Had a flat tire last night. My first ever. My brother had to muscle a spare in for me around midnight. #IsThisRealLife?! #OhYeah Brought my car to Les Schwab this morning. Took longer than I thought, ended up 3 hours late for work. Awesome.

And then this happened. ♥

Everything was better all of a sudden~ *lol*

Making a collage on iPhone is easy, what’s hard is screen capture the frame I want! #DriveMeNuts~ I think my home and power buttons are broken from being repeatedly pushed *lol* Plus the image is pretty LQ.

Anyway, nothing Photoshop can’t fix!

Added a deep tissue massage and Andy’s Lost in America EP to the list, Monday turned out to be amazing after all.

Now bed! ♥

ps. do want ALL PHOTOS from this shoot. OMG~


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