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August 6, 2008 | et cetera, takitsuba |

To Mac users out there~

You might want to check this program out: Delicious Library

Basically, it lets you create your own library for books, movies, music and games. You can turn your iSight camera into a barcode reader and scan your CDs. I did it for T&T CDs/DVDs I have, and the program pulled covers and descriptions right out of Amazon Japan site (which is not really accurate LOL). You can also manually enter information or edit info and picture easily.

Thanks to Flowerypoopoo-san, here’s what mine currently looks like ^^


Sad footnote:

*hangs head* I just realized that Yume LE that I have is not a Japan version. I got it from Y!A back when I didn’t even have a clue about the difference T____T *bawls* I don’t want to go back to Y!A!!! It’s the most ebil site I’ve ever encountered!!!

But I know I’m still missing one Venus (B)…

Plus, I really want Dream Boy LE (the one with a hole) for no good reason …

Also, One! regular press (even though I have 3 copies of that red long box already, and I still have no clue where to find that white cover one -“-) …

Duh, add Enbujou regular press to the list too.. x_X




2 Responses to Delicious Library

  1. Loonykat says:

    oh naughtiest, these r so cool! u hv the “to be version” in the orange bag that i wanted! omg! n the normal version of “hatachi” N not to mention “yuki-chan” kyyyaaaa….

  2. Stephi-chan says:

    This is cool! I wish I had a Mac now so I could do this. Mac users get all the coolest gadgets it seems. It sucks for us normal Dell/PC users. =P lol
    You’ve got almost everything T&T it seems, except for a few odds and ends! Way to go! I’m impressed and in awe of you! I’d hate to think what all the costs of every item adds up to though. (v__v) It would probably pay my college education…

    ILU T&T! LOL

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