An index page of my T&T premium live DVD fangirling posts :)

I forced myself to limit screencaps to only 4 for each part otherwise it’d be caps-overloaded in each posts ^^’ But it was a pretty insane thing to do considered I took more than 4000 caps for all these DVDs XDD


    A: offshot

    B: MCs

    B: offshot

    C: offshot


One Response to [T&T] Tackey & Tsubasa Premium Live DVD

  1. Reiko says:

    Thanks again for these lovely pics you’ve made. I bought all 3 of them but, still hadn’t had the chance to go through its entirety with every single boxset. *dies* -_- (hardly any time these days)

    From the moment I received them in the mail the day they were released, I saw ‘some’ of the offshot portions (not all of it), but only for Jkts A & B. I received C many months later…only having the chance to watch Takki’s Multi-Angle ‘Diamond’ footage to it, that’s all. Never went back again to view them all. *sigh* I’m such a terrible fangirl. (sumimasen T&T!)

    You’ve, again, indirectly spurred me into watching them all, FULLY this time around. lolol Thanks so much!!

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