A new header! *beams*

I felt like I committed a crime though, scanning this precious WWTP pamphlet I just received on Saturday. I swear, this is the only page I’d scan as it’s such a painful thing to do, pressing the pamphlet against the scanner bed T__T But I couldn’t possibly resist!

Two weeks ago, I was in an extremely boring all-day meeting. I was running late so i forgot to bring my notepad and other accessories. All I had with me was a blue pen (well, and my car key). Bored to the max, I grabbed an evaluation form that we supposed to turn in after the meeting, flipped it over and started writing gibberish.

For those who know me, I do not draw. LOL My drawing capability does not really exist. Anyway, I tried to come up with an idea for my new banner, at first, thinking of Tsu’s flamenco pose. Then, for god know reasons, I started drawing! XD ↓↓

I had an image in my mind, of him with one angel wing and one devil wing, for such a long time, along with an idea of a B&W wallpaper, splitting in half.. kinda yin-yang in one person with these two wings. Imagination at work. LOL

My coworker who sat next to me asked me why his pants were sitting so low. I told her I watched too much Olympics swimming xD

Sooooooo, can you imagine how thrilled I was when I saw Tsu’s naked back in the pamphlet?! I bounced for a good 5 minutes! LOL (not to mention that they used one of my favorite fonts on the pamphlet! Scriptina rules!! weeeeheeee~~) I tried to scan the postcard first, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted, so I bit my tongue and grabbed the pamphlet…. (T__T)v

It’s definitely worth the painful moment though.

Black, white and crimson, my favorite combo. I love my new header~ YAY!! ^___^


8 Responses to For the love of this naked back…

  1. tsubaholic says:

    Wait, is that a BUTT-CRACK I see in your drawing??????
    I bent my pamphlet too, to scan some of the pics… wahhhhhhhhh

  2. Stephi-chan says:

    I see Tsubie crack in the drawing… *runs* Brings back lovely, yummy images of Michael Phelps in that wetsuit…. XD *hides*

    I love your new header! It’s fantastic and Tsu is so shmexxy! It’s quite a change for you I think…Tsubie instead of Takki. Keep up the nice work! Sorry you had to bend your pamphlet to do it! =( That’s always so painful!

  3. glenda says:

    Lovely header! That is such a nice picture of him…um, don’t know the big $ photography words for it LOL Lots of definition? It’s a great pamphlet; I personally think it is better than last year’s. Probably because there are more pictures of him :p

  4. naughtiest says:

    *is caught* you spotted the butt crack! XDDD I wasn’t gonna draw the pants but my coworkers kept watching so I had to LOL
    I banged my head against the wall for not getting a 2nd copy T__T

    lol, oh god, if we’re talking about US swimming team, it has to be front, not back… their swim pants are lower than low rise! LOL

    I totally love the way he placed his hand, to me, it’s about some secrets, something hidden .. This pamphlet rocks! ^^

  5. Loonykat says:

    great header! n so true it heart breaking to bend any pamp of them against the scanner ne.. i hv to take such care n in e end i laugh stupidly at myself.. LOL

    this is my 1st tsuba pamp, n i’m not disappointed AT ALL ^^

    n i love ur drawings

  6. tsubaholic says:

    hiding something.

    Naughtiest, I bet he’s holding a Takki uchiwa in his right hand~~~~~

  7. Stephi-chan says:

    Maybe we should get Azuki to do a drawing of this…that way we will have the answer once and for all *wink*…what Tsu’s holding….what’s the secret. hehe
    But his back is SO NICE.

    Yah, was definitely talking about the US swim team…lol…front, back…just the general area is yummy to me *runs* and definitely lower than low rise!!! Those wet suits guaranteed my continued viewing of the swim meets for the entire run of the Olympics. XDD

  8. naughtiest says:

    you’ll love all Tsu’s pamphlets!! It’s so classy and of nice quality ^^


    I have to shamelessly say that I want to lick Tsu’s back! It’s so lickable~~~ LOL

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