER NINE” It was even worse than a busy signal #HaveToBeCallerNumberTen
  6. Vacation. Took family to Whidbey Island, driving onto a ferry was one scary sh*t, no kidding x__X” Kapaw’s Iskreme was amazing though ♥ #CallerNumberSix D: Also took me a while to figure the Getglue thing out *lol* #Crazy
  7. My relatives really really loved shopping *lol*
  8. Dropping my relatives off at the airport. Annual family trip had come to an end. Missed them already~ :( Drove home and got a very first flat tire at 11:50PM. Thank goodness for my brother #MyLife
  9. Drove to Les Schwab in the morning. DCook album photoshoot video! To Have Heroes’ Lost in America EP!! #ILOVEITSOHARDANDYSKIB!
  10. On top of being caller #5, it was a very horrid day at work
  11. Cried for two hours during my 1-on-1 with my boss. HORRID DAY AT WORK CONTINUED. D: TLM deluxe edition album cover revealed. Sorry, DCook, I liked the regular edition way better~
  12. Leftover exhaustion from yesterday. Still no luck calling 101.5, we were caller #1, #3 and #5 during the last round of the day >__<
  13. OMG so many things going on. Acoustic EP title and cover revealed “This Quiet Night” IT SOUNDS SO HIM. SO HIM. PERFECT. GAH! #CannotWait Skipped work for 2 hours to go to Southcenter Car Toys for the ticket stop thing. YAY for tickets. FINALLY!!!! STAR LOUNGE, HERE I COME!!! #HappyDance #LuckyFriday13th More exclusive stuff. Vinyl and Ultimate Fan Pack RIGHTY. *lolz* Ordered vinyl for no good reason… :P
  14. Couldn’t stop watching Jesse Eisenberg clips on YouTube. He’s soooooooooo adorable!!! XD
  15. Remind me to do my laundry more often than this #ItTookForever D:
  16. This Loud Morning available for pre-order on iTunes. Pre-ordered both editions because regular has digital booklet while deluxe has bonus tracks and ‘making of’ clip (which will also be on bajillion CDs I pre-ordered from DCO *lol*) MEH for the same bonus tracks though
  17. DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 9 – Seattle. Amazing acoustic performance. Almost fainted when DCook said he remembered me from Las Vegas. OMG. *thuds* Finally gave him the wallpaper printouts~ :D FANTASTIC DAY THANKS TO DCOOK AND NFT ♥
  18. STAR 101.5 posted the entire performance on their website. YAY! Plus a bunch of pictures from the show. I had the shittiest smile on my face LOLZ *headdesks*
  19. Played with photoshake, it got tricky trying to make these mirrored collage, so I threw them back in Photoshop instead *lol* I love this side-by-side thing :)
  20. Morning email surprise from Megan. ILU. ♥ Helped my sister with her homework and learned some new Photoshop tricks from her <3
  21. Pirates of the Caribbean!! I love Johnny Depp~ Plus new blog header! And me as my sister sees it! *lolz*
  22. An attempt to organize my server → failed miserably *lol* OMG The Last Goodbye music video released! Available for free on iTunes!! OMG LOVE IT SO HARD I CANNOT EVEN. ♥
  23. Force feeding my boss The Last Goodbye MV, he admitted it’s cute~ *lol* Had some ideas for a new wallpaper!
  24. Snooooooozy day at work. Idol Top 2 performed. YAY Archie’s face on Idol! *so presh* YAY DCook on Idol! #HeLookedRidiculouslyGoodInThatOutfit #SoDidAndySkib DC sounded amazing as usual but I was a bit bummed that they had to pre-tape it due to time constraint. I loved the full version they did at Concert for Hope more. Plus, this DYFAM got cut short, it’s missing the epic LA LA LA at the end! *pouts*
  25. Idol finale! #ILoveYouThisBig~ (apparently, all moms in my building LOVE this song very very much, a bunch of them picked up the phone to vote for the first time this season!) Ordered To Have Heroes Lost In America EP from CD Baby, I love having CDs in my hands :)
  26. Finally done with The Last Goodbye wallpaper! I’m super proud of this one! ♥
  27. At work since 6am, way too early to properly function. Short day at work though. Went out for Vietnamese dinner~ #Yummy~
  28. Dropped my brother off at the airport at 5:45am. Came back home to sleep. Made a behind the scenes for TLG wallpaper. Went to Taco Bell at 272nd St. for lunch. HOLY what’s going on with all these trucks? o_O” Other than that, I love their limeade! Early dinner at Mirak Korean BBQ, good food, bad service, as always *lol* Starbucks Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino ice cream was SO GOOD..
  29. Lord of the Rings marathon! Legit my most favorite movie EVER. ♥
  30. Memorial Day. Major cleaning event. Vacuumed my car for the first time in about a year *lol oops* Cleaned my room and found a ton of stuff I bought from forever ago in my closet #IAmSoGoodAtHidingStuff Got a 3-opening 5×7 frame for my DNA series. Take a look at my current ~domain! :)
  31. Super slow day at work, had a hard time keeping myself awake, considered napping in privacy room.. *lol* Missed a hot yoga class again due to some urgent work *boo* May ended with an awesome semi homemade dinner: bacon wrapped steak, Asian salad, garlic fried rice and veggie soup, plus special Thai spicy sauce. #MeTooFull

Couldn’t believe we’re almost half way through 2011 already.

Life is still good! :)


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