2 weeks ago, wribbit came up with an idea of scanlating this super cute interview. I simply said YES! LOL So, here we go, proudly presented our first attempt at T&T scanlation~

[T&T scanlations] Poporo 2008.10 (regular version)
download: MF // MU

And I bet some of you are looking forward to this higeless version too! LOL show


Enjoy this lovely interview! ♥

Feel free to direct people to this post. But do not re-post this scanlation elsewhere without our permission.

wribbit – scanned / translated / QC’ed
naughtiest – cleaned / edited / shaved Tsu’s face

I really have to say that this is where being a BL fangirl finally paid off. LOL I was previously in a scanlation group, *coughs*havinganicetimecleaningsmexscenes*coughs* which helped a ton this time! XD

We started off with special page, and I was whining how they place texts on those color backgrounds with diagonal patterns. BWAHAHA!! Silly me, I almost stabbed myself when I reached the first spread with all those fonts on top of fonts on top of their clothes. And *WHACKS* poporo for being so big and didn’t fit wribbit’s scanners!

Third spread was the one that I spent the most time on. I love how Poporo editor(s) used different layers of texts as background to make the texts stand out. It looks nice BUT it’s also a pain in the butt trying to remove those texts!

40+ hours of joining pages, cleaning, and editing was insanely insane, my back hurts, and I feel like I’m having a 2nd full-time job! LOL However, it’s so nice being able to read their interview like this. ^^

Comments are appreciated, otherwise, let’s fangirl! ♥


10 Responses to [T&T scanlations] Poporo 2008.10

  1. loonykat says:

    this is lovely!! thank u both so much! hv jus dl, will comment again after reading.. thanks again! ^^

  2. mich says:

    waahh… arigato!!! i’ll just grab this before i go back. and drool over it later while i read…
    it’s nice to be able to read it in english like that!!
    it must have taken alot of work!! otsukarechan!! ^^

    btw, i have no problem at all hige!tsu *runs*

  3. Loonykat says:

    OMG! i jus manage to see the scan n i’m expecting a total words translation in another page.. not knowing u combined the both! Oh, this is jus too good to be true.. Thanks so much, naughtiest n wribbit! i’m like seeing a english mag totally!!! this is so great!! u make me so happy with this! yay! ^^

    n naughtiest, i love ur side bar w those display of T&T stuffs n their reviews, kirei ^^

  4. naughtiest says:

    LOL If this is just a translation alone, you’ll get to read it since last week since wribbit did a terrific job on that part. It was the photoshop part that took me so long xD

    ahh I’m glad you like my sidebar! I love the photos I took of each release~ LOL

    thanks mich! I did take a lot of time but the result made me beam to no end ^^
    can I count this as my 6th anniv project? XD
    tsk tsk, hige!tsu is kakkoii but I still love princess!tsu more~ LOL

  5. Reiko says:

    Wow…I have to *bow* to the experts here (naughtiest and wribbit) for scanlations to this issue. Thank you so much for all your hard work into this project. I also never would’ve known the translations were also with the scans. Great job! I can’t thank you guys enough with all the hard work and effort you all put into it, esp. the Photoshop parts to the scans. lol

    Thanks so much also for all the lovely scans, esp. the ones w/o the hige. lol

    I’ve noticed I missed a page too on my own scans (the last page) so, seeing these reminded me again…thanks~ -_-

  6. tsubaholic says:

    Yahooo I took the higeless version. LOL
    Thanks to you and Wribbit both for all your hard work!!! m(__)m
    Btw I understand your pain about removing text.
    I frequently remove text from fashion magazine spreads when I use photos for concepting at work, and it definitely is a HUGE nuisance photoshopping all that type out.

  7. naughtiest says:

    you are my inspiration behind the higeless version! xDD

    btw, do you have any trick on how to remove those texts effectively? I used clone stamp and healing tools like crazy, my mouse is about to die, but it’s still kinda patchy when I looked at it closely (300% <- bad habit from BL scanlation day ^^") speaking of, I wish I'd get to see more of your portfolio some day, those two on your about page are not enough :)

  8. Thanks a lot for this!! <3
    I can’t believe you made a higeless version XDDDD Had to take both :’D Tho I rather like his hige :3 ….for most of the time at least XDDD;;

  9. naughtiest says:

    ROFL! I couldn’t believe myself either! xD I think I’m okay with Tsu’s hige but I just love his clean baby face much more LOL

  10. suki says:

    Thank you.
    I’m digging around in your blog and found this.
    lol…for the record, I have T&T’s charm. I have the crying mole like Takki and the scar above the right eye like Tsubasa. It’s fate!

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