I’m bored.

August 18, 2008 | et cetera |

Besides WWTP reports that made me drool and whine for a DVD, I’m dying for T&T activities. This drought is worse than those previous ones for some reasons. I feel kinda lost, like I have nothing to do or to look forward to. It seriously sucks when they don’t have regular stuff together..AT ALL! (well, DXing doesn’t count because we can’t see when it’s happening LOL).

Even golf is boring, because Tiger Woods is not playing -“-

So I resumed my bad reading habit. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop until I fell asleep around 3am. And once I finished one book, I grabbed the next one -“- This habit combined with the Beijing 2008, I’m pretty much sleep deprived for the past few weeks. *yawns*

I saw it on LJ that they’re going to sell permanent account again later this year. At first, I want it so that I don’t have to worry about it again whether they’re going to add bajillion ads to basic account or not. But would it be $175 (if they’re not raising their price) well spent considering I hardly go to LJ lately? Heck, I don’t even check my email lately. I think one main reason that I’m kinda inactive in LJ is because of I don’t have 100+ icon spaces anymore. Sounds stupid but I love my shiny icons, so when my choices were down to 6, I got bored.

Work-wise, I was really busy pretty much because I was out of my office a lot on meeting/seminars/workshops that I didn’t really have time to be a lazy bum.

I watched SAW movies over the past week. All 4 of them. I think I like the first one the best, just because it was the most unexpected one. SAW II made me giggle because of that macho guy. SAW III was nice since they gave us some answers, but after watching this one, I was like, ehh.. How could the story continue with *beeeeeeep* Hence, SAW IV got me tricked about the time line, I was confused for a big while before I got a clue. And now I want SAW V!! XD

Oh well, yes, the films are all gruesome, but you’ve gotta give it to the writers for coming up with all these different ways to kill people ^^” One thing I like about SAW is that they actually gave us some answers (unlike The X-files that the-truth-is-out-their-but-they’ll-never-tell-us xD), everything is linked together. On the other hand, why the hell couldn’t ANYONE survive? >_<” It’s always be test after test after test that eventually the person who played the ‘game’ would fail..

Heroes is coming back next month, thank goodness! Last season got cut short because of that writer strike so I can’t wait for the story to continue.

Writing about my jury duty experience last week, will probably post it soon.

But for now….

I’m bored.


2 Responses to I’m bored.

  1. mich says:

    i hate this drought, but i still seem to have so many things to do! and the olympics has been keeping my “work” productivity level low lol! “real work” wise too… boss is back and brought with him loads of work and upcoming major projects from the UK. btw, i wrote u an email :) when u have time ^^

  2. Stephi-chan says:

    I’m bored too. Besides my class work, there’s nothing. There’s usually something T&T releated for me to look forward to when I get out of class and get done with all my work, but now, NOTHING. This drought is murder.
    If you want some recommendations on books, I have a list about a mile long =P it’s my saviour from boredom at times like this. Especially now that it’s been raining here for days. (v__v)

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