I kidded myself when I thought I would survive.

Dropped dead on spot. As usual. *lol*

STAR Lounge
Seattle, WA

warning: crazy fangirl incoherent thoughts, flailing hard guaranteed, quite a bit of photos, again a long post with details of what happened before and after the show for my memory’s sake, proceed at your own risk~

I brought 2 cameras with me and just gave one to my sister. *lol* ↑ She took the above shot, isn’t she awesome? :)

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At the beginning for May, STAR 101.5 made an announcement about the next STAR Lounge performance.


#@($&)!#^&⁄@!!! Oh boy. Here we go again.

Seriously, do you know how hard it is to be the 10th caller and win a pair of tickets? During those two stressful weeks, I managed to get through a few times and was caller #1, #3, #4, #6, #8 and #9. I have to tell you, being caller NUMBER NINE hurts more than hearing busy signals. *lol*

I usually don’t listen to the radio. I knew that online radio delayed. I finally had an excuse to buy an iPod nano. YAY! *LOLZ* #StoryOfMyLife

The problem was my desk had the worst radio signal ever. EVER. Most of the time I heard static. My coworkers probably thought I was crazy when I constantly moved around, lifting my hand/arm/head to get a better signal. *lol*

Anyway, no luck calling in, BUT THANK GOODNESS FOR CAR TOYS. They had the Car Toys Ticket Stop thing on Friday 5/13, giving away 5 pairs of tickets. Long story short, I had my mom, my brother and my sister with me. We won tickets. My family was relieved because they were afraid I would have a mental breakdown if we didn’t win. XD

Again, thanks everyone who sent positive vibes my way during the drawing process! :)

I got back to the office, got a message from STAR 101.5 that I also won their online contest. LOLZ OMG after two painful weeks of calling and bugging my entire family and all my coworkers to help me call, and I ended up with extra tickets! I couldn’t believe it!

Also, I told my boss since I knew about this STAR Stage that it’s my priority. HA. So he let me reschedule my training class on 5/17 and just told me to have fun. #BestBossOnEarth


I picked my sister up around 10ish, went to the post office, and hit highway 18 East! Oh boy, it was actually a long drive to Snoqualmie Casino when I had to drive myself! 45 minutes later, we arrived at the casino. OMG there’s a line in front of Club Sno already! We met some fans and checked in. My sister and I were actually starving at this point though I really really wanted to vomit due to all my nervous energy. *lol* The radio station gave us voucher for the Falls Buffet, but we’re not big fans of buffet so we decided to forgo lunch for good seats during the show instead #Priorities #GiveItUpForMyAwesomeSister!

After 10-15 minutes of waiting in line (thanks for the CD, Robin! ♥), they let us flow into Club Sno. Most of the front row seats were reserved, so I opted for 2nd row, Neal’s side. My sister would like to whack me for choosing  this side because the light came in from the other side and we would have to fight it during the show. I didn’t think about it. #FailedAsAPhotographer I just wanted to see Neal closer *lol*

While waiting, I just realized I haven’t really seen their guitar cases before. Do you know that they all have these green masking tapes on the cases. DC “Center Stage”, NFT “S/L” (stage left) and “DRx Gibson Humingbird Gold Top”, etc. :)


A few minutes later, Alan (101.5 DJ) came on stage and did some boxer/thong giveaways. *lol*

And here we go! Alan was back to introduce Dave (and sponsors), and we were looking like where were they?! I thought they would come from the front but Dave and Neal walked from the back. I turned to my right and saw Dave and almost lost it.


Dave introduced himself and Neal after they settled on stage. First song was Heroes!

Hi Neal~ ♥

And Neal’s hands (told you, I’m obsessed *lol*)


  • said he’s gonna keep it casual and fun, playing songs and answering questions, but if we don’t have any questions, he’d shut his mouth  (OH SELLA HOW I MISS YOU LOLZ) and play more songs.
  • someone congratulated him on This Loud Morning doing well on iTunes, Dave asked “how well is it doing?”, it was #14 at that moment and Dave said nice, that’s awesome :)
  • Q1: CD release party
    DC: discussing possibility, ideally he wants to do it closer to KC, nothing firm yet, asking for management in the back, will announce in a few weeks as soon as he knows
  • Alan told Dave that if he forgot the lyrics, a fan in the front who happened to be a birthday girl can sing them all
    DC: “as people who come to multiple shows will attest, I’m pretty prone to forgetting the lyrics, if I’m staring at you creepily, that’s why” (lolz) HBD btw~
  • Q2: zombie apocalypse, who in the band survives the longest? (A+ question! even Dave likes it!)
    DC: (without even a pause) “NEAL DOES. Absolutely, I can answer that for him” (LOLZ). Said Neal’s been prepared for a few years now, he’s not sure he believes in zombies himself but he did read Zombie Ants. Anyway, hypothetically, “I would like to think I can run like hell if I need to”  (oh Dave ♥), asked Neal for thoughts, Neal didn’t have a mic, but he said something to Dave and Dave was like, “I pretty much nailed whatever he said” (these two.. lol)

  • Q3-1: (from the birthday girl) how’s Dublin?
    DC: Dub’s good, back home in LA, probably chewing something he’s not supposed to be chewing right now
  • Q3-2: she’s graduation her vet school in 3 years and would like to be his personal vet
    DC: *lol* send in your resume~
    Alan: one thing about the vet, you can date the patient (lol)

Moving along, last single from the last record; Come Back To Me~ (OH MELODY HOW I MISS YOU ♥)

btw, I’m not a shoe person, so I probably wouldn’t notice their matching shoes if Neal hadn’t yfrog-ed this last night *lol* But yeah, definitely a match! :)


  • Q4: Hard To Believe, same as Dave Hodges’?
    DC: yes, they did more work/rework on the song, great song, he really enjoys it, hope everybody likes it

