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April 16, 2006 | photo |

My family has been talking about going to the 23rd Annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival for a couple of weeks already, but the weather was pretty bad lately. Last week we planned to go, but it rained. And it was raining non-stop for the past 7 days. Yesterday, my sister and I checked it on the website, it said today would be some light rain in that area. We thought we’d go anyway. A few drops of water from the sky couldn’t stop us!

This morning, I checked weather.com again, it said “shower/heavy rain” all day in that area ^^; Big oops! I didn’t want to wait until next week since it’d be the third week into the festival and more than half of the flowers might be gone with the rain already. So this morning I called their information center to ask about the weather condition. The lady there told me “Oh, it’s a very lovely day for visiting the festival, we have clear blue sky with no sign of rain” Aha! I should’ve known better not to trust the weather man ^^

[Two hours later]

Located in the northern part of Washington State, about an hour away from the US-Canadian border, Skagit Valley is a beautiful area between the mountains, the river, the farmlands and the salt water.

We arrived there with no sign of rain but to a very cloudy weather. MEH! Knowing that we wouldn’t have much time before it’s raining, we started our photo session right away ^^

And then it rained, hard >__<” So we didn’t get a chance to go to the Tulip Town, which, according to the brochure, is the Children’s Fairy Tale Dream Walk with a good pathway to stroll and see more than 60 varieties of tulips. *pouts, wants to see that too!*

The traffic was very bad on our way back, it took us almost 2.5 hours to get back home. But when I look at these pictures, I think it’s worth the commute ^^


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