I love talking about my wallpapers, even when no one wants to talk to me *lol*

This one can also be considered as my second reaction to the MV, what I felt about each frame is basically why I chose them. :)

((click for full size))

My boss saw this new wallpaper on my office laptop, he really liked it! We went over how I made it for about 10-15 minutes, and he was like: shouldn’t it be a simpler way? LOLZ I BET but I did not know that way! XD

I showed my brother and sister TLG MV last night. They loved it! And they’re all CSI-ing over this storyline with me *lol*

My brother said TLG sounded like his previous stuff. I told him no, it’s because he’s been listening to this song in my car whenever he drove it for the past month or so. *lol* No wonder he could sing along already. HA!


2 Responses to [Wallpaper] The Last Good Bye – Behind the Scenes

  1. Diana says:

    Love your wallpaper – love all your artwork. You are so very talented.

    I hate when people do this and you can tell me to STFU but I spotted a typo and I thought you might want to know. I would want to know but I’m grammatically anal. Quite.

    • naughtiest says:

      OMG embarrassing! I just fixed them and please, definitely tell me if you see more! *lol* I’m super prone to typo so I really appreciate it! Thank you so much!

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