Here’s what I do on my day off. *lol*

Just want to talk about my latest wallpaper, and this seems to be the easiest way ↓

((click for full size))

Every photo on the wallpaper was previously made: an iPhone wallpaper, a desktop wallpaper, a collage. I figured why not throwing them all together since I spent a lot of time with each one already? Brilliant, I know. *lol* I only had to edit two of them for contrast. The longest one I spent time on was that Goodbye to the Girl thing as I couldn’t figure how to make the paper look properly old while the fonts are still readable (if you remember the teaser clip, the page was white!)

For me, fanwork kind of makes itself in a way. Of course, I have an idea what I want when I start working on something, but I usually don’t have a specific end product in mind. It’s an evolving thing. I change things around a lot before I come up with the final output, hence, a tons of layers on my work.

I think each graphic I made represents me. Or at least, my brain. *lol*

Anyway, I had a blast with this wallpaper, so I decided to do this behind the scenes. Let me know if you have any question!

ps: I’m a recycle queen when it comes to Photoshop. I originally made a board like this back in 2008 for my other obsession who was also born in 1982. I guess I have a thing for 1982 dudes? *lol* It took me FOREVER and that was when I learned how to use FOLDERS. Oh memories~ *lol*

((click for full size))



2 Responses to [Wallpaper] Across The Universe – Behind the Scenes

  1. lookaround108 says:

    Awesome blog post!!

    Oh, FOLDERS ARE AWESOME. <333 I'm still not that good with Photoshop, but yeah, like you I remember when I managed to figure out folders and OMGYES. haha.

    And that totally makes sense to have so many layers. Have never worked with that many myself, though, so wow! But I love how everything fits together SO well. They're all individual pieces that you made already, but they work together too.

    • naughtiest says:

      aww..thank you! <333 It's always an awesome feeling when I see everything comes together like this. I love how all my obsessions fit into one wallpaper. haha.

      YAY FOLDERS! *lol*

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