It takes me about 10-15 minutes to drive to my office in the morning, and most of the time I’m still half asleep even after taking a shower ^^; so I need something to pump me up. Being a sucker for ballad, more than 70% of the songs on my ipod are easy listening, yeah, lullaby type. XD

I tried putting my ipod into shuffle mode, but whenever I did that, I would skip skip skip most songs until I found T&T song to listen to. So I ended up switching back to my regular T&T playlists. LOL

Anyway, just out of curiosity,
if you have to pick top 5 T&T songs to wake you up in the morning, what will they be? ;)

My random 5 for today are: Himegoto, DMC, Words of LOVE, Diamond, KTT

Basically, something to shake my brain up XDD


3 Responses to If you have to pick top 5 T&T songs..

  1. Bonnie says:

    as soon as i read ur entry,
    i took out my iPod and started looking thru it XD
    hmmm, id have to say :

    Diamond, HIMEGOTO, 894, Koiuta, and Yakusoku- last-
    (and the “BON BON” rip, but thats not a song LOL)

    i kno this isnt part of ur question, but non-T&T songs that i like to wake up to are… CHEMISTRY’s This Night, Monkey Majik’s Around the World, Southern All Star’s Namida no Kiss, Ayumi Hamasaki’s My Name’s Woman, and Ayaka’s Mikkazuki. So if u guys want to find some awesome catchy songs, i recommend these.

  2. Tongari says:

    …!!! Definitely not x~dame~, since I use it as my alarm. x__x;;;

    Let’s see… To be, Yakusoku -Last-, HIMEGOTO, REAL DX, and Get Down. lol (Also African drum version of EDGE)

    I’m gonna copy Bonnie and list 5 songs outside of T&T. XD SIAM SHADE – Why not?, BUCK-TICK – Alive, MUCC – Shiva, TM Revolution – Hot Limit, and Tetsu69 – Shinkirou. And many more, but I can’t list them all!

    I’m into catchy and hard rock-type songs so it takes like 20 shuffles to get to a quiet song. XD Exact opposite. lol

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    Let’s see…
    Diamond, Yakusoku-Last, Real DX, Samurai, and Sadame….wait, I have to as a sixth song…Tsuba’s Edge. I love that song. Those would be the five that I wouldn’t mind hearing every morning to get me going! There are so many more though. That was a hard pick.

    Copying Bonnie and Tongari for non-T&T/JE songs, I’d include anything from Koda Kumi and KAT-TUN *runs*…also UVERworld. Please don’t throw veggies at me! XD LOL.

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