I made this one yesterday!

Just a simple wallpaper, I was just in a B&W mood last night.

Playing with his new lyrics (and today we got the full lyrics at DCO with the single cover YAY!).

Had a little hard time with lyrics placement, at first I was going to use the whole thing but it’s a little too clutter. “I know that we tried, But this is the last goodbye” was my first choice. But once I saw the whole lyrics, I found a perfect fit: “I wonder if he holds you like I did” ♥

Whatever. I just love having his big head on my screen, okay? *lol* No I’m kidding, I really do love his side profile :)


Photo taken at Pet-A-Palooza 2011, Las Vegas.

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  1. Nadica says:

    This is brilliant news! :) I am so chfefud for all of you, it will be life-changing and make such a huge difference!Thanks for sharing the pics too, I’m quite excited myself!! :Dhugsxxalisonxx

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