  • Q5: Still keep in touch with season 7 idol alum, specifically MJ?
    DC: talks to Archie every few weeks, catches up with MJ every few months, saw MJ singing God Bless America the other day (or night? can’t remember). Tough, mostly catching up on Twitter

    • Q6: SHOWBOX SHOW where they filmed it~
      DC: boo boo quality he’s seen it (LOLZ) will try to do something else with this records
    • Q7: most embarrassing concert moment?
      DC: “oh god, by a landslide, I got this one” (LOLZ I love it so much when he said oh god); told us about how he fell during their 3rd show of Declaration Tour because of the water he spit during H4T (LOLOLOLZ OMG SO ADORB). He fell again in Tulsa, a few months later but the lights went out as he’s falling so technically nobody saw he fell (WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE DAVID COOK?! ♥)

  • Q8: Northwest band that inspired him the most
    DC: Soundgarden and Pearl Jam (cheers)

Dave said it’s a fantastic question as it led to the next song. Talked about Chris Cornell and how they met at his doctor’s office and how awkward it was just like his answer right now *lol* Light On!

Awesome long glory note before the end of the song. Audience cheered, so he laughed (so friggin’ cute) and cleared his throat before he continued *LOLZ*


  • Q9: how was the saki last night? (I assumed it’s the same as sake?)
    DC: good, he didn’t help all that much, (asked Neal) pretty good/smooth
  • Q10: plan to release anything from Analog Heart?
    DC: really proud of Analog Heart, but it’s a point in time. By releasing it, it means he’s holding off on releasing new materials for us to enjoy. Pre-Idol records, he actually told people to give it to friends and get the words out (aka it’s okay to upload AH, but support him by buying stuff from RCA, peeps ^^)

OT: my mandatory side profile super close-up shot *lol*

  • Q11: new Idol judges?
    DC: entertaining, gets a little bummed sometimes when he thinks they should be critical but they’re not or they are critical where they shouldn’t be (WORDS)
  • Q12: who’s he voting for?
    DC: Scotty is a front runner. Haley made leaps and bounds over the past few weeks. Lauren is good but she doesn’t know how good she is yet. Any of them can win, whoever steps out. “But it’s not gonna be me” (if you’re in this season, you’d beat the crap out of them DCook)
  • Q13: tracklisting for This Quiet Night
    DC: don’t know yet, tracked 8-9 songs on Saturday, more than they’re going to use. (can we just have a 20-song super EP, please? *lol*), praise his band, applause for Neal~ :)
  • Q14: Vietnam?
    DC: yes, playing next month on Andrew’s birthday, will have to make it up to his brother but he’s not taking AC to Vietnam with him (LOLZ)

Last song, The Last Goodbye

My first time with TLG live! From the beginning where Neal’s tapping his guitar to the last note, OMG AMAZEBOMBS. Dave sounded so soooo sooooooo good. I can’t even. ♥

Dave tossed a pick and it landed on the front of the stage. Dang it. LOL

Before his last song~

DC: I wanna say thanks to Star 101.5 for having us and thank you guys here for coming out and hopefully enjoy yourselves and making all that noises~ yeah~


After that, we got in line for a photo with Dave. (where’s Neal? D:) Dave and Neal had to go to Portland for another radio appearance, so it’s a bit rushed. When it’s our turn, this happened..

me: hi Dave!
DC: hey~
me: remember me?
DC: Yeah!
me: really? o_O”
DC: *nods* from Vegas!
me: *is dead forever but keeps on babbling* (OMG HE REALLY DOES REMEMBER ME) oh my gosh.. *shows him the photo in my hand* I brought this for you, the one I owed you from Vegas~
DC: *looks then smiles* yes~ thank you!

So, we took a picture together, I had this big huge gigantic grin on my face. Then, I gave him the DAVID wallpaper, and told him that there’re two more in the envelope, NEAL and ANDY.

He thanked me, and when my sister and I had to walk off stage, DAVE OPENED HIS ARM AND GAVE ME A HUG.

I DIED ON SPOT. (I did hug him back though, good job, deep fried brain! *lol*)


Thanks for being you, Mr. Cook. ♥

I stumbled off, received a 5×7 autographed glossy from the staff, and fell into one chair. My sister told me to keep it together. My hands were shaking. Literally SHAKING. (I wonder if I’ll ever have a normal conversation with him without freaking out afterwards every time? *headdesks*)

btw, Neal, where’s my huge ass Korean hug?!

We didn’t stay and hang around after that. My sister was a saint and I didn’t want to see her starve to death, so we walked over to Kindai sushi bar for our late lunch with Barbara. Yummy~

Drove home, didn’t really talk about the STAR Lounge. My sister just said “please don’t be too crazy” *lol* I love her.

It was an amazing day that I will remember for a long long time. ♥

ps1. I really can’t wait for This Quiet Night. ACOUSTIC = AMAZEBOMBS. Dave sounded amazing today~

ps2. DC is still too much for my poor heart ♥

ps3. NFT has the cutest smile whenever he decides to smile

ps4. Highlight of my life: DAVID COOK REMEMBERS ME FROM LAS VEGAS. I guess there’s not a lot of creepy Asian fangirls out there? LOLZ

ps5. STAR 101.5 will post a video of the whole show on their website. Be sure to check it out! And I want a part-time job as a photographer for radio station

ps6. Oh, and I got a suggestion for a new title of my blog series: I DIE A THOUSAND DEATHS, since he murdered me so many times already *lol* (thanks, Vickie!)

ps7. If you’re still reading to this point, thank you! If you consider leaving a comment and make me happy, ILU! Or you can totally continue to be a blog creeper and I’ll forever know you by your IP address. No pressure. LOLZ.

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