March Madness

March 31, 2011 | RL recap |

Dear Diary,

What the heck is going on?! The third month of 2011 is so nutso!

  1. Organized a 3-day training class for new business analysts. Dragged boss to a hot yoga class for the first time after work #OMGHeLikesIt *lol*
  2. OhMiGah, new iPad! DO WANT!!! *__* Spent 12 hours at work *braindead* Crazy new template for performance scorecard. #BusOpsHasTooMuchTimeOnHand #OrTooManyPeople Good news, got pay raise, way bigger than what I expected #ThankYouDearBoss
  3. DCO updated! Pre-ordered new DCook album! Don’t You (Forget About Me)!! DCook! DCook!! DCOOK!! *faints* Going nuts while running a training class was hilarious, all my professional images were destroyed *lol* Made a new iPhone wallpaper because I couldn’t resist HIM~ ♥
  4. Stupid trending thing on Twitter app. Switched back to Echofon until I can turn that thing off. D:
  5. An ongoing photoshop abuse! More new iPhone wallpaper~ Also updating my site index for the first time in 4 years *lol*
  6. My best friend, A-san, who lives in Japan was hospitalized due to a hole in her right lung. After losing a friend to lung infection in January. I freaked out majorly.
  7. Pet-A-Palooza 2011 announced, and I’m going to Las Vegas in April! OMG WHAT?! LOLZ Runway Magazine photoshoot clip also happened before bedtime. My life was permanently ruined by this dude. And NFT. ♥
  8. A-san still in hospital, her lung couldn’t heal itself. She’s in pain due to the tube they poked into her lung >”< Started working on photoshop as I do it best when I’m stressed out.
  9. Stressed out continued. Finishing up the wallpaper for R_1. I kinda love this one a lot~
  10. A-san’s surgery scheduled the next day, panic attack 2.0. Texting her cellphone like crazy.
  11. Tsunami hit Japan, exactly the same time that A-san was having a surgery. Had a worst case of flipping until I got a message from her husband that the surgery went well and they’re both safe since they live down south. Thank goodness. Speaking of WORRIED SICK. Worked on BTS for my Across The Universe wallpaper while waiting for the news to keep my mind off things.
  12. Dad & Mom’s 46th anniversary~ Family dinner at Maneki ♥ Had a haircut, it might be a little too short D:
  13. Lea Salonga’s concert. SHE’S AWESOME.
  14. Got an application for LDE (leadership development excellence) program, had to write 4 essays, whined and told my boss I wouldn’t apply since it’s too much work, boss forced me into it anyway *headdesks*
  16. Got a package from, T&T Trip & Treasure!! #RidicExpensive 2CDs for $100 *lol* #LifeOfAFangirl
  17. Pay raise in effect! #LifeIsAwesome #NotThePartThatSomeoneHasNoRespectForCoworkersThough
  18. Had a conversation with boss regarding a major concern. Lunch with our ex-coworker (happily retired). Turkey cranberry cream cheese sandwich, why so good?!
  19. Read “A Dog’s Purpose”. Cried. My. Eyeballs. Out.
  20. I NEED this cat in my life. His name is Kotetsu. I saw him on Instagram and fell in love with him instantly. Scottish Fold, WHY SO FLIPPIN’ CUTE?! #CutestEver
  21. “I have no idea I have been less than perfect” said someone who’s been having attendance issue for the past 6 weeks. #BS
  22. Figured out my ex-boss’ secret. He said he knew I’d be the first to solve this particular puzzle anyway LOLZ #OhDearMentor #ShouldIBeProud? xD
  23. Finished LDE essays, sent it to boss for his letter of recommendation, in 400 words *lol* Came home, checked B&H, OMG HS20EXR FINALLY IN STOCK. *places the friggin’ order instantly* *lol*
  24. Boss wrote an out-of-this-world recommendation. After reading it on my application, I had to go over to his desk and asked “you sure you’re writing about me?” LOLZ moment
  25. Friday off. Dentist appointment in the morning. OMG what the heck did she do to me, IT HURT LIKE HELL D:  Dinner date with my friend, catching up on her crazy life. Oh crazy life.
  26. Dimsum with family. Veronica Mars marathon with my brother. LOLZ. #NetflixRules
  27. Got hit by a cart at Costco. Ouch. T__T  why so many people at Costco anyway?!
  28. Power outage at Auburn Site since Saturday morning, some sort of transformer problems, didn’t have to go in to work.. YIPPY! Online shopping of doom in the morning, horrid shopping spree in the afternoon. Someone needs to put me back in the office ASAP.
  29. Power outage continued. Day 2 of “leave with pay”. Boss said I didn’t have to work but I was so bored I worked from home anyway. *lol*
  30. Back at work. The power was mostly back but we had no heat! I’m freezing to death! D:
  31. Payday!! I love the 3-paycheck month ♥ Came home from a hot yoga class to find a box from B&H. MY NEW BABY IS HERE!! 30X SUPER ZOOM BABY~

That’s it for March. Hello April Fools!



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