[April 2011]

April 30, 2011 | RL recap |

Yet another monthly recap ♥

  1. Director turned off all lights in the office in an attempt to conserve energy while maintenance’s still fixing power issue. #ItsReallyDarkInTheOffice #EverbodyHasGlowingFace LOLZ
  2. Went to B&N with a friend. Got a copy of Runway Magazine. TANGLED!!! ♥ 7-day countdown to Pet-A-Palooza! #Excited! #TheGreatPetAPaloozaEscape LOLZ THE FUTURE HAS BEEN WRITTEN!!
  3. What’s the point of doing a poll if you’re cheating? D:
  4. Started having a travelnervous feeling already x__X” #IDoLoveFlyingTho!!
  5. OMG! A fortune cookie that really predicted the future!! MELODY~~~~~ ♥
  6. Seriously, Seattle? It’s APRIL and I still had to defrost my car in the morning?! D: #AnotherYearWithoutSpring #NotAMeditationYo! Had trouble packing, Vegas weather was confusing~
  7. Hauled 45 lbs of seafood to Las Vegas! OMG Southwest had the best ticketing agent ever! He upgraded me to family boarding #6thRowWindowSeat YAY~
  8. VIVA ELVIS was awesome. Officially turned into a creeper. LOLZ. MELODY, ILU~ ♥ #OhDCookHandWriting~
  9. DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 8 – Las Vegas Best. Day. Ever. ♥ #Pet2011 #IsThisRealLife?
  10. Dinner party at Bright Nimbus. My aunt cooked for 4-5 hours and wouldn’t let me touch anything ^^” Driving in Las Vegas was chotto ~scary.
  11. Back to reality. Back to Seattle rain. Long lunch with the ladies at Pete’s BBQ. Concert recap completed! #Accomplished~
  12. Back to work #RealityOfReality
  13. The Last Goodbye single cover and lyrics IN DCOOK’S HANDWRITING. #OMGOMGOMG #FLAILS #FAINTS ♥
  14. #ExtremePhotoshopMode
  15. Changed my office laptop to the one of NFT that I just made. BOSS: Is that Casey Abrams? #IAMSOGOINGTOKILLHIM HOLY THIS LOUD MORNING ALBUM COVER!!! *___* #SonicLandscape #ZombieSpeakers #WhereTheHeckAreTheOthers?! Lovely lighting, I LOVE IT!
  16. My sister’s attempt at saying “GUYLINER” came out as “MANCARA” LOLZ FOREVER.
  17. Not that I supported whoever leaked it, but OMG SO CATHCY I LOVE IT SO MUCH. #OnRepeat
  18. The Last Goodbye, AVAILABLE NOW ON ITUNES! I love living on the west coast sometimes! <333
  19. Gifted friends and family and boss the heck out of The Last Goodbye *lolz*
  20. Hello again, allergy
  21. Dropped family off at the airport, having a house to myself for a week. THANK GOODNESS. David Cook and the Anthemic on Idol! I LOVE THE LAST GOODBYE SO MUCH. #PerfectEyelashes ♥ Also, upgraded my pre-order to Fan Pack. Kinda wanted the lyric sheet too, but had no clue what to do with a LEFT-HANDED GUITAR. *lol* Also bought a few copies of Fan Edition for my boss and my director LOLZ
  22. Finally had a chance to sit down and make an album art for my Pet-A-Palooza folder. Something simple, I love it. :)
  23. Gorgeous day. Perfect for Easter egg hunt.
  24. A very much needed lazy Sunday~
  25. Spent 12 hours at work. #BrainForeverDead x__X”
  26. David Cook and the Anthemic on Ellen. Amazing sound. Way way way better than Idol performance. GLEE!!! *flails* The Voice was awesome too~
  27. Jury tweet from NFT. OMG laughing so hard in the office. Megan is a genius!! ♥
  28. Finance-to-Finance review. A quarterly pain.
  29. Insurance card is important yo. Drove back and forth between home, office, doctor’s office, mall and hotel. Spent $55 on gas #Depressing
  30. In Portland, Oregon with the family~ Good times.

Recap out!

Life is good! :)


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