May 21, 2011 | david cook, et cetera, header |

Learned a few Photoshop tricks from my sister yesterday, including how to quickly create round square template like this one. Yay for new blog header! :)

It was a crazy week *lol*

Lots of things going on in real life, fangirl life and work life (I suppose it’s real life too. HA.). I felt exhausted but in a good way.

Got 12 hours of sleep in last night, so I’m good as new~ If I could get a Thai massage here, I’d be even better than new *lol*

Thinking about adding some pages to my FEATURED section on the sidebar. Probably will repost DAVID / NEAL / ANDY wallpaper series together for future reference. Also may combine all my wallpapers into one page, still figuring it out how exactly I want to do it though.

My sister reenacted my latest DCook encounter the other night. It was cracktastic at best. My family couldn’t stop laughing. She told me that Dave actually said “have a nice day” to me after the hug, but I didn’t remember that. Deep-fried brain is deep-fried after all. *lol* I also whined about how I didn’t get to talk to Neal, and my sister was like “oh, he was there (on stage)”, and I was like “WHAT?! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!” *headdesks*

btw, looking through photos from STAR 101.5 website, I would love to send the photographer a lens cleaning kit. Seriusly. DUSTY to the point of no return. D:

The Last Goodbye music video on Monday! Can’t wait for that! Well, I can’t wait for so many things! Haha.

Happy weekend everyone! :)


2 Responses to frames!

  1. Sue says:

    Wow, it’s awesome! Can you teach me how to do that? It’s ok if you’re busy.. :)

    • naughtiest says:

      oh boy, I really don’t know how to simply explain this, it’s more like a hands-on practice with a ton of trials and errors when my sister showed me how to do it. For my last three posts, I did them all differently x__X”

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