With all the goodies pouring our way recently, I think I might die by the time this album actually drops *lol*

Full size HQ pix at ainow.org

Lauren Dukoff is awesome. I love her work. ♥

5 more days until The Last Goodbye. I feel like I should take a vacation on Tuesday 4/19 since chances are I’ll be up all night waiting for the single. *lol* But on the other hand, I should be at the office and play this single on repeat for 8 hours straight in order to burn it into my coworkers’ brains.

My director will finally get to hear his new music and he can stop saying “who’s this David Cook guys? he’s only have one hit song right? (and he means TIME OF MY LIFE. MY OH MY. LOLZ)

7 more days until David Cook & The Anthemic performing on American Idol. Cannot wait to see them on TV again! :)



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