Olympic mumbling

August 13, 2008 | et cetera |

Gotta love these games. The opening night was so grande~

There are so many exciting moments, especially in swimming where so many records were broken. Michael Phelps is nuts. That sums it all… xD The way he always emerges from water and takes the lead was just brilliantly C.R.A.Z.Y!

I think so far the best event was when the US men beat the French in 4x100m freestyle relay. Oh yeah, after the French said they’re going to smash the American :P

Aaron Peirsol! ♥ I really like him since Athens 2004 because he always seems so relax and basically doesn’t really pay much attention to what happened besides snatching 3 golds from previous Olympics along with that weird DQ called by French(?) judge. It’s just unbelievable how he came back and won 100m backstroke, setting a new WR ^^

BTW, that Korean boy, Park Tae-Hwan bounced back nicely from his mistake 4 years ago when he fell into the pool and disqualified himself with false start. ^^;

However, for the life of me, I just couldn’t bring myself to merely like the US gymnastics teams, yes, TEAMS, both men and women. They’re just too dramatic for my taste as if they’re on reality TV show all the time. It’s really annoying. Stop looking for camera or talk to the camera all the time, dude. Shut up and pay attention to the game.

I was really happy China won both team events ^^

On the men’s team final night, I stayed up past midnight, cheering for the Chinese while cursing the German for not being able to made higher scores on all 3 pommel horse routines to snatch bronze medal after 2 disastrous routines from the first two US men… BTW, when the Chinese were on high bar, I had to step from the couch and watched it from the kitchen instead. I was that excited LOL

Anyway, I think the other big reason why I don’t like the US gymnastics teams is because the commentators. Ok, granted that they’re NBC, so they rooted for the American, but let’s be at least FAIR! They’re just soooooo biased towards the US girls. Last night, when the Chinese made a slight mistake, they said.. oooh big, major, huge deductions. When their scores came out not low enough, they started whining, called the judging panel ‘looser’. On the contrary, the US girls are soooo good, world champions, high starting points, complex routines blah blah. Duh, their executions were not that clean to get super high scores and other countries had difficult routines too..

It’s kinda mean but I was very pleased when Alicia Sacramone fell of BB and the commentator could only utter ‘and just like that’ and went dead silent. Man, silence is gold! And when she fell after her second tumbling on floor exercise, I smirked at another ‘ughhhh’ and ‘that..that is a disaster’ from the commentators.

And I dislike that old timer Romania coach, Bela Karolyi. I hate the way he appeared on the screen with his harsh comments. Sour grapes.

Almost 8, I’d better go get ready for tonight’s (so-called) live broadcast!

What’s your favorite sports? :)


4 Responses to Olympic mumbling

  1. mich says:

    GYMNASTICS!!! Women’s gymnastics!!
    But… i missed the finals yesterday, was at work :(

    For men’s, I seldom watch but I was supporting Japan lol, only saw them on the horizontal bars, and there’s this guy called Kohei Uchimura? Ahh.. but am ok that China won too. At least Japan beat USA! LOL!

    For women’s, I’ve always supported China & Romania (and only support USA when the Olympics was held there some years ago lol). My favourite gymnasts last time were Mo Huilan, Andrea Raducan, Simona Amanar, Yelena Piskun, Dominic Moceanu etc etc… This time round, I was rooting for China all the way!! SO GLAD THEY WON!!! ^^; (do u know anywhere I can watch videos of the finals yesterday lol~)

  2. naughtiest says:

    YAY for China!!! XD At Athens, I actually supported Russia’s Svetlana Khorkina, the Diva! She looked like a b*tch, acted like a b*tch, but I really do like her forms and styles. So elegant with that long lean body line. Almost heartbroken seeing her fell from uneven bar =__=

    You can find video for the entire final yesterday here. It’s under NBC encores “women’s gymnastics team final”. So much fun! ^^


    Japanese men were crazy on high bar! I almost had a heart attack watching them, and definitely YAY for beating the US! LOL

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    I’m all about swimming this year. Michael Phelps is GOD when it comes to swimming…I just hope he can keep it up.
    Japan’s Kitajima is awesome too….South Korea has done well. I’m elated for those countries too, because sometimes I feel they’re under-represented also. I’m disappointed with the US Gymnastic’s team, both men’s and womens, I feel that there’s something missing…and grant it, we’ve got some members that are injured and out of the competition..so we’re playing with replacements. That’s not good either.

    This year’s Olympics is interesting to say the least!

    And men’s basketball…Bryant and James…omg!

  4. mich says:

    thanks for the link! ^^; sigh, i’m going to miss the individual finals again! at work AGAIN! v_v; i wish there were dvds that i can buy of all these competitions…

    ah, svetlana khorkina, yea, she really looks so b*tchy lol! i don’t like her *runs* but my china colleague does, a lot! hehe… we were just watching one of her old uneven bar routines, seeing how she has to bend/open her legs while doing the giant… hehe recently, i’ve been youtubing loads of old gymnastics clips… natsukashii naa….

    not sure why, i always end up liking the not too muscular girls xD

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