hiding something?

August 26, 2008 | ps-tt, tsubasa |

LOL, I mentioned on my previous post about Tsu’s right hand on my header that it looks like he’s hiding something. Kudos to Tsubaholic’s brain and her perfect answer! XDD


Mission accomplished, now back to a bigger photoshop project~ ^^


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  1. mich says:

    waaahhahahahahahahaaa….. great one, tsubaholic!!! :D:D
    and gr8 work on photoshop, naughtiest! ^^

    btw, i missed the last post. but, nice header!! my fav. color combi too! xD

  2. tsubaholic says:




    It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Awwww Tsu Tsu Tsu. You missed your honey in Osaka right?

  3. kehluh says:

    Your photoshop skill always amaze me!!!

    Had imagined a little how it may look like when Tsubaholic brought up that fantastic idea. Thanks to your great photoshop skills, it is like seeing the real picture ^___^

  4. Hayashi says:

    P’a ka….555+
    when I first time saw this pic,I haven’t read the text yet!!!…
    feel like ” ahhhhhh…really!!!”…
    you’re “PRO” na ka…555+

  5. Loonykat says:

    OMG! u hv gr8 photoshop skill!!! perfect.. it’s really looks peerffeccttt !! no words for that..

    thanks tsubaholic for that idea!^^ n i hv to agree with u naughtiest, his back is looking too damn delicious.. *blushing* esp now in his tanned color.. Oooohhh..

    thanks you for this, smile light up my face n i cant stop staring n touching my comp screen w ur pic!! XDDD his back n takki uchiwa.. ALL!! hahaha

  6. naughtiest says:

    *hi5 for the color scheme* xD such a classic color combo ne~ ^^

    YAY! I’m glad you like it! I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I read your comment, so I jumped on it as soon as I got home last night LOL (luckily you didn’t say that he’s holding something kinky, that could have been a problem~ XD)

    it’d be so cute if he’s using Takki’s uchiwa to fight the hot weather in Osaka~ heeheeeee~~

    thank you so much! This was a fun photoshop job since I have a picture of that uchiwa handy. I was giggling like a lune when trying to match it with Tsu’s hand xD

    nToey~ ROFL, glad you like it ja,
    for TeeRak~ I can do anything to involve Takki! (your sister must have disapproved this LOL)

    Thank you! smooth tan back is such a fangirl fantasy xD I used this pix as a desktop screen at work, my boss saw it and just shook his head.. LOL

  7. Stephi-chan says:

    Yes! Mystery’s been solved!
    Bravo to Tsubaholic…and your amazing PS skillz.
    I love it!

